Beat elden ring 3 times

>beat elden ring 3 times
>on my 4th playthrough and just got to farum azula
This area is quickly turning into my least favorite area in the game, I can’t place my finger on it, it has 2 of the coolest bosses in the game, cool enemies, cool setting (I guess), but it’s not fun, anybody else agree?

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How is it not fun?

I honestly just hated the start and that optional area with the vomit enemies and the giant one, was fucking awful, otherwise I enjoy the rest and I wish it was twice as long.

its AIDS
the big wormface
the eagles
the ugly bastard men gangbangs
and there is nothing even to find there other than fighting Dragonlord and Maliketh

The hitboxes and camera for the dragon normal monsters are fucking awful

The buff undead dogs holding the 2hander axe are way too bloated and basically impossible to break poise

Otherwise it's okay

Don't know why the fuck Bernahl wants to merc you except for gameplay reasons. Alexander at least makes sense. Don't know why either of them are fucking there or how they got there though.

I hate it because there is a bunch of jumps you have to do that give you the stagger when you fall. Really slows the pace of the area down

>I can’t place my finger on it
I don't mind the area itself but the manner of how it was introduced. I don't know if it's cut content or someone at From had a stroke. It's literally a fade to black teleportation. This is how they chose to introduce the last major area (btw you can spoil yourself the entire area because of the Bellfries and all that just for some crap talisman).

>Don't know why the fuck Bernahl wants to merc you except for gameplay reasons.
I think Bernahl is guarding the blasphemous claw, which was a weapon Ranni gave to Rykard to use against Maliketh. So my interpretation is that Bernahl became a recusant to infiltrate the Volcano Manor and steal the weapon away.

I just hate the foreskin duo honestly.
Rest of the area is fine.

>throws a sleeping pot in your path
heh, nothing per-*ZZZZZZZZZZ*

I like it but it has too many grace. Each area feels very segregated because you're constantly hitting checkpoints. None of the other dungeons are really like this. The actual layout and enemies is great but you never feel in danger.

NTA but I just hate it for having to fight *another* set of foreskin fuckers

>Caring about connecting and making sense out of a SOULS game story
First game?

So you say you prefer volcano manor over farum azula?

>the whole sky ruin thing with a bunch of zombie beastmen feels out of place with the rest of the game
>no night and day cycles, makes me think it was rushed even though I know the lore says it’s stuck in time
It feels like a bonus level, they should’ve made halig tree/elphael the final level imo. Farum azula looks like a level straight out of DS3.

Don't you fight the duo only once? I actually like the fight, it's definitely more interesting that another, braindead Tree Spirit fight. Plus, the godskin track is amazing.

What the fuck is this opinion? Volcano Manor is one of the best locations in the game. And even if you don't like it, it's like 20 minutes to run through the slave town and the area ends right after the fat fuck in the church.

Been playing since 2012 newfriend

Not only that, Volcano Manor is 100% optional.

Super vertical, really hard to tell where you have and haven't already been
Have to parkour everywhere; the bane of rune stashes
Long streches of that without grace
Lightning lightning lightning
Skeleton swarms everywhere; even introduces a new big guy skeleton type with sky high poise and that breathes fire because why the fuck not
Birb ambushes
Random dragons dropping in several times, that seem to assume you're gonna bother fighting them
Can't use Torrent at ALL; that walk back to Maliketh gets seriously annoying real fast, especially since it's were you just fought a dude riding a horse

I do. Volcano manor is contained and each path has a direct theme, style, distinct enemies and goodies. You have the Manor and Town square. The Volcano temple Eigly. Lava pit. The Rape dungeons. If I was placed into any spot in the Volcano Manor area, I'd know where to go just by looking at my surroundings.

Farum Azula looks samey start to finish. Corridors and connecting hallways, brown statues, brown sky, brown enemies, brown floor. There's no distincting about where in Farum Azula you are and it doesn't help almost all the paths are just big circles.

Yeah but by this point you:

-Fight the fat one on the bridge
-In the church of volcano Manor
-Fight the skinny one in Atlus Plateau
-At the bottom of Caelid Tower
-Fight both of them in Mountain Top of the Giants

And I'm pretty sure you fight one of them as a regular mob somewhere too. I don't want to fight anymore fucking foreskin niggers

it has the best payoff/rewards in the game, but that doesn't matter once you're NG+. once you have the goods, it's just fighting through a gauntlet of gangbangs DS3 style

God I hate this, there should only have been the volcano noble and Caelid tower apostle and then an actual duo without the respawn BS

I didn’t even find any of these hard, two tried the duo without summon or armor on my first playthrough

it was one of my favorite parts of the entire game

only wish rykard was a real fight instead of a gimmick, but even then i thought it was cool.

Volcano manor is a great dungeon
>actual unique enemy types
>just the right amount of secret stuff to make it feel engaging and rewarding but not tedious
>shortcut bridge
>magma wyrm crawling out of the lava
I just wish rykard took place in the actual level without being teleported, but it’s really cool

I think Azula's pretty well divided though, you have the opening area which is like the beastmen mausoleum then the outdoors platforming section in the ruins floating in the storm ending in the temple where you fight godskin duo which leads to the Cathedral area where Maliketh is at the heart of

it's really intricately laid out too. leyendell is #1 for me, but volcano manor is close second

That still doesn't explain why he invades you with the thing even though you didn't even know it existed?

>Super vertical, really hard to tell where you have and haven't already been
good point, the took the platforming and verticality too far, fighting dragons on small little sky islands is also retarded

The verticality is literally the best part. It's a sky temple, verticality is implied.

there was definitely going to be more to that area
the towers on top of the manor look like they were maybe intended to be traversable at some stage of planning, they have scaffolding and shit on them but just copy pasted

>Can't use Torrent at ALL; that walk back to Maliketh gets seriously annoying real fast, especially since it's were you just fought a dude riding a horse

Man, you'd have despised the older games.
I get chills thinking about the run back to Logarius, Shadows of Yharnam, Seath, and the Bed of Chaos

I wish we explored more of the actual manor, too much of the dungeon is spent just outside of it. But then I also have this problem with raya lucaria, the only dungeon that delivers on it being as extensive as it look are stormveil and farum azula to a lesser extent

I hate it because after Morgott I wanted to get this piece of shit over with as soon as possible.

Godskins are the only bosses that I truly felt were too overused. Other repetitions like Avatars and Tree Spirits just felt like big mobs, didn't really bother me that they recurred. Crucible knights were cool. But when I found Godskins at the bottom of that mountaintop of the giants cave I just rolled my fuckin eyes. Especially because that cave had been pretty cool and felt somewhat unique, and the end is just the fucking Godskins again.

a way to improve it i think would be to design it so you could jump from region to region, or if there were unlockable bridges to link the areas, then invasions would be cooler. the devs seem to be really focused on making you fall to your death, but what's the point of that when you already have the haligtree?

And the Capital, and Haligtree

Well, You Are Wrong. It takes courage to admit that.

Capital could have had more explorabke buildings beside the first two especially given how detailed the interior assets are.
I’m still exploring haligtree so couldn’t tell you but it doesn’t seem that big?

for me its liurnia. place is boring as sin and the biggest portion of the damn game.

Imo, Stormveil is annoyingly large. I got sick of it by the end. You can get to Godrick in 5 minutes if you know what you're doing but I spent like 3 hours there my first playthrough.

>raya lucaria
I really thought that area was going to be at least twice as big as it actually was, it looks enormous and you can see it all the way from when you get out of stormveil, very disappointing in retrospect. It feels like one of the smallest dungeons in the game but but looks like it should be the biggest from the outside.

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But that’s ironically what makes it great

>too much content
you're looking at it the wrong way

Capital also has the entire sewer system that eventually reaches down to the underground, and each sector of the city being on different interconnected levels.

Haligtree is definitely on the same scope in size as Capital and Stormveil, you start near the top and work your way all the way down to the bottom, with two seperate cities built into it.

Raya Lucaria has ton of secrets though and it really opens up at the end with the rooftop hopping. I don't think the game really has a bad dungeon. Haven't been mentioned at all in the thread but three undergrounds are brilliant.

I wish the top layer of Elphael was bigger, that area is beautiful

More than the actual content I feel like a lot of the sheer scale of the architecture gets lost when you’re up close in the dungeon, it could have benefited from a bit more large rooms and the outside areas could be rearranged to have more vistas

Also remove the constant fog, the whole rooftop exploration would have been so much more memorable if you could see the whole of Liurna below you

I don't think there is any fudging of the scale going on before the interior/exterior models but I'm also not 100% sure. I'd be curious to see a free cam of it anyway.

The sewers can go fuck themselves.

Maybe because you played the game 4 times like a fucking aspie

you're right, this game doesn't even have enough content for a single playthrough, let alone 4

The first run was fun but I can't be bothered to replay it. The useless travelling in places like Liurnia of the Lakes is just too tedious and all side dungeons are aids.

casul pls go

The game really has a fundamental problem of being both too exploration based and having too many tedious areas to make multiple playthrough fun but complete single playthrough are hard to achieve with all the misseable questlines and are trivialised at the end with how overlevelled you are (only workaround is to restrict yourself from levelling or using armor/summon/weapons)

basically this. I wanna fight renalla, morgott, reykard and what not again I just don't wanna run past enemies for 15 minutes every time to get to them.

I don't like farum azula because it has birds in it. I hate fighting birds because I have no ranged attacks and have to wait for the fuckers to dip down every time.

>renalla, morgott, reykard
2 of those have a checkpoint right outside the fog gate and one has a 30 second run to the arena.

Press the jump button, you mouthbreather

I'm not talking about getting a retry after losing though, I'm talking about new game/new game plus. I don't find the mobs engaging pretty much anywhere even though some of these locations like volcano Manor especially have very cool layouts.