Why did you stop playing Minecraft?

Why did you stop playing Minecraft?

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>no pubes
I sleep

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I don't understand how it works any more and just get raped by a billion skeletons.

I kinda did everything I wanted and it takes too long for updates to add anything substantial.

uhh what does that image have to do with minecraft???

like 10 years ago, idk how people are still playing that shit.
i got bored of it before it even had a story mode or anything like that

>no pubes
Yes please

I'm waiting for the deep dark update, my last world was in the nether update


its a chick with orange hair. the only 2 characters in minecraft are the black dude player character and a bunch of genderless, hairless villagers

I just got bored of it.

I have done everything worth doing and played every interesting mod worth playing.
Every few years I make a new server with my friend and every big new update I start a new playthrough on my own, but it always ends up in me being burned out and losing any kind of interest in the game after a week of playing.

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already played it for 10 years. Already visited most of the servers and played most of the mods together with friends until we got to a certain point where there is no way to progress. Honestly i stil sometimes pull out some old beta version of the game and play it just for that unique feel. That feel of watching some guy on the youtubz play and intruduce me to it until i finally got my hands on one copy. Damm that game really is something. I wish i could play it for the first time again with my unknowing and uncaring hands.

Alex is a Minecraft character.

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Maintained pubic hair is such a god-tier style on women. Wish the hairless cult didn't gain so much traction over the years.

built the two things i wanted to build and didn't need to play anymore

I didn't.4 years worth of hours and counting.

I'm playing it right now bro. And by playing I mean modding.

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And not a female.

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World generation isn't the same.
No friends to play it with.
Not creative enough.

Coper harder, there's hundreds of pictures of the character as a female.

He's not Alex bro, Alex is a woman and my wife.

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Because I mined all the mines and I crafted all the crafts. There was nothing left. There IS nothing left

People making fan art of a redheaded Swedish twig doesn't change reality. Alex is Jeb.

Even playing with a friend I just end up making simple wood/glass/smooth stone buildings using designs I had from early beta and not much else.

I have never played minecraft

hot, they finally put the missing element into minecraft. a waifu

It's incredibly boring

1.19 happened

Recent updates have been shit.

Fuck this guy for outputting his work as the lowest quality jpg possible.

Oh and I am trans btw

Built for Endermen.


Because I put 1000 hours into it over a decade ago. I felt satisfied with the game and done with it shortly after The Nether was added.

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What about her

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It's not a good game and the gameplay is extremely shallow.

They added hunger. I haven’t touched minecraft in over 10 years because of that.


They balanced the game, oh no?

There's a mod to remove it


It made it easier.

no fren to play with

I didn't
I can't find a good way to pave around my dirt pyramid with cocoa beans on top

post screen

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It's kind of boring? The lack of character upgrades makes exploring unrewarding and it takes tons of resources to build anything nice.

Hunger and new world generation ruined it. Also because they delay updates for 2+ years just to add in a new mob that does nothing and a couple blocks.

>takes a year to add a new mob/block/anything
that's why

Modders do more than the developer

>new world generation
This is probably the main reason. When the terrain stopped feeling fantastical it made the rest of the game stop feeling fantastical as well.

>hello sirs! you must be the installing of the windows10 to play minecraft :)
>sirs, we do NOT support earlier versions of windows they may of have the security problems.

yeah no, fuck off.

they added a cute red head tomboy gf to minecraft. so minecraft steve can black a ginger. so all the little autistic zoomers growing up with minecraft think white female/black male pairing is normal and good. Im serious.

i dont like spending 3 hours making new worlds looking for a place where i want to build


How do I get my gf to wear something like this

>greentexting links

Oh yeah? How would YOU do it??

The combat update ruined the core singleplayer gameplay and then Microjang had the audacity to start stealing code from mods instead of implementing interesting original shit.


There's nothing wrong with the combat update.