How do we save video game elves?

how do we save video game elves?

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Make good threads about them, play video games with elves in them, talk about these games, buy good games with video game elves.
Dumb fapbait threads will not solve a single issue.

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Actual autism

Make them actually compelling and interesting characters with good lore rather than arrogant retards who are just humans with pointy ears. Give them good gameplay and give tangible impacts on the story of your game depending upon the race you are playing.

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Seen any elves?

by killing them

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elves have always been boring

perhaps, if you're gay

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That's not an argument for how they are not boring, pornrotten faggot.
Great elves have cool lore, interesting characters and fun mechanics.

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Video games.

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It's sad that elf threads always die if they aren't coomer shit.

Too much clothing

>balding elves = good

light elves usually dress a bit more conservatively compared to dark elves

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I want vidya with brown elves

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Simple get the high elf fertility goddess and the dark elf queen to marry and form an alliance that results in mass forbidden love.

Play FF11.

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how has nobody made a game with blonde high elves vs brown dark elves yet? I know the industry is a fucking joke but seriously it's an open goal

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>Why has nobody made a game about blonde white people against brown people
Hmm, truly a mystery.

>reducing elves purely to their looks = good
Read some fucking lore, play some fucking game.

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It's fine. Dark elves are the original dwarves. They're all equally German. And it will be in the bedroom anyway.

elves are elves

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Make them look less human...

Fat cows are not elves.
Random fapart not based on any setting is not an argument.

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The world needs more proper elf simulators.

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TES lore is shit, TES elves are shit, TES games are shit.

no, elves are elves

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t. pornbrain

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it's deeply unfair that such a fun elf is stuck in such a bad game

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It's unfair that such a great race has such shit threads.

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Name the last good game that had elves.

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Depict them accurate for what they really are. Reincarnated Norse Humans who are demigods.

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>not a single good game with elves in 5 years

see this is the problem with the video games industry today

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Real Elves are the souls of departed men.

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Some random fapart does not make for great games.
There are still some recent crpg's that I haven't touched for whatever reason.

Fair enough. I wish there were more good games where you could play as elves cause Warhammer 2 doesn't really count. There's DOS2 but being an elf barely has an impact on the story.

And that shit, that he probably only likes because it has his waifu in it.
Why are you not mass replying to the off-topic ecchi-art and porn?

Most rpg's barely make it a point what race you pick. It's only getting worse with voiced games where the number of lines is more limited. But especially in rpg's it hardly matters mechanically as well, aside from some bonuses.
rts tend to be better because at least they can make the elfen factions be proper elfy, with great ranged and overall damage, monsters and magic, low hitpoints and armor, but high speed.
Fuck, Spellforce 3 came out five years ago as well.

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I wonder how ancient scandinavians would have reacted if you showed them pictures of modern elves.
Would they even consider them elves or something else entirely?

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Good video game discussion.

Post more.

I always wanted a Warhammer fantasy RPG but considering how incompetent GW are it's gonna be impossible or gonna turn out complete shit. Is it too much to ask for a good elf game?

she's an important character in the hit 2021 metroidvania Record of Lodoss War Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth

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That is very pleasant art.

>continues to post the anime
Shit video game discussion.

elves are very pleasant

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30 years and the dick is still hard, damn (medium tan) dark elves

The best kind of Elves. There isn't even a debate on it, they're just better.

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Why is it so hard for you to pick up a video game with this "kind" of dark elf and talk about it?

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>Why are you not mass replying to the off-topic ecchi-art and porn?
Dunmir Women in lore are seen as sluts in universe. As far as I can see you are just as bad if not worse than them.

Why are you being an autist, who takes your fetish for elves to literally furry levels?

They aren't, really. No, user, The Real Barenziah disproves that idea. You haven't read the book if you want to bring it up as evidence.
There is not one single promiscuous dunmer female in the game Morrowind. Slutty Breton women, slutty Khajit, gay Imperials, sure.

I'm not the one here posting off-topic ecchi art.

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No games with a elf main character.
Ala legolas?

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Yeah, but we all know that the art you post is ecchi to you.

Corvus from Heretic/Hexen.
Elhant, Heroes of Annihilated Empires.
This, if you don't want something old.

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