Can save the waifu

>can save the waifu
>she hates you now and disappears forever
But why....

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>my destiny is to sacrifice myself, it is what I want
>NOOOOOO I MUST LE SAVE YOU *absorbs being she hates*

>muh destiny
Destiny isn't real, she's just suicidal
I know what's best for her and I can literally just remove the frenzied flame from me once I save her

she said life is beautiful so she's just being a hypocrite

she's a GO glownigger and knew she had failed when you absorbed shabriri.

I thought a tarnished being EL and burning the tree was against the GO?

even Gideon doesn't mind you burning it, it just seems more like you're just breaking down the door on an angsty teenager.

Vyke was right
We like Vyke

it's the most romantic a love story can get, you save the woman you love but you can never be with her. at least you know she's alive and she is safe.

what happens if you save her and then expel the three fingers with the needle?

Disappointment, I went through the trouble to do it on my second run and after killing the dragon and using the needle nothing happens. It's like you ate something and nothing happens.
It just let's you pick other endings again.

>suicidal alt girl wants to self harm to feel important
>she throws a fit if you find a reasonable way around her getting hurt
makes sense to me

women aren't there to keep you entertained you know

Yes they are

i dont get why they made a way for you to keep her alive and also get other endings but didn't acknowledge it.
it's not even a hard secret, just finish millicent's questline and kill malenia, then you have all you need.


>But why....
women are dumb

What happens if you let her burn and then go meet the 3 niggas

The needle's only purpose is to make it possible to get one of the other endings in case you regret going for the three fingers ending. The reason it's hard to get the needle is because they want you to feel punished for regretting going for the three fingers ending.

that's retarded

I didn't even know the 3 fingers was an optional ending
I thought the flame Melina talked about was the flame I needed to burn the tree, I was like "fine I won't keep it to myself shut up already"
how was i supposed to know it was a different flame?

>they want you to feel punished for regretting going for the three fingers ending
Honestly, I didn't even know I was going for another ending. I just beat Morgott last night and was exploring the catacombs when I stumbled upon the fingers because the lady there told me to get naked to open the door, didn't think it'd trigger a cutscene and have whatever OP's name is hate me.
How oddly punishing for people who choose to explore the game.

>gets pissy and leaves
>just purge the frenzied flame anyways
>to embarrassed to show her face again
Woman moment

Destiny is indeed real. Never heard of the political streamer?

Then when you end the game Melina’s cutscene doesn’t happen, she’s dead.

Anyone who uses the word waifu in 2022 should kill themselves.


Melina literally warns you two times that you shouldn't continue unless you want to destroy all life

>hating anime words in an anime board
You should kill yourself for being this retarded.

Literally when? I only saw her like 2 or 3 times in the entire game including the intro cutscene.

You can talk to her at sites of grace

>deny her very reason for being
>worlds going to continue going to shit
>all so you can pat yourself on the back for "saving" her
>she might not even be a real person
If you don't see anything wrong with that, you're the one having a woman moment

so much for exploring the game, eat that needle and deal

>I can literally just remove the frenzied flame from me once I save her
Well maybe you should have mentioned that to her.

>I know what's best for her
That line of thought is why you're maidenless now and forever

>save waifu by literally destroying the world
>WTF why isn't she grateful

Only super specific ones apparently.
I do, just don't rest at bonfires needlessly as I like to keep things despawned. The game is long enough already without me needing to kill everything in my path.

I TOLD you not to talk to that grape girl

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Don't know who any of these characters or why anything is happening. Games makes no sense.

Talk to the characters
Read the item descriptions

>steal her reason for living

So when I save her and rid myself of the frenzied flame like I'm trying to do now, she's still going to hate me and stop appearing at sites of grace? That blows.


>the classic fromdrone defense of "you don't understand the lore because you haven't read every single obtuse item description"
when will you faggots admit that these games have no story and are solely built around being hard?

bro melina literally tells you not to pursue the frenzied flame and shabriri explicitly explains to that pursuing the frenzied flame is an alternative method to burning erdtree, without melina's sacrifice.

Literally all of this shit spelt out so clearly in the game

When will you admit that you hate games that aren't comic book-style? FFS, some games you need to read shit in(SHOCK! HORROR!!!), and others spoonfeed you. Why not stick to the games you like to play and stop trying to change minds? Or would you like us to try changing yours with the same logic you use?

>why doesn't the game treat me like a retard
>why doesn't the game spoonfeed me everything

Did they even rehash the DS1 Firelink firekeeper story?

>Talk to the characters
I would if they wouldn't stop moving without saying where they were going

Did mitsubishi just forget to write any dialogue for her? she has less lines than the blacksmith dude.

The entire system is hypocritical. Tarnished were people who lost the Grace of the Erdtree and got kicked out of the Lands Between. Except with the Shattering everybody lost Grace with the exception of the Tarnished who got it back instead. Everything got 180'd but the prejudices stayed the same.

They never lost the grace, Marika kicked them out as part of her 4d chess plan

It is the same flame. The difference is that the three fingers allows you to act as kindling in her place.

Somebody post it, you know, that comic... how we were robbed

most realistically written female


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Only if you sit at the grace, and there's rarely a reason to actually sit at a grace rather than just activate them. No enemies there you make you closer to a level. No ashes of war or spells to equip.

Women aren't there for anything. Just like anyone in this world, they're just an empty stranger unless you give them a purpose, and if they fail to meet that purpose? Well that's disappointing, but women are used to that, disappointing every man they meet.

the lore in this game has the exact same problem than Uncharted 3 had, which is that they made a bunch of art assets and zones with no idea how to connect any of it and they made up a bullshit story in post production about how it's all connected. Why is there a giant fortress between Limgrave and Liurnia? idk, make something up. Why is there a giant magic castle in the middle of a swamp? because it looks pretty and nothing else. Why is Lyendell such a shithole despite being the capital city? Did the golden order make everyone forget how to clean anything? Who cares it looks cool.

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he he isn't it fun how we kill every character in souls games? : )

>literally just Megumi

We will see her in the dlc


Ranni is doin just fine in my pocket thank you very much


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They really fucked up this time around, uh?

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