Master Duel

How do you fare using your casual/non-meta deck so far, anons?

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Where room

nth for fuck grass

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Fine, I'll make a 60 card deck. Give me some deck recommendations, please.

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Arent they supposed to be twins, why are there 4 of them now

>he didn't draw his kaiju
I didn't even get to finish locking him out of making any plays before he consneeded to verre's cunny.

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Show opponent's deck

Does anyone else hate the new matchmaking system? I keep playing the same people. There aren't enough in my rank, and I'm still in Gold.

Nevermind, he had literally no way out of that.

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I quit

It would be fine if this game had the player base to support it.

How's the new matchmaking system?
I don't remember them announced anything like that (I figure it's something they don't wanna tell anyway)

You can only play people in the same rank as you, but when hardly anyone is playing you wind up going up against the same people.

great moth retrain when

Nobody is playing this SHIT game anymore.

Magic won, get over it.

What rank of Gold? I'm currently in Gold IV and I assume that I'll find the same people the more I rank up. Makes me wonder how many are currently in Diamond overall.

That's nothing.

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I'm in Gold 1. It just happened a couple of times in a row so I've stopped playing now.

>player count on steam alone back to 40k daily
>not even taking into account phone and console players
Here to stay faggot

hey, two ash baits

If this is a bad hand your deck shouldn't be playing grass

I guess I have no choice but to climb ranks since most players (ie. tryhard asians) are at diamond.

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>Asian name
>Eclessia portrait
>Ash Mascot
>Ash back covers
yep i am scooping

It literally never happens. If he was being honest he would have posted the match history.

god I don't think there's there a better feeling than having an opponent burn through like four boardwipes/negates without reading your cards and then seeing them concede when you've still got advantage after the fact


Will Konami ever release public APIs to track the game?

I hope not

i just want a leaderboard where you can sort by winrate and see the decks/match history

Why is this UR?

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>take out shaddoll fag's two backrow set
>one was schism. the other was a card that let him put schism back in his hand

how do people play this game irl without killing each other

Diamond I could believe but I think Gold is a little too ridiculous. This game literally has cross play with mobile and so that really shouldn't be possible outside random flukes.
It's never happened to me at least

Let me tell you a terrifying story about Kaiju Monarchs...

You don't mind if I link climb during your combo do you user?

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He is lying.

There is something amusing that most of time I just set for otk or hard smack than filling board with negates.

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Not gonna read the mighty master of wall of text

This is what I use. You might think 3x secret village + terraforming is overkill, but if possible I want that card on the field because it alone can win you the game since not that many decks use spellcasters and a lot of decks use spells to do anything.

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>spell negate with bounce
>search on battle destruction

This is just less broken Dragoon

I love that Pendulums count as Spell Cards.

>pend pop itself
>Whole field go +1 spellcount.

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Oh man, i cant wait to collect free wins in the fusion event after the XYZ/Syncro ones!

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If I use my relinqiish deck with There can only be one I just win. If I don't I lose

if we can call plunders casual/non-meta I would say pretty well, deck has aged well

Too bad I still need to cooombo to whip out big daddy beatstick which is vulnerable.
At least setting up negate board I've learned to make one negate early for safety before building up the rest.

It need spellcounters do to anything, guaranteed that he is never going be alone, but is quite easy to play around, plus all effects are hopt.

I will play pure artifact and you can't stop me from climbing with it.

do you REALLY need 3 chicken game/upstart goblin for this deck?


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Honestly? I dont feel like Endymion is worth building even after you got all the cards

This is my old cheap take on it, took me to plat 1, currently climbing to D1 with something closer to this
but I'm hard running handtraps like gamma and veiler, and instant fusion with two targets to void ash or go into halq

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>plus all effects are hopt.
Not the negate effect.
I bring two Endy and if I bounce one then summon it back with Selene I can have 3 S/T negates.
Yeah I pulled that off.

I use the Spellbooks. It's a little janky but still works.

Chicken game is optional, but yeah upstart is mandatory.

Big deal is needing spellbook engine since is more UR needed.

Is it possible to make this deck even more cancerous in Master Duel clown format?

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the more I play deskbots the more I love it because even if all your plays boil down to "big stompy" there's so many ways to build the board depending on the situation and it (almost) always feels like you've got a backup plan


I see Sneedle-Auroradon combo I scoop

So having fusion cards is recommended too?

It helps with board breaking, but you basically have to draw it with a 60 card deck, it's not often you can use masterpiece to search it out or use verte to use it since if you need it to break a board you often won't get to that point.

I would say is mixed bag. Text men and spells+ ED for deck can be useful in some decks, rest of core not much.

A expensive but splashable deck is dinos.

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