Currently there are tens of thousands of players who have completed the game with the Moonlight Katana and RoB...

Currently there are tens of thousands of players who have completed the game with the Moonlight Katana and RoB. Afterwards they talked to their friends about the epic experience they had in beating such a difficult game and went to social media platforms to brag about their achievement. When they read a post of people that criticize the boss design under self-restricted conditions they voice their disbelief how anyone could have possibly gotten stuck on any of these bosses for several hours when it only took them a couple of attempts spamming ash of wars at their back while their mimic tanked for them. They think that the gaming community is just full of trash players that just need to "git gud" like they did. The ego boos they get is almost like a high. They go to the steam forums and just deride everyone on their supposed lack of skill all the while being completely oblivious to the fact that the people they're targeting intentionally avoided touching the build they've used. And in those instances in which that discrepancy is pointed out to them they just talk about how everything they did was just "part of the game". What they don't realize is that anyone who doesn't suffer from motor malfunction or brain damage could beat any Fromsoft title with a build that makes use of the best equipment in the game. It's like bragging about finishing MGS5 with the chicken head. But they don't care because they think that reaching the credits is what games are about. It's not about challenging themselves to grow their abilities beyond what they thought was capable but literally just about some badge telling them that they won. If it was just about winning then why buy Elden Ring over any other game? There are games where it's even easier to reach the end. There are literally walking simulators out there where only pressing W is going to get there. Clearly it isn't just about winning. It's about the experience and if your experience was shallow you didn't beat the game.

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I'm not reading this shit bro

soldjars of fortune

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so do you like the game or not, jfc. you faggots keep flipflopping between "lol game ez" or "fug game hard" whenever it fits your narrative.

I am not reading your essay but people using rob are just riding on a crutch


What effect would this have you personally?

>I'm not reading this shit bro

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I speak for the collective and yes, we do like it

>I am bad at videogames
That's all you should've said instead of complaining about Moonlight and Rivers of Blood.

>No paragraphs
Not reading a wall of text. If you think this was a problem only with Elden Ring, you should've seen the hordes of DS3 players using the exact same giant saber and parry shield.

The left can't meme

I've beat all souls games without summoning or using op weapons but there's so much infuriating shit in Elden Ring I'm seriously considering upgrading my mimic tear ashes and let it do half the work.

I only play true ethical no-summons SL1 Elden Ring. I skip every Spirit Ash I find because it is unethical to keep it. When my character dies, I use every consumable and kill myself again cause it's not true ethical TENSSL1ER otherwise. I skip the mines because Bell Bearings are unethical powerhouses. Every time an Ash of War drops, I immediately use it and switch to a randomly equipped weapon to increase the challenge. I've had online disabled because player interaction gave too much advantage. I read and listen to every item description to fully immerse myself in the true ethical Elden Ring experience. Every time I go into this general and read the word "moonveil, "mimic tear", "hoarfrost stomp", "comet azur" and so on, I make sure to thrust my giant vibrating dildo one to three times to punish myself accordingly for tainting my TENSSL1ER experience. Why do you self-proclaimed Soulsborne hardcores even try to pretend that you're truly hardcore? You make me fucking sick.

Stop acting like you're good
Stop acting like you know shit
Stop acting like your opinion is important

>I am bad at videogames
That's all you should've said when you ran your autowin reddit build that allow even game journalists to sleep through the game.

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Huge samefag energy from the literal nigger tier posts

over a hundred weapons in the game and you're still crying about a fucking katana

You still haven't beaten the game.

>implying I even touched any of the katanas or summons
Beat the game with twinblade, eat shit.

didnt read lol


Then the thread doesn't concern you, you absolute retard.

I'd rather non-skilled players get by with OP weapons than the game having a separate and distinct easy mode. That's probably the most realistic alternative in today's setting.

I myself finished my first playthrough with ROB because I liked it, but it was also pre patch and wasn't as good as it is now. My second run with godslayer great sword was much easier. Now that's an OP weapon


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I'm currently playing my first Souls game and it's Bloodborne.
Is this weapon unbalanced or something?

>I made a big song and dance about these games being super hard but they were only hard because I deliberately made them hard on myself
>now I am suffering the consequences and crying about it on Yea Forums

I beat the game with spiked spear + naginata, both with frost. Was quite fun.

Well, apparently using paragraphs counts as "Reddit posting".

I've beaten the game with dual uchi one standard + cold
Cope bleedlet

not reading this shit lmao
used RoB
ER is a shit game doesn't deserve my commitment

i didn't read all that
its only a game bro
why do you have to be so mad

Yeah, was already a good weapon on release. They buffed arcane scaling on a patch and now it's the best weapon in the game without much contest.

>words words words

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This copypasta is stale and if you spend time thinking about how other people enjoy a video game, the problem is you.

Seethe more viglet. Miyazaki doesn't want you panic rolling or healing in the neutral against endgame bosses anymore. You're gonna have to learn to time your dodges or use a shield.

And yet your ego is so much swollen than theirs, you refuse to accept that some people beaten the game in a different game than yours, because they didn't gimp themselves with useless cringe rules and list of do's and do not's.
You really had to prove to the world that you have finesse at beating [current videogame] didn't you.
This is why people call you an incel virgin.

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It's very fast, powerful, and the special attack's swings are very wide so you don't need to think much about your positioning, it inflicts a ton of bleed which is percentage based so it will always do a lot of damage no matter how healthy the enemy you're hitting is.

The majority of players (redditors) are abusing it and rolling through the game with no effort while boasting about their skills and comparing themselves to the players who don't use this weapon.

Users of this weapon are very sensitive about being called shitters and easily get on the defensive when criticized which pleases shitposters greatly.

The game is not hard even without summons and ROB.

Zoomniggers are literally unable to read anything longer than a tweet, absolutely braindamaged generation.

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you are literally retarded

Zoomer derangement syndrome, seek help.

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seethe woomie

Moonveil is a lot of fun.

I'm nearly level 160 after just finishing the capital on my dual colossal sword build. I killed Morgot in like 5 jump attacks. RKR helps a lot. That plus raptor armor and talisman and the extra damage at max health talisman. I'm tempted to go to 99 strength and then pump endurance to carry the rest of the build all at once.

bloodhound fang my beloved.

this fpbp

I just got that from Jill the guy in the gaol. I started as Samurai so I’ve been boosting my STR so I can use it. Is it worthwhile? Still useful mid/late-game? I’ve just been using my Uchi so far. I’ve done Margit and just exploring a bit of Limgrave to the East before I carry on with Stormveil, hence finding it.

Same lol

i just play through the game multiple times, every run using less and less meta builds and strategies to make it both more challenging and doing the bosses in different orders
and then eventually self imposed challenge runs
a good way to significantly extend the lifespan of the game even into thousand hours or more

>TWO wohle blades
i'm sorry... but you simply did not beat the game...

Lol I like when my flail spins around

>tens of thousands
Surely it is more than that. 95% of the players I've seen online are moonveil/rivers faggots.

>Beating the game with Rivers of Blood
Who cares? If a player wants to bully monsters with a cookie cutter build, it doesn't matter to me.
>Beating players with Rivers of Blood
This I understand, although I personally enjoy encountering RoB for the opportunity to potentially point down on someone with no reservations.

why does it produce so much seethe


>"it aint me" by the fortunate sons starts playing

>All these pathetic katana shitters getting mad at this thread
I'm lmaoing at your miserable shitter zoomer lives. You are such fucking low IQ mongoloid niggers you need OP shit to beat the game.
>Youre le bad
Nice cope faggot. I humiliate little RoB shit heads like you every single day while invading. I make sure to point doing on you after I killed you and your faggot shitter summons.
Keep crying like little bitches. I will keep invading you and humiliate you for being such zoomer little shitters.

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and then there's you, who still mad about it.

>they didn't play with the electronic toy the way I would have

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>enemy has giant hp pool
>land a chain of attack to deal massive damage
>somehow this is bad

>From puts garbage (and literal shit) in their games
>people use them
lmao maybe Fromshit are hacks who don't care about "muh punishing but fair" experience like you think they do and you should stop dicksucking them so much.

L thread


Pretty autistic but still very right.
If you finished the game with either of those two weapons you didn't beat the game.

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Here's an idea for you:
Stop limiting yourself to the shittiest tools the game offers you while crying that everyone else who didn't needlessly limit themselves like you did "didn't le finish the le game"

You are scrubs. You are like those no good shitters in fighting game threads who complain about using top tiers being dishonest play.
You are not honest and honorable, you fuckoling suck at the game.
Git gud.