Just got here. Why did no one tell me this was the best Final Fantasy game?

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We only fly when falling, falling far from grace
Hell take us, heaven can wait

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It truly is a shame that Japan loves consistently diminishing their own huge emotional impact scenes

>I am mankind's final hope... And his Final Fantasy!
Really square enix?

I actually just finished this trial, was pretty neat
I'm very torn over whether to start EW now and push through or leave the game for a while, because I know once I finish it I won't have any interest until the next expansion

Literal death bed song, the balls on that madlad Soken.

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No endgame, shit pvp, crafting is pointless

No ty

Ngl, as cheesy as it sounds, that'd be kino

>shit pvp
this nigga still living in 2021, lmao

>Let us cast aside pretense and reveal our true faces to one another.
>I am Final Fantasy XIV Online: Shadowbringers Digital Special Collector's Edition

figuring out how and where to buy the game was truly the hardest boss fight

It makes for a nice story but the person who wrote the lyrics probably didn't know Soken had cancer at the time of production.

Imagine if he actually said
>I am Hades, the Shadowbringer
The memes would have been endless.


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>he completed missed the boss that was called final fantasy

You have an entire ultimate that was just released to prog through nigga go do that

Why are distal tombestones still capped?

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Now get a Physeos weapon slut

>Get Fighter set back in 2013
>Play every now and then.
>Still using Fighter set.
I wish later Warrior armor was this good.

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post yfw

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I feel sorry for you. I'm progging through 2 Ultimates, enjoying Crystalline Conflict and buying food and potions by the hundreds.

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Our Lives a message in a bottle cast to see
Disgrace untold and Unseen

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08G4Y-GP59P-EKF49W6CFF-QX36F-EWBIPhere you go boys steam

>best Final Fantasy
At least it doesn't have god awful turn based combat
Story is still shit though

I had an unironic basedface. Jesus Shadowbringers was kino

If YoshiP was on a live panel taking questions, and you posed that to him, he would likely spontaneously implode out of pure cringe.

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>he doesn't know how to appreciate cringekino

>crafting is pointless
That is true, unless you do housing shit
Otherwise crafters spend and earn money to help each other reach lvl 90 and then sut there doing nothing

A lalafell may be small but if it has a gun it has the power.

ffxi is superior

>Playing Tank or Healer
Imagine leaving dps in the hands of mouth breathers

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I need to level my crafters to make money for housing shit.
Need to fuel my lewd screenshot taking with new sets. This apartment definitely won't cut it.

yay my even more gimped moveset of 2 buttons what fun pvp this is

I can't deal with the garbage textures anymore, new armor just flat out looks better.

having a tank who is afraid to go forward is way more agonizing

which classes have the most flexible/no rotations?

I yield, I yield!

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Yeah like i said
Crafting is useless for the actual gameplay
You never craft a gear that you are going to use

>was the best Final Fantasy game?
That’s a low bar user

>Why did no one tell me this was the best Final Fantasy game?

We do, constantly, but it gets buried under Yea Forums's contrarianism and trans people living rent free in its head.

Because its not. Not even top10.

>You never craft a gear that you are going to use
Classical gear is regularly purchased. It's my main moneymaker at the moment, what the fuck drugs are you on?

This. This is the first trans friendly ff game

Elidibus actually does the title drop in Japanese. In the trial, he calls himself the first hero and the final traitor (villain). The word he uses is 反逆者, which is part of the title. ヴィランズ (villains) pretends to be the intended reading for it. Japs do this a lot, give fake, often loanword readings to kanji for the sake of cool.

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Wow is the trans friendly mmo

You cannot attempt Week 1 savage (aka the true experience) raiding without crafted gear. Not to mention pots and food are also provided by crafters.

Or rather you can but it's the optimal setup anyways.

They both are and it’s fine. My final fantasy is to be an anime girl >_

Close in the Distance was better

For Dungeons? Nothing strikes more fear than the cure 1 heal thot

The Dead Ends is called 最終幻想 in Japanese, aka Final Fantasy. I'm still kinda sad they didn't keep it in the EN version.

If you think Sokken wasn't heavily involved in the production if the lyrics, you're insane.

I wonder how many people saying that actually have played other games in the series or are not 20yo zoom zooms

They actually name dropped "Final Fantasy" pretty regular across the series and spinoffs, sometimes it is "Localized" into something else. I think Ultimecia mentions it in the JP script of VIII as one of the earlier instances.

Did any streaming group reach the final phase?

When it hits after G'raha is gone. DAMN.

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Bad healers give me anxiety. Imagine not having regen up on the tank all the time during a dungeon.

5.3 was unironically one of a handful of vidya stuff to really excite me in the last decade. Was kino to experience with fellow Yea Forumstards.

Endwalker was pretty dope except the need to burn through it ASAP to avoid spoilers.

that shit still makes me tear up

So is amourot. It gets used way too much in Japanese. I'm good with synonyms, like Ultimate Illusion

This is kino just the way the instrumental version loops forever. Then the lyrics kick in and its manly tears time (even if you know those niggas are coming back almost immediately)

Both are phenomenal. Though I do prefer Close the Distance

Ill take that over the bitch who forgets its job
And healers dps is so pathetic that it hardly matters desu
You need like 6 pokes to kill a summoned enemy during the boss, and dps can take it in 2

>Know no one is going to die
>Even Y'shtola tells you
>Still crying because the music is too good
Fucking Soken carrying the entire story all by himself