The more you play it the more flawed it gets

the more you play it the more flawed it gets

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i already ditched this turd

Doesn't "Flawed Masterpiece" describe every one of the Souls games?

Especially Demon's Souls and Dark Souls?

trying to do a second playthrough is painfull one once you hit the altus plateau

sure, but ER hits differently when every """journalist""" rated it 10/10
knowing that most bosses/caves are DS2 tier stopped me from doing a second playthrough

Discord thread

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>everyone that criticizes ER is a discord tranny


DS3 was solid throughout, a few bad gimmicks excepted.

Reminder these are the people who dislike Elden Ring

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i cant stand the internet now, the people on it are so annoying

This game is fucking awful but still my GOTY because everything else is worse.

Maybe 1 and DeS, not 2, 3 is just a solid game. ER has way too many flaws and it doesn’t even “masterfully” accomplish a single thing. The visuals are probably the only thing I think this game does better than previous ones, there’s a lot of great views in the game.

>sure, but ER hits differently when every """journalist""" rated it 10/10
The real issue is that most journalists didn't finish the game by the time of their review, or they rushed through the end content without doing the repetitive side content. So they played only the very best part of the game, or they failed to notice that you fight godskin apostle a bunch of times

>Maybe 1 and DeS, not 2
Kill yourself tasteless faggot. You'd realise tat DS2 is way superior if you weren't a retard.

ER is better than DS3 in almost every way imo.

basically this

Are there any other AAA releases coming out anyway?
Last year I had Cruelty Squad as my GOTY because nothing cool comes out now.

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This same logic applies to any game, name one game that isn’t like that

> there’s a lot of great views in the game.

Character models/armor definitely look better.
But I personally think DS3 and even Bloodborne look better overall. Better art direction. Better vistas. Too much of ER is just flat, grassy plains.

Demon's Souls is flawless

Sixth archstone was cut.


not to this extent like ER


not him but ER is frontloaded more than any AAA game in recent history, so the more you play it the worse it gets in comparison to pretty much every AAA game released ever

>waaaaaaah ER hit my tranny feeling
ER is a masterpiece and BTFO your favorite games and also much more popular than your favorite games, deal with it

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What do you mean by frontloaded? its the same kill stuff like every soul game just open world

there's almost the same amount of content in the starting areas as the rest of the game

Got 150 hours something in ER until i got bored. Meanwhile the average AAA ubishit, bioshit, cryshit, cod, gow, last of us whatever bored me out in just 3 hours

I applaud you for riding your horse for that long without cutting off your own dick

was that one playthrough, took me like 60 hours to beat the game and that felt too long

What the fuck do you even mean? the only content in soul game is killing stuff and discovering equipment, do you want daily quest, raid bosses or some shit?

Look at Mt Gelmir, the entire area is a spiral gauntlet with random sprinkled enemies from earlier in the game and almost no content

I'm a three characters and couple hundred hours in. When do I start seeing this flaw buildup?

Generally, flaws and quirks just come off as charming in a good game.

Yeah one playthrough, elden ring is a good game with flaws but still better than all of other AAA crap, wait a minute is ER even an AAA game?
Not my fault that i'm not a special snowflake nigger like you, faggot.

>I am braindead and like riding a horse around for hundreds of hours, that means this game is good

if you check every nook and cranny without looking at a guide it takes 100 hours to do everything but that also comes at a price once you realize you will kill the same bosses over and over again.

You kill stuff, that is content whether you like it or not, Why not modding your game to add your OC shit content into Mt Gelmir then? or better yet, make your own ER killer

killing the same enemies for a hundred hours on the back of a horse gets old after a while does it not?

Since when i'm saying anything about horse, you horse fucker?

Nigger what? You buy ER because you know it will be just like DS kill stuff but now in open world, just like MH is about killing monster. What the fuck did you expect? farm management?

Why are you so defensive, just answer the question. Do you or do you not like killing the same enemies for a hundred hours on the back of a horse

I like killing enemies but not on horseback, what with your obsessed with horse? and in hundred of hours i've seen plenty of enemies, much more variety and interesting designs than every western games or mmo if that answer your question

Because you answered a post about an area that's exclusively horse combat with "DURR HURR DURR IM A FUCKING RETARD DURR HURR HORSE COMBAT GOOD DURR HURR"

>the more time you spend with something, the more likely you are to find faults

Wow what a fucking brilliant and earth-shattering revelation you've come upon, retard-kun. Did you tell your friends about it during recess today and blow their minds?

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>take out the open world meme from the game
>remove c/p bosses
>remove c/p caves
>remove c/p dungeons
there, i fixed your game Miyazaki

how is it then when i played the previous fromsoft games 2-3 times and couldn't even bother playing ER a second time?

Because ER is three times as long as most other fromsoft games of recent memory and twice as long as DS1.

How the fuck should I know, you dumb faggot? I don't know who you are. Maybe you got your balls chopped off in the 6 years between and the lower T makes you more woman-like and flakey. Figure this shit out for yourself instead of asking for horoscopes from forums.

three times as long and half the content

>This game is fucking awful but still my GOTY because everything else is worse.
This is basically where I stand too. But constantly drawing comparisons to AAA slop is just going for low hanging fruit which does nothing to address the actual problems. For example, the open world dungeons are bland as hell; that issue will still persist regardless if AssCreed, Horizon and whatever else are worse than ER.

that's my point

>and half the content

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half the enemies in ER are reskins from past games

> old game has soilder
> new game must not have soilder or it isn't considered content

> old game has dragon
> new game must not have dragon or it isn't considered content

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>2 - small gargoyles and erdtree avatars - equals half

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how much of the content can be pasted from older games for it to be considered a new game?

> Oh look, old game has walls and caves. New game must not have walls and caves or it isn't content.

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there are far more enemies from older games than that, but it's funny that you bring up the avatars because there's easily 30 of them in the game, all treated as bosses. All enemies from Demon's Souls from 2009

It was the opposite for me. I was seething at its flaws but over time learned to appreciate the whole package for the amazing experience that it is.

It's a 10/10 game, though. It's heavily flawed but if you look at the whole experience it's a 10/10.