Here's your *average women* bro

here's your *average women* bro

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average american maybe

>2015 article
atleast find a more recent article bait thread faggot

must be an misguided attempt to stop people trying to chuck up all their food

Why do they act like attractive women don’t exist.

It's easier than putting that burger down and going for a run.

why don't we try going above average then?

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God I fucking hate amerisharts so much it's unreal

There is a war on women, but women are too stupid to see who's causing it.

>mfw just walking is doing wonders for my health

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I thought 2017-2020

Yet again 2012

>colin campbell
aight, i'll do this one pro bono.
hang in there colin

I talked with women about pic related and they said they were applying the same logarithmic rating scheme to themselves.
Women are probably simply fucked in the head from birth.

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average amerifat women maybe

>average american* women

i mean this isn't wrong. the average man AND woman looks fucking terrible and is overweight, i'd be willing to be this includes the majority of you anons in this thread too. no offense

>nooooo!!! these video game characters are unrealistic!!! real women are repulsive, ugly and morbidly obese!!!
Keks me everytime.

I'm actually slightly underweight but to compensate I'm also short and can't grow facial hair at age 25.

everyone knows that thin people are a myth and if you the only healthy way to exist is by being overweight
thanks magazine, for opening my eyes

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>Tits get bigger
Looks fine to me

I have met Anons IRL and they looked above average.
And beyond the looks they are the best lads on this godforsaken planet anyway.
Then again, I'm male, so women may think they are ugly anyway.

Because it is devastating to my case!

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Fat women are fucking disgusting, you have one job. ONE JOB, don't be fat, that's all you have to do, stop shovelling food into your fucking mouth and walk on a treadmill

The americanisation that japanese games need

i haven't played FFX but i'm pretty sure Rikku is not an average woman by any sense of the word

How the FUCK do you fit 2 loaves a day.
I won't even mention 4l of coke or all the other shit.
2 loaves of bread, 4l of coke, 2l of milk.
Where the fuck does that fit?

>Bulimia . com

Ok, had me a chuckle there.

A cetacean can have a stomach stretch to something like 5 liters after years of overeating.

>obese is now "average"

Fuck this world



The stomach dilates so much from use, they have to put gastric bands to get thinner again.

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this actually makes me nauseous

sexualised pig on the right

the real shame is that on such a diet she could easily become a strongman tier athlete with relatively good health too
the only thing she is missing is exercising for an hour a day

Why are mutts like this?

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It's missing additional layers of clothing as well as short, neon-colored hair.

looks like my neighborhood

Corporate interest above public good.

Not realistic.
More like:
>2 McGriddles, 2 orders hash browns, Large Coke
>Constant snacking on various junk foods.
>Always soda or energy drinks,, not water or even juice
>Double Whataburger, Large Fries, Large Coke for lunch
>more snacking
>Dinner possible at home but bring 2020s likely DoorDash of more fast food equivalent to 1000 - 1500 calories
>Zero physical activity
Bonus points if a smoker

only OP is allowed to be a faggot

>real women
>implying skinny/fit women don't exist
I just want to grill, man...

i think when the lasagna portion of your diet is the lowest caloric impact you've monumentally fucked up

Was this done by Pierce Brosnan?

Every guy needs at least one grill enthusiast buddy.

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> Reminder that fat Rikku is not a thing, fat Rikku can`t hurt you

Damn genetics... if only exercise and eating healthy were a possibility.

really makes you think

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sup shit sniffer

This makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint, women need to be more choosy with their mates because they can only produce the offspring of a single man roughly once a year so its advantageous for the species if they select the best possible mate they can get which has manifested in women finding (lol) 81% of men "below average", while a single man could in the same period could fertilize thousands of women so they can be more objective and ranking women in what looks like an approximation of a normal distribution.

>Two loaves of bread
>Two 2 litre coke bottles
>Eight (8!) pints of milk

How is that even physically possible? Where do you find the time in the day to consume that much liquid?

>is a america person

average in fatmerica lmao

>bottom half consists almost exclusively of self reported data
Likely the obesity problem is much bigger, what a degenerate society we live in

10,000 steps a day for me.
It's like having a score in a vidya game I gotta reach every day.

I see it all around me every day. I live in a dirty Mexican shithole filled with ridiculously obese beaners, San Antonio.


>Even Germany is like 25%
Fuck is everyone fat now?

>sexy girls = hated
>fat girls = representation
>fat sexy girls = ?
Why dont they just do this in games? Journos cant complain and nerds get to enjoy big virtual tits.

>article almost 7 years old

We need to go fatter.

we need some communism to thin the populace out in both ways

To be fair there really shouldn’t someone running around with ribs showing. And I mean individual ribs not just the cage silhouette. Rikku is praised because she’s in slut wear not because she’s actually hot. Nobody likes a sack of bones just as much as nobody likes a bag of fat