If you think about it...

If you think about it, the reason why people have such bad gaming opinions these days is that everyone who once truly loved gaming and had good opinions left gaming entirely. The rest of the gaming community is just either consoomers who started in the early 2010s or just insanely jaded fags who cannot quit

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Or business managers took over and made art using math

Yes and no. There are more oldfags around than you might think, but it's totally useless to talk to the younger people on Yea Forums and elsewhere. Everyone born post-2001 lived in a consumerist prison their entire life.

We made that prison so which is the bad guy?

Post some good video games then boomer. Show me a recent game or two you enjoyed

Not him but all fun games are good recently played James bond games PS2 any of them they're all fun.
Recently ghost Runner was fun and servered steel.

playing max payne 1 for the first time

No, I truly love gaming still, just not all the bullshit that's joined the fray since MS did.

You will stop me from having correct opinions about games and telling you yours are wrong by killing me and no less.

I didn't make that prison. I was born in the 90s.

Not him and I don't share his perspective, but I would be grateful if you post a modern analogue.
Same goes for the Black & White.

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Wish I could help with either. Don't play many games like jungle strike and god games seem dead.

Rise to ruins plays nothing like black and white. But is one of the few god games I can think of recently

Oh fuck, I forgot about this game. Does it even run on modern PC's?

This is the real reason. This is the fully evolved from of capitalist greed. We're fucked.

How many push-ups can you do in one go, Yea Forums?

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Like 150

Gaming is still very decent, it's just that nostalgiafags like yourself hold the 90s and early 20s to the highest pedestal possible while it realistically wasn't like that.
Innovation is hard now, it was shit easy before and due to that you've all set unrealistic standards.

>Gaming is still very decent
I fucking hate that when anytime someone shits on the industry, theres still a gullable retard like you
>Gaming is still very decent, it's just that nostalgiafags like yourself hold the 90s and early 20s to the highest pedestal possible while it realistically wasn't like that
Oh really? How about we look at companies today
>Blizzard is the worst its ever been. Mobile shithole that has their entire fanbase against them
>Square Enix crashing and burning as they have been making terrible desicions for over a decade
>Sony has no good games. They occassionally make some shitty movie game or release shovelware and thats it
>343 is still killing halo. Had the worst launch with 0 content. The devs got mad at players expecting a SLAYER gamemode to play. BTB was broken and the store was terrible
>bethesda studios hasnt made a good game since skyrim. Fallout 4 completely destroyed the WRPG by dumbing it down and making the worst dialogue options in gaming. Fallout 76 was a disaster
>Ubishit is struggling because they are the cancer of the industry and even normalfags are waking up to them
>Bioware has been dead for a decade
>EA cant make anything good. Battlefield 2042 was the biggest gaming disaster in gaming. EA has nothing left except apex legends. Sports games are literally shovelware like madden. Most of their studios are dead
>Sega is dead. Only good for yakuza
>konami not even making proper games
>valve doesnt make games
>CDPR released cyberpunk. Wasnt the worst game ever but was insanely broken at launch. The glitchiest game ive ever played and tons of content not in the game they promised
>gearbox lmao
>pokemon company is shovelware
>platinum making shovelware
>Many great gaming studios have died this past decade

So all you got is fromsoft, maybe some nintendo studios like HAL and some indie companies? How does that make gaming decent?

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>is that everyone who once truly loved gaming and had good opinions left gaming entirely.

Gaming left them behind to chase after the zombie/normie/gatcha/fem*id/streamer money. They quit making games for the top 20%, because they figured out how to farm the bottom 80% far more efficiently, and keep them on the reservation.

>or just insanely jaded fags who cannot quit
That's me. If you gain a bit of self awareness you notice its all cringe, no better than a bugman. over 25 still playing games made for kids and teenagers.

TBF skyrim was meh, too, its mods that made it worth something

Probably 20-25 cause I usually do them slowly

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>So all you got is fromsoft, maybe some nintendo studios like HAL and some indie companies? How does that make gaming decent?
And Elden Ring has some serious issues regarding the lazily coded AI, made so shit that you can lure a boss into jumping off a fucking cliff by drinking potions

Only like 15 or so, I seriously need to start working out...

better question would be how many pull-ups you can do

Yakuza is not even that good. 5 killed my interest in the series. The dialog outside of the story is trash, they text bomb you with pointless shit. All the sub-stories amount to some common sense life advice. As if you play videogames for life lessons.
You played one, you played them all.

Gaming really has just completely stagnated since the early 2010's. It wouldn't be so bad if there had been some kind of crash along the way, but the entire industry continues to be propped up by paypigs who literally can't stop themselves from dumping money into MTXs, gacha, mobileshit, and just terrible DLC in general.

See, this is the real issue.
You're just a sad piece of shit.
You're a fucking retard who thinks tsushima and god of war for instance are movie games.
If you're such an adhd dumbass that you can't sit still for a couple of minutes and enjoy the story, then the fault falls on you user.

People who think gaming sucks today are nearly always AAA shiteaters. Guess what, AAA was always dogshit, you were just too young to see it.

t. in my 30s and still enjoy games

I say this rarely but - we might need the government to crack down on this shit - a good part of europe basically went "fuck your p2w mtx" and banned that shit, that's a good start, but we need to go further

Not your user but:
Let's assume you are correct, and GoW/Ghost really are good games (wouldn't know, don't own either) - that still addresses only one of the several issues he's brought up.
your "oh its just you" bullshit isn't helping your argument either, when it's not just his opinion.

The indie scene is oversaturated with garbage too. How many side scroller, rpg maker, pixel shit games do you need?
Its nostalgia bait for millennials like you

>insanely jaded fag who cannot quit
yeah sounds about right desu. i barely ever play games now, just frequent places people talk about them. the last major releases i got excited for were CP2077 and Elden Ring - the former making me give up games for around half a year and the Elden Ring release making me tempted to give up games for good and just focus on the shit I do enjoy.

No its because I don't want negro as the main character or help him get laid with stacy.

Especially pixel shit annoys me because - well I'm not an expert but that sounds VERY easy to make, and cheap.
They're cutting costs by making your game look worse than minecraft and then go "haha dude it's just the artstyle"

>AAA was always dogshit
tell me you're a zoomer without telling me you're a zoomer

I agree that many studios are in a state of pseudo death, but that doesn't mean that there aren't many other newer ones that replaced them.

Pixel art is timeless you dumb zoomer fuck. Some of it being lazy doesn't make the artform any less perfect.

what are some good old western AAA games?
i cant think of any

I'm older than you. AA has pretty much always shit all over AAA and now indie does as well.

It's "art" called for a reason - you don't just slap together a few pixels in the shape of whatever and call it a day, the entire "SOVL/soulless" meme applies here quite heavily, being pixelated doesnt make it good by default

old pixel games were designed to be played on CRT TVs and looked completely different

If you really are older - and I doubt you really are, you're probably underage - you must be getting dementia, because you're full of shit.

I know that is not Samus, but I just wanted to say that I think Samus looks cuter with her mole.

You also grew up in a consumerist prison, just a different one.

This has been going on since the 50's at least. Don't let nostalgia blind you.

>You're just a sad piece of shit
Because I see the industry as what it is?
>god of war
I actually like a lot of parts of that reboot. I still dont like a lot of things about the game because it desperately tries to be a movie but it had some glimmer moments in an industry full of bad movie games. Probably the few nu Sony games i liked at least. However it still doesnt solve the fact that sony has been putting movie shit over gameplay which is why GoW falls flat in many places

The worst part is that you never truly argued against the companies ive brought up besides sony. I can still enjoy the occassional good game by a passionate dev that i want to support and still think that most of the games that released by these companies are trashfires or copypaste ubishit like tsushima. Why do you think normalfags are not buying HFW? or why do you think ubisoft is going under? You just blindly consoom instead of wanting to fight for a better future and call the people who want to sad

reality is that you make the world sad faggot

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still looks good on flat screens regardless, better on CRT yeah but pick metal slug or third strike and its still beautiful no matter the screen.

Used to 40+. Now with a bad wrist and me being 2 times the size, probably not as many. I mostly just bench. I will advocate those little pushup bars if anyone has a bad wrist.

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and there isnt a single indie pixel game that looks as good as metal slug, a game from the 90s

I'm aware, I grew up with CRTs, but it doesn't mean they don't look fantastic on a flatscreen as well. I see zoomers nostalgic for early 3d, now that shit is ugly.

Maybe you just always had dogshit taste. I'm in my 30s.

There also aren't massive studios investing in pixel art games these days. SNK dumped insane money into that shit.

I think you're just jaded. I'm going off games in general but I'd be a faggot to say there weren't any good AAAs. Companies just gave up when they realised that people will autistically preorder hype anything that pertains to set keywords.

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I hate how fucking long it takes to lose weight, it will take me half a year to get where I want to be and I have to be sure I NEVER fall to depression in that time because I am a stress eater

Triangle Strategy is good

t. 31yo

Retard alert.

10? Around 10.

It's a fucked system for sure. It's a long game and it only takes one slip up. All I can say is never give up hope. It's never too late. Rely on others if you have to!

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I enjoy gaming but I haven’t touched a single thing made by any of those companies except ff7r in years. You know, there’s THOUSANDS of games out there, even ones you may like. Who cares if the old studios of the past are faltering.

Also AA sound like some snoy reddit term. If it's got a big team behind it, it's AAA. Otherwise it just doesn't have that label.

There genuinely aren't. Games have went the way of the movie industry and middle budget AA development is completely non viable so you either get awful, derivative AAA stuff with too large a budget to take risks on new ideas or IPs or you get indie stuff which can still be good but the majority are failures.

It is an objectively worse position. There is massively less choice than there was. It is not as bad as the 360/wii gen which took this problem to an extreme and the majority of genres outright died or were permanently dumbed down to increase their audience (some recovered thanks to indies, many didn't) but it's still really fucking bad if you don't like AAA games which will be the case for anyone who has played games for more than 5 or so years.

Newfag alert.

>Rely on others
Haha I’m totally alone I just delude myself if I get attractive (4/10) things could get better

Before the coof I was able to do 11 with 10kg of weight. Starting out again and I can do two kek

>memespouting in place of an argument
AA means middle budget/team size. You not knowing that and dictating definitions no one but you holds does not change that.

Nice. I like the changes they made since the first demo but I haven't committed to buying it yet. What's your favorite bits about Triangle Strategy? Sell it to me.
t. Fellow 31-year-old

Buy a waifu poster then and do it for Her.

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I did a pushup once.

Dude, I literally googled the term and the only thing I could find was on reddit. Stop being an insecure faggot about your vidya knowledge and just use the correct terms like everyone else does lol

I've never been able to do a single pushup. I'm 6'2" and 235 lbs.