Why yes, Dark Souls, Deus Ex and Fallout New Vegas are my favorite games, how could you tell?

>Why yes, Dark Souls, Deus Ex and Fallout New Vegas are my favorite games, how could you tell?

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as an incel i don't like new vegas or deus ex, those are both tranny games

i like far cry, forza horizon and aim trainers

A legit incel could never stomach horizon.

whoa dude did you just put a le heckin strawman picture up and say that its favourite games are ones you don't like?! i must feel obligated to also not like those games now, for fear of some random faggot thinking i am like the strawman he posted!!!


Epic discord troon spam
Don't forget to wash after dilating, or else the wound will start to stink up the place

As an incel I love those games and look just like that

running shoes look ugly as shit and companies like adidas/nike etc have the brass neck to sell them for nearly a hundred

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>tfw wearing one the bottom shoe now
I've no fashion sense, why are they bad?

i can and enjoy it and i am a legit incel so you're wrong
there's nothing cringy about what i said or about being an incel, lil' zoom

The image is curated to target the broadest number of people in order to troll for the highest number of replies.

Adults wear boots, dress shoes, loafers, etc.
Not sneakers and shoes for children/teens.


KWAB what a bottom 0.01% male. If you were an incel as a zoomer you'd still have a chance but your ass is a dinosaur hahahaha

the real cultured inchad would play motorsport

Adults wear whatever the fuck they want.

Omg she is so pretty

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my favorite tag is HRE and i literally look like that.

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I mean, he seems to be at peace with that fact which makes him not really an incel anyway.

both incels pictured are wearing hoodies and you didn't put that in the starterpack? why?

Subtle short sleeve graphic tees are the past, deliberately gaudy long sleeves are the future.

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Sure, but those with self respect know to dress properly.
I hesitate to call manchildren who wear sneakers "adults"

That's absolutely retarded. I wear loafers sometimes, but dress shoes should only be worn with business suits and boots are for winter weather. Wearing that shit with casual clothes in warm weather has the same energy as wearing a random fedora.

i like open world driving
you're wrong and i'm going to rape every female zoomer in the world
you're completely wrong, i am a violent misogynist who thinks women should be enslaved and raped, i just don't let it spill over into every aspect of my life

What else is a man supposed to wear besides a T shirt?


fuck it get your sneakers with velcro straps

your clothes only look as good as you look, you could be wearing dresses all the time but that wont count for anything if you're a scrawny lil' faggot with no chin. the local giga chad who dresses like a schizophrenic will always have sex with your crush.

>tfw found steel toed reeboks
>work suddenly became a hell of lot less fatiguing on my feet
All my other shoes are boots except for the single pair of Doccers I have for dressing up with pic related being my favorite

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>tfw I wear jeans and sport shoes
How do I stop being an incel, Yea Forums?

>dress shoes should only be worn with business suits
So wear business suits? Where exactly lies the problem?
>boots are for winter weather
Chelsea boots work well during other seasons. And normal boots work during fall as well.

>""""Grand Strategy""""
>Alt right incel
Every time

I dress like this dude

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Because the point is to be as broad as possible. Actual incels usually dress in hoodies (to cover up as much as possible), no prints (because they're serious adults), baggy jeans (to cover up as much as possible) some cheap faggy "dress" shoes or loafers (because they're serious adults) and rimless square classes (because they feel insecure about wearing glasses, so they wear the thinnest option possible). And a fedora if they're completely out of touch with reality.

I'm a scrawny faggot with lots of chin. So I get plenty of e-girl bitches. "Chads" only fuck braindead cheerleaders.

Ok boomcel

there's nothing wrong with being an incel
why are tranny zoomers like this

I never understood the point of this image, that fashion is practically 70% of the clothing available to man.

imagine being so low on your self-esteem, self-awareness and appearance that you need to use itens that show others that you're an adult

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based, Germania was beautiful and she will rise once again.

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>So wear business suits? Where exactly lies the problem?
Jesus fuck you're a faglord. I know for sure you own fedoras.

ok zoomtroon

Now this post REEKS of virginity and NEETdom

cool, lots of chin is literally easy mode and the chad is fucking those braindead e-girl bitches as well.

>Imagine still being scared of dogs as an adult

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It will rise not under a kaiser but under a Sultan

caring about how you look is something only fags and women do, which one are you

You have to be American, good grief

>all the manchildren ITT
kek. Grow the fuck up.

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unfathomably based.

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Now try typing that without waking up 7 times per night to piss some dust, boomcel

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You will never be desireable.

I hate that I have to share a world with both of you

that's not even close to accurate
you will never control a woman through fear

Whats wrong with the shoes? What the fuck are you supposed to wear if you walk around a lot?

young people wear these clothes in college now. skinny jeans are out and you will look like a boomer wearing them

Hate to break it to you, but taking fashion advice from your grandfather is not grown up, no matter how many photos of dudes of the 1960s you have saved.

have you tried wearing a trash bag or leather straps?

>if you walk around a lot?
You aren't supposed to walk around a lot, you're supposed to be a sedentary slave

Americans have never known how to dress properly.

is he /fa/ bros

the only people who wear suits everywhere are white guys who just got out of prison, that's what i think when i see a guy in a casual setting wearing a suit

How do you find out what is "in fashion"?
I'm trying to rehabilitate after 10 years of NEETdom

swag is for boys, class is for mans

You look like shit. That's why fashion is unimportant to you, because no matter what you do you will always look like a failure. I am sorry that your genetics failed you.

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Would be a rad shirt if short sleeved and just the logo on the front.

>wears t-shirts
literally everyone wears t-shirts

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>So wear business suits? Where exactly lies the problem?
Do you have no concept of dressing for the occasion? Dressing up in a suit when there's no reason to doesn't make you look like a big, mature adult but a fool that's trying too hard to impress. It's whan an incel would do

wearing suits is asking for trouble

that suit doesn't even fit him, look at the shoulders


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>starts a tirade on "you should only wear this or you're not a real adult"
>now pulls this
Damn, he's good

i'm a different guy

>So wear business suits? Where exactly lies the problem?
you're going to look like runningonempty
>Chelsea boots
stop going on /fa/ they have awful taste

>fat chud with pimples wears ill-fitting cheap metal/logo/some silly slogan t-shirt
>muscular giga chad occasionaly wears a form fitting high quality t-shirt which fits perfectly with the rest of his attire

There is a large difference in t-shirt and t-shirt.

>virgin jeans

it was the shoes wasn't it?

>incels itt still think their opinion matters

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You tell em, chief

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Tbh I think people should just get fit and everything will simply fall into place. Have a nice body and you'll naturally start wearing better, form fitting stuff to show it off instead of baggy crap to hide

incels have the only opinions that matter

Why do the people claiming to stand up against mistreating people for unusual behavior or things they can't control insult people like this so often? You can't control your chin/jaw, and you can't tell me that the trans community dresses better than this on average.


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I hate trannies and incels

it's never been easier getting your dick wet, and yet they fail at one of the most human actions
incels are failures at life and the laughingstock of society, no one takes them seriously

runningonempty might look like an autist but he unironically is more of a chad than 99% of Yea Forums