For me, it's Neneko

For me, it's Neneko.

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Women can't be alone, femcels don't exist and neither do lonely romance thirsty women

Kasumi, but they all seem pretty awful. I hate women so much it's unreal.

>Shiori - 186cm

That's it, she's the one for me.

I'm trans btw, not sure if that helps.

They do exist, they are called fujoshi, and you don't want to hang out with them.

ill take them all

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Hot I love anal.

I don't see the downside to childhood friend Chinami.

Chinami is the only one with decent tiddies.

Shes clearly the NTR route.

I just want to motorboat Chinami's tits.

Judging by the appearance only, I suppose that Kasumi is the best girl.

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Gokubro btw.


>shark teeth
There was never a choice. What's this from btw?

Chinami is literally the only actual chance that will happen.

Post the original design

shizuko or hatoko

>dislikes strangers and sexual harassment
is she?

vn name, is it like amagami?

Thats how it always starts!

Those are obvious red flags.

>school setting in japan
>characters genuinely look like japanese students and their traits are expressed creatively
maybe some people will miss the theatrics, but to me this is excellent design

these types are the ones who fall fastest and hardest to gigachad advances

everyone knows that if you cant see her eyes then its best girl

I want to fuck them all

So is this actually coming out or what?

all I see is NTR

How isn't Hatoko the only choice here? How mentally ill do you have to be to chose anyone else?

You might want to get your brain checked. Do some detox.

Gokubro btw.

is this a real game thats real and isnt fake or is this another fucking MACROBATE

I prefer the REAL neneko

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golem get ye gone

For me it's fucking none of them if a girl is asocial she's legitimately maladjusted and/or insane and you should stay away and let her be, the damage's done and you can't fix it

who the fuck is victor bazan?
there's no getting rid of this poison

really though why remove most of the flaws on some heroines?
>chinami no longer has an ugly face underneath her bangs
>hatoko no longer has skin issues due to not eating properly
is it to pander to normalfags?

>Flirty and thristy
>Childhood friend
She's too perfect, compared to the others. It makes me worried too. VN games like to have twists and drama. I'm always cautious when things are going too well with the stories and characters. Makes me curious what her route is like.

This is a remake?

Goku lost.

katawa shoujo took 5 years so well have to wait and see, that's if someone is actually making something

redpill me on gokubro

it's nothing

because some of them were a real turnoff
have you seen how kasumi looked topless?
calling it repulsive would be an understatement
lets not forget the game is mainly to jerk off
no there were some concepts

Where can I find the old imagery kek

Soulless no real disability girls

They are mentally disabled.

yeah they are women and thats considered a mental illness now google bpd symptoms and it describes a woman perfectly

It's just not the same

>because some of them were a real turnoff
Then please play one of the tens of thousands of eroge geared towards normalfags.
It's not like Teaching Feeling immediately healed the scars before the sex scenes.

anime scars have their appeal and are one of the more liked physical imperfections
a teen looking like a 90 year old under the clothes is disgusting from start to finish

haha yeah wow thats sounds awful, you wouldn't happen to have that image so I can look at it out of morbid curiosity haha

Found it

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I do.

you will have to dig through the archives for a naked version

which one smells like pee and hair grease?

unironically all of them

Give me all of them, nigger. I'm not fucking choosing.

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yumi seems like the only one who wouldnt smell like it

this kind of girls make my inner animal go wild

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Should be thicker


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No such thing as femalw incels

Chinese swimmer mode?

Looks soulless