Vidya Music with Odd Time Signatures

It's 5/4 again. Post 'em.

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Some of this is 7/4, some I have no idea.


Posting the obligatory ones because I'm not very knowledgeable but I love these threads:
and 15/8

Irregular time signatures are cool

Composite time signature chad reporting in.

This is the first one that comes to mind.
The one that comes to mind first for me.

For those less musically inclined, how the fuck do you recognize different signatures? Those ignorant don't usually pay attention to a track's quirks, they tend to enjoy the piece in its entirety

For me it's (3+3+3+2+2)/8

Inability to predict the beat repetition betrays uncommon time signatures heavily even if you dont' know what time signatures are. Non-musically inclined people can just try to count the beat and if they stumble it almost always means it's an uncommon signature.

Usually odd time signatures are for battle themes or otherwise unpredictable situations in games. What do you think what the purpose behind the choice here? Is it for that sort of 'dreamy' quality?

That's it exactly, it's supposed to be a bit confusing and ethereal like. Unable to grasp the beat exactly so it feels really alien and fantastical.

This brings back traumatic memories of the Barrier Trio

water and water and water water

>Strong One

switches between 13/8 and 4/4

odd time signatures are so sick

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Try to count along with the beat, normally you'll count either 1,2,1,2; 1,2,3,1,2,3 or 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4. If you find that somethimes you're going 1,2,3,1,2 or something like that then it's an irregular time signature.

Whats this one again 7/8 or something?

obligatory tigerkino

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14/8 sounds better to me

>game has a rhythm based battle system
>can increase the difficulty of any battle by simply making the music fucked up and off-kilter
it's such a genius mechanic

FFTA's music was unreasonably good in general.

what would 14/88 sound like?

Hitoshi Sakimoto is an underappreciated genius, especially for the fantasy tactical genre.

fug, meant anyway,

>88th note

Damn, these all sound terrible.
I guess there really is a reason why these are not common signatures.

>I guess there really is a reason why these are not common signatures.
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absolute plebian take

Only in 5/4?

Marx's theme is crazy

does this count?

>88th of a note
It wouldn't

Time signature salads

If you have difficulty at keeping the rhythm it's likely you're listening a piece with a weird time signature. Usually the intent of the composer is to keep the listener out of balance.

Love the soundtracks to these two games

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Still can't believe this was the version they CUT from the remake for a worse version that matched the tone (read: sterile recreation instead of a proper remake).

Some of what's been posted is meh and only novel for the odd time signature itself but if you like nothing posted then you're definitely underdeveloped musically.

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Kirby music really needs to get more of a spotlight on how incredible it's been for 3 straight decades, with only 2 main composers on it until VERY recently. Thankfully the series is technically the first video game to win a Grammy so the time might come.

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In what way?
I don't know shit about time signatures. I only remember seeing a comment years ago praising the time signature of this one.

In the way that I completely forgot about Baba Yetu like an idiot.

It's close to 1/6 in measure size (which would be 14/84), which is extremely small measures, gives a tuplet note the beat (the bottom number is almost always a power of two for a reason) and makes for 14 beats per measure. You also have to rationally figure out how to represent 88th notes (which would be an 8th division of an 11th note), probably as an 88-tuplet of some sort, and then you're just representing a more ordinary time signature in an extremely inconvenient way. People don't do that because it's nonsense and defeats the point of sheet music, which is to be read. You could take any 4/4 music and recast it as a 1/8 equivalent by making it 4/32 at an eighth the tempo. 14-beat measures probably be pretty bloated as it is, and would be better divided into 7 beats per measure in most practical cases.
Odd signatures like 9/8 usually are usually in effect a 4/4 with a 1/8 measure to create a skip in the beat.

And yes, I do realize the Hitler joke.

There’s a super Mario odyssey world that has a cool time signature I can’t remember the name though. How come Yea Forums is more knowledgeable and doesn’t sperg out about this things like Yea Forums does?


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sounds like 22/8

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one of my favorites, even if it's not too complex, just shifts between 7/8 and 5/8
still 4/4, just has a rest on the last note

I know 3/4 isn't all that weird but I just wanted to highlight what might be the best waltz in any game:

Then of course the king of vidya 6/8:

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this one?
I'm trying to count but I can't tell, I think it's 11/16?
I like this one from 2hu

Probably my favorite Transistor song.

Look at it. The subtle phrygian implications overlaying the aeolian melody. The trudging 5/4 forced march with a sixth beat every third measure. My god, it even references four classic Zelda leitmotifs.

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