Parents never let me do sleepovers. What was it like bros?

Parents never let me do sleepovers. What was it like bros?

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20% feet
10% games
70% sleep

your image, basically.

it was either really good amazing feeling, or really boring and you wish you were back at home alone, no inbetween. also occasionally you'd bust out a game and embarass yourself because your mates have dog shit taste and dont like it

I have also never gone to a sleepover too but then, people never invited me. Even if they did I doubt my parents would allow because they know I was a scared child that slept with them until I was 12 years old.

You should have trained with your parents to toughen you up.

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how tf are they playing Mario 64 without a cartridge?

>he doesn't know

>wrestling with mum

It was based and then I’d wake up a few hours before my friend so I’d stare at the wall until he got up.

Growing up shelled from the rest of the world and discovering Yea Forums by accident unironically ruined me even more. I wasn't meant to be here now. By the way things like your webm never happened to me.

You will feel the way you do until you resolve to do otherwise.

Lots of fun. Pizza, soda, co-op games, walks to the 7-11 to get slurpees and candy for the night. Most of us had a boombox at any of our houses so there'd be music playing in the background too, any song from facelift, dirt or the tripod alice in chain albums takes me back to be a carefree elementary schooler

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I was a bad friend that wanted others to watch me play games.

a lot of gay sex and group jerking.

these two are filming it, they are doing it for
and this mum is fit, most moms don't do any sports
shut the fuck up

I knew this thread would turn fucking gay really fast.

You are right.

>that one guy SNIIIIIIIFFF-ing by the shoes

>shoes in the house
Do white people really??

>he thinks he is in control

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*L1 U D L*
alright now your turn to choose user

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lots of junk food, playing fighting games you never know existed and you wish they never existed, repeating the same jokes over and over, giving up on board games cause everyone gets bored, sometimes wrestling, sometimes just sleeping...

>parents yelling at everyone to shut everything off and get in bed way too early
>friends getting way too upset over losing at games whether it be smash or yugioh, fights ensued
>always someone taking way too long on the toilet, probably masturbating, holding up everyone who has to actually go
>at least one kid farting nonstop in their sleep
>someone getting homesick and crying and stalling everything to call their parents to pick them up
Nah fuck sleepovers and fuck being a kid.

Some of the best memories of my life. We would go to the video store, rent a bunch of horror and action and sci-fi movies, get pizza, go home, and alternate doing dumb shit to each other, playing vidya and watching movies all night. Even when it got a bit less innocent and we started sneaking booze, it was still great.

Shoes in the house is a pretty split topic, at least where I'm from (southeastern USA). Some people will want you to take your shoes off, some people won't.

There is another N64 (for some reason)

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the very first time I was invited to a sleep over I was too nervous to ask where the bathroom was so I pissed myself and called my mom. I never had another friend at that school.

2 people probably brought theirs by mistake

I went sleepover with neighbour kid who had watched woman suffocating man by squeezing his balls in James Bond. We were sleeping in same bed. I didn't believe it was possible and he squeezed hard my small nuts for 30sec. I started crying and almost left home but he bribed me with candy.

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>lots of junk food

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>Spend all day playing vidya and mastering controls
>Go to friends house for vidya and pizza
>3v1 them in Melee, 5-stock
>Beat all three of them handily
I peaked right there bros. That was a weird night. Cooper's brother came in drunk as FUCK and started fighting with his friend, like physically fighting, and I got caught in the crossfire and got crushed by a 200 pound 19-year-old. I think I also have some repressed memories of that night

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>I went sleepover with neighbour kid who had watched woman suffocating man by squeezing his balls in James Bond. We were sleeping in same bed. I didn't believe it was possible and he squeezed hard my small nuts for 30sec. I started crying and almost left home but he bribed me with candy.

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Always bring a backup console

It was so fun, I still miss it.

What a wild colour scheme. Was that sort of thing really common in the 90's burgerland?

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Sleepover at friends. DMC3 on ps2
friend 1
>wake me up once you finish this level (1am)
Fell asleep, woke up at 8am
friend 2
>on msn from 1 to 5 am, then fell asleep
>playing dmc3 non stop from 1 to 8am

no not really. only if the parents thought they were unique or artistic, then the mom makes the dad paint like this.

its probably a house in a southwest state like new mexico or arizona
they have a particular architecture

>tfw always winning at fighting games and mario games
We were kings of sleepovers. Kings!

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Somewhat. Bright colors of the 80s transcended into the 90s.


It was great, I had a lot of sleepovers at my house because my parents didn't give a shit. Playing Bishi Bashi Special and Micro Maniacs, watching some 80s horror movies my dad rented for us and then watching the soft porn shit they used to play on Channel 5 at like 3am.

Based. I was always that friend who was god tier at fighting games or FPS games since I'd go home after these sleepovers and do nothing but play vidya.

Those were the days, bro's... Now I'm 26 and still play vidya but not as often as I used to. Ah to be a kid again.

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Those two are completely natural and have obviously done this hundreds of times before. Either it would be awkward looking or someone would end up with a broken neck if it was an unusual staged activity.

t. wrestle with son every day

>me: haha yeah! let's do it!
>my friend at 11pm: zzzzz

>that one kid who snores like a god damn truck engine

I was always the kid trying to keep it going, back when we thought midnight was late

Very fun, I'm not really someone who misses being a kid but it's the sole thing that I do miss. You'd eat some junk food with your friends, watch some crappy movies, maybe play some video games, stay up way too late talking about nonsense and trying to crack jokes nonstop, then you'd come away the next day with that specific feeling you'd get from spending quality time with your friends.
To be honest I'm so glad that the internet only became widespread when I was an older teen, then smartphones once I was in college. I think being glued to smartphones really sucks the fun out of hanging out with people because everyone is too distracted to fully immerse themselves, I feel bad for kids nowadays.

I was in a gay sleepover once during my high school days. It was the first time I ever did drugs too (meth). Lots of anal sex all day and night long.

kek yeah I had sex with most of my friends

you would just talk shit, watch movies, play video games and one time it would get really gay and then youd all silently agree to stop talking for a while

I was that kid
>sleepover with friends
>comfy as fuck sleeping all night
>wake up
>2 deodorant sticks, a shoe, a remote, and a small rock/pebble all around me
>mfw my friends kept throwing shit at me but I wouldn't wake up

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>be me in first grade
>go to a classmate's place to play Super Mario on Nintendo
>we agree to switch turns on death
>I've never touched a gamepad before in my life
>he doesn't tell me which button does what
>fall in the first pit and die
>dude: ok, my turn
>he's played the game for weeks and never dies
>I just sit there and watch him play through the whole game
>once he gets to the end, he turns off the console
>"ok go home"
>I go home
And that was when the young me first learned that not all people are good

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Interesting. The colour choices remind me a bit of the 80's Memphis Group. Probably stems from there, like many other postmodern design and colour schemes of the time.

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>sleepover at my friends house, him and his bro
>play dawn of war and wow in his computer room with 3 computers
>play halo split screen on a big ass projector
>play fight with swords
>also had a pool
Shit was so cash you couldn't even imagine it

I had this exact setup for a certain friend's birthday every year on a big ass farm
>His parents hook up a big ass trailer full of mattresses to a quadbike
>We all get in the back
>Drives us around at what were probably dangerous speeds
>Has an outdoor projector setup with a huge blanket
>Play GTA SA at like 11 years old
>Swim in their pool between "turns" (just rampaging around until arrested or killed)
23 years old btw

>Dont be gay dude show your dick.

It was a different time.

I thought arizona is mandated shit stain brown paint on every wall, or am I going to the wrong places?

It's just fun hanging out with your friends for such an extended period of time. It's actually how humans are supposed to live. We're not meant to lock ourselves away for extended periods.

I don't know why or how the current state of affairs arose. It's much more natural for large groups of people to hang around in one room

Only had a few myself, cried at my first one when it was at a friends house, wasn't anything special otherwise.
Then another time had a friend sleep over at mine and he peed the bed at like 13, so that kind of sucked.
And then the third one was dope and we played Crash Tag Team Racing most of the time, drew and discussed our Sonic OCs and played with my Bionicles, great time overall.

Happened to me on my first day of new school lmao. I was so shy as a kid.

i was thinking of just pizza, cheetos and soda kek

I bet that kid never found a woman that was like his mum, so he found a guy mummy instead.

Normal rooms usually didn't but basements or side rooms back then were kinda the dumping grounds for all the weird and colorful deco that people liked

>It's much more natural for large groups of people to hang around in one room
yeah when you all knew each other

can't really sustain tribal life in the modern world. you get a brief glimpse of it in school then its a soulless experience for the rest of your life, unless you shit out 8 kids like a third worlder

Get out underage faggot.


I bet you have AIDS.

Is this like a falseflag post? Have you never been in a house with a strange colour scheme? What the fuck does a weird house have to do with being american??? this 100% has to be a falseflag

there's gaming nights and then there's fucking diabetes

Those pizzas and snickers.. Eff yeah doo

if you fell asleep first everyone else would prank you