She still needs her own mainline title

She still needs her own mainline title

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I agree. I'd argue the same for a lot of the oc characters in FEH, there's some great designs that don't deserve to be stuck in mobile hell.
And mostly I just want big titty Thrasir, Laegjarn, Loki, and Freyja in more games.

When I went through that to get the My Nintendo Points I only used her because she reminded me of Perun.

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The og FE Warriors could've easily been this too but Koei had to shove in their shitty OCs

Don't even remind me. Plus the overwhelming push for Fates and Awakening representation in it

>one of the worst OCs in FEH
>gets pushed harder than the others, so much that another more popular OC from the same arc is made to suck her off
>fanbase still doesn't care for her much
IS wants Fjorm to be their Saber so bad

The problem was more that they didn't add on to other titles with DLC. I think people forget that the first HW also only had three games rep'd on release.

>Fire emblem warriors
>3 games represented on release
>No Hardin
>No Camus
>No Walhart
2 and a half at best

True enough, forgot how limited HW had been.
All the same, I do hope they come to rectify that in a future release. Obviously the new game is so focused on 3H they won't, but a new one could easily just be a FEH-theme with full series representation.

>Koei had to shove in their shitty OCs
seriously. they could have easily used the heroes cast. they are even somewhat similar. Aside from heroes at least giving Sharena a lance


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Fjorm was the only good thing in FEH. Everything else about that gacha is a fucking atrocity even for FE standards


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F for fail

A Book II core title would be kino though. I need his backstory

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You’ve gotta be FUCKING kidding me if you actually play Heroes

your wife

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She got me to fap to her a few time but no

Ash is better.

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I dislike her solely for the cowgirl meme. I know people like that, but god it annoys me to no end for some reason.
Cute design otherwise.

I wish the fairies were explored more. Their personalities were developed enough to generate a metric ton of jokes and memes.

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i dont even play heroes and a heroes mainline title would be cool
just give me another fucking mainline title jesus christ i hate musou shit i hate three houses

>singlehandedly turns every challenge map into F2P EZ modo

More like HE needs his own mainline game.

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>generic goodie two shoes Fire Emblem royal with tragic past needs their own title

Just play any other game, what's the difference?

Touch the cow.

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Fairies were by far the best OCs but is a shame that IS got cold feet, didn't make Peony be the real Sharena and swept that plot point under the rug forever. Yoshiku's art helped a lot too.

I like Reginn a lot too, but Kozaki can't draw frontal poses to save his life.

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They tried really hard to make him into a lord since that hay chapter

>Fairies were by far the best OCs
Maybe if you think with your dick

Alphonse gets quite a bit of flak but he has his moments and is generally competent. If I'm being honest he's probably one of my more liked Lords in the series.

that part was pretty good with how he started threatening everybody and everything to prove a point

FEH players think they're real people with rights.

la vaca blanca (ultra instinto)

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FEH’s Thorr confirms it’s okay when Japan does it

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Fjorm will die along with feh when it reaches end of service. If any spinoff characters should be guests or even get their own mainline game, it should be the cipher OCs.

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Should have leaned into Gunnthra instead, she's the better sister.

Feel forced to me when he's the only one to do stuff because Sharena is a idiot and Anna is nonexistent

I'll never get used to Maeshima's faces, they look too uncanny.

All of the FEH OCs are nothing characters that no one cares about. Why would they not make characters for a new game?

Fjorm sucks and so does the rest of the Book II's OCs. The artist they got can't do character design for shit, I'm glad they eventually realized Kozaki was the best they had.

>blasting FEH in favor of a tcg that's already dead and buried in the ground

Cipher was infinitely better than heroes in terms of representing more characters and capturing moments from the series.

>Hating Laegjarn

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Well it's a shame it died then while FEH lives on

I guess, yes. Especially since it was cancelled because of FEH specifically competing for same niche (within company goals), despite both paying for themselves just fine, just FEH was less effort for more profits.

Cipher doesn't have Veld.

This but with Reginn instead.

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Didn't have Lorenz either, shame because I wanted his card to come out.

Not sure if it's changed recently but FEH's design is just extremely exploitive for a PVP gatcha and prays on addicts with poor discipline.

Needing 11 copies of a character to max them + having to roll for 5 stars for a lot of skills needed to 'compete' alongside significant power creep and fast release cadence made it pretty awful to play and it's the only gatcha I've ragequit out of disgust.

That's not even mentioning the paid premium subscription they added too..

I stopped following eventually after getting frustrated with arena some years back, haven't not played a gacha game in long time now, from what glimpses I've seen: it's been getting more and more predatory. Granted the art has been getting better and better too.

I want to fjormicate with fjorm!

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That will freeze your dick you know


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Do you really want dick frostbites?


>Shitty hair colors that don't compliment her design at all and make it look worse
>Her horn things look awful the longer you look at them (in the official art, not fan art)
>Her sword is designed backwards lmao
Other than that she's the best of the Book II OCs

>he's probably one of my more liked Lords in the series.
What the fuck, what kind of FEs did you play?


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The only ones I haven't played are Genealogy and Thracia. Granted like probably isn't the best word but I definitely don't hate him and he's made more of an impression on me that I don't just not give a shit either so I guess I like him. Admittedly I like most of the lords in the series and very few do I actively dislike. The rest are whatever.

At least their PvP focus appears to be killing the game.
It's almost funny thinking back on things that people considered to be powercreep back at the day despite not really being that different from existing options at the time. Now it seems that units last for a few months before getting replaced or swarmed with counters, unless you're B!Hector that gets a new toy that keeps him relevant, even if not necessarily optimal, every time he starts to fall off.

I still don't know how you're meant to do Fallen Edelgard

You ever been temptedto emulate 4 or 5 or are you holding out for a potential re-make?