What did Bungie mean by this?

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Bungie doesn’t know. They just want to show that they support the current thing, as do all Sony owned brands

lmao americans

Makes sense. Halo Infinite was an abortion.

>leaked document suggest that American states might be free to individually make abortion laws
>Bungie and other corporations virtue signal online
Who the fuck cares about Americans?


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I don't see the problem with this tweet.
This is a message from the organisation, not the game itself.

Black Lives Matter and Ukrainian's too but fuck babies I guess

Also the government can force you to inject yourself with new RNA technology, but limits on muh heckin abortions violates my liberty

/pol/ retards will unironically say shit like this and then go kill millions of sperm to anime children getting raped

You can call it whatever you want but the "right" to short a baby isn't a reproductive right and it's clear that calling it such is because outright calling it abortion rights doesn't sound as nice

Where was all this virtue signalling about bodily autonomy when the government was force-vaccinating people with an experimental substance???

Wow...this says a lot about our boogeyman

The corporate world'll have to find a new angle, no way anyone's taking their freedom & liberty shit seriously anymore post-2008.

>muh /pol/ tards

So how do you save the sperm then? If you don't coom it gets reabsorbed by your body which also kills it.

People weren't forced to get vaccinated, just like you're not forced to take a shower. But people have the right to refuse you if you don't. That IS bodily autonomy.

Funny how the same people who believe in abortion freedom also think they should control my right to say nigger

i didn't say that, nta. But i'm not so autistic i can't tell that "in the universe" was an exaggeratory statement. Obviously the suffering is limited to Earth.

back to your containment board, stinky

>Weren't forced
Yeah the option was get vaccinated or be homeless and starve to death...

>muh trannies
I'm a man (male), but nice deflection when you clearly aren't able to defend your hypocrisy

Da Science, right here.

It’s literally illegal not to be vaccinated in multiple countries you lying retarded reddit nigger

if you mandate that someone must get the vaccine or lose their ability to support themselves via income, that is forceful coercion. if we lived in a non-having-to-work society, you would be right, but we do not.

These. I just want Americans out of my video games.

It's almost as though a clump of cells isn't an actual life

Jerking off and chopping up a baby who can survive on its own are not the same thing

Clearly men should jack off constantly and donate it all to the sperm bank to make sure not a single potential life is wasted

Yeah thats still a choice dumbass, thats like saying its get a job or be homeless and starve to death. Congrats

Can we all take a second to appreciate that what a bunch of white women and corporations say on Twitter has literally 0 effect on politics in America.

So you’re cool with banning abortions once a fetus has a heartbeat, body, etc,? Glad we’re on the same page

If I assembled a collection of human fetuses and dolphin fetuses unlabeled none of you could tell which is which.

>Black Lives Matter!
>More black babies have been aborted than born in the last decade
>Not those black lives!

If nigger lives matter actually cared about nigger lives they'd have been an anti abortion campaign ever since they were founded

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Show proof

how is bungie going to uphold those values? by posting on twitter?

leftoid retards literally too stupid to know about conception, no wonder they're stupid enough to be leftoid retards

Abortion should be legal AND anyone getting an abortion is pretty much a subhuman.

>*supports vax mandate*
>*ruins man with child support*
>*mutilates newborn son's genitals*

So all work is exploitative?

3rd trimester and 1st trimester abortions are also not the same thing, but you don't see rightoid states making the distinction

where is their ukranian flag? do they support russia?

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Why is a videogame company having political stances on shit that's completely unrelated to videogames?

Terrible fucking argument. "If you mandate we have to wear clothes or lose the ability to support themselves via income, that is forceful coercion" its not equivalent

Sex isn't a choice? Not even anti abortion but you're retarded

Fetuses have a heart beat and begin brain development as early as 30 days into pregnancy, which is on average shorter than when most chicks realize they're pregnant, so by the time you abort it, it has heart and brain function.

This current thing is boring, next one please.

>muh heartbeat
yeah, because the soul is contained in the functional heart
goddamn christcucks are fucking stupid

i don't get why left0id feminist retards are mad about this

it gives the states the control over the issue, it's more freedom for everyone in the end
if you're a pro abortionist left0id lunatic, move to a pro abortionist state end of story

But what about black trans lives?

I support murdering unborn babies as long this is how it is described

>government makes eating all good except candy illegal
>cops shoot you when you try to eat real food


This, how convenient now that everyone is done being lit up about Ukraine and COVID that they have the old battle-axe people love to argue about. Stay tuned for the next government run mass shooting and talks about legalizing all Mexican immigrants

You're not that bright.

m8 having to wear clothes is a little different than having to have something injected into you. when you go home, you can get naked in your house, you can't remove the vaccine altering your DNA though.

It's not like saying that at all, having something forced upon you is different from seeking a job of your own volition you retard

>supports vax mandate
your only point, but even so it is hypocritical to support one and not the other
>ruins man with child support
have you considered being a man instead of a little bitch and taking care of your children and choosing + treating your partner well so child support doesn't become a necessity?
>mutilates newborn son's genitals
You realize most of America is jewed like this regardless of opinion on abortion? Yes, circumcision is disgusting.

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The bible says a baby doesn’t have a soul until it takes its first breath outside the womb

Took 5 seconds to find this

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Sex sometimes isnt a choice sometimes you fucking Neanderthal, it abortions dont have to be all or nothing you absolute mongoloid. You have to be over 18 to be on this site holy fuck

God I hate amerisharts so much it's unreal

>Yes, circumcision is disgusting
and most women who harp on about bodily autonomy support it.

/pol/ supports abortion because it has a positive eugenic effect

Rape accounts for less than 1% of all abortions.