What's actually stopping Sonic games from being good?

What's actually stopping Sonic games from being good?

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The fanbase

Sonic Team

People being able to have better brains to handle fast gameplay.
I swear you people are intentionally retarded.

Sonic Team
Now post more Whisper

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The same people also tend to be intolerant towards short games with a lot of replayability, which is a core part of Sonic that needs to be fully embraced by the devs.

Sonic Team

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Fans in no way can effect a game's quality. You just can't accept that other people enjoy things differently. Your opinion is invalid.

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>Fans in no way can effect a game's quality
Sonicfag is an autistic retard, what a surprise.

For example when Sonic 06 was developed some higher-up took a glance at WIIs specs and went "LETS SPLIT OUR ALREADY DIMINISHED TEAM IN TWO, SURELY THAT WILL HELP US MAKE OUR NEW NEXT-GEN BETTER"

Where'd he get the fucking gun?

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Sonic Team being a bunch of incompetent jackasses?

Sonic 06 over Sonic Boom, interesting.

What the fuck were they thinking when designing Shadow the Hedgehog stages?

>uses a wisp gun
I feel so stupid for not noticing this sooner.

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Bot thread

Sonic Team and Sega of Japan.

>The fanbase

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The fan games are often better than the actual games.

Picrel. I hate all comic book original characters, they are all way too overdesigned and always come off as original the character

The fact that Sonic Team tries to reinvent the wheel with each game - they never build off of the work they did or what they learned from previous titles, which is made even worse when there's also such high turnover. Look at the credits for programmers or stage designers for each game, it changes every time.

The Sonic Adventure games are clunky and awkward, but they probably have the best approach when it comes to making a full-fledged 3D Sonic game. A two hour game of Sonic speeding through zones isn't going to cut it anymore, not when games cost $60. So varying up the gameplay in a few styles made sense, made more potent by having it feel like each character is moving the story along rather than standing on the sidelines doing nothing. Again, I can't stress enough that Tails/Knuckles' gameplay needed way more polish than what we ended up getting, but I think the team was on the right track. But then they kept stretching themselves too thin with multiplatform releases that were rushed multiple times (Sonic Heroes, Sonic '06, etc), along with introducing a form of gameplay that has almost no room to evolve, going back and forth between 2D and 3D. So that got stale and even within that limited framework, the games were still fucking lousy (Colors, Lost World, Forces). It's unbelievable, especially since Sonic moving at extremely high speeds makes it all the more of a mystery why they don't push more for 3D where the player can see much farther ahead to react instead of being given a quarter second.

I feel like Sonic should have the most pure arcade like sections, simple controls but with high-octane, difficult action, like you'd see from games like Out Run or Space Harrier. Tails gets the cool mech that can shift between two different forms to fly or run on the ground to take out enemies with big punches, missiles, and lasers. Knuckles can have the most platforming sequences as his gliding is more forgiving, losing time instead of lives.

Not having a different developer besides Sonic Team make the games.
Imagine if Platinum made a Sonic game.

Why don't IDWfags actually buy the series?

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Bot thread

the new girls have all been dogshit but sonic coomers just eat that shit up.

It's Sonic Team.
Case in point, Sonic Speed Simulator is bare-bones as fuck, but it's the most fun official Sonic experience I've had in years. A fucking Roblox game.

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>make comics about Sonic the Hedgehog
>comics come out at glacial speed
What did IDW mean by this?

sonic isn't the only thing IDW produces, you know. Also, Sonic publications are constantly delayed, and currently, it's bi-monthly, so they can't rake in the sweet sonic bux

When they make a story worth buying i will.

wait, that shit is offiicial?

Nothing, most of them are at least decent

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'06 can fall under "so bad it's good" due to its gamebreaking bugs, issues, and story being somewhat entertaining. Boom is so mediocre and dull that it's a chore to attempt to play it. Not to mention characters screaming "THAT'S A RING" "I LOVE RINGS" THERE'S ANOTHER RING" into your ears literally every time you collect or interact with shit.

i'm so bad at 2D sonic games
>get hit by the dumbest shit
>suck at finding secrets
>blue spheres

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I grew up with the adventure games but I wouldn't put them up with 2 or 3&K
CD should also go down one

The Boom experience

What's your reasoning against CD?

Sonic team

Fanmade but officially licensed by Sega, yeah

You just know people would shit on the game regardless of quality simply because it wasn't SEGA that made it.
People bitch about how shit SEGA of Japan is when it comes to the series yet throw a shitfit and decry anything that isn't made exclusively by them and their "based" designers, artists and programmers, outside of fan projects.

I'd like an Advance Collection.

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literally the only thing that has made me consider playing roblox

It sells 9k a month
Way more Sonicfags read the comics than that


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Their refusal to use the FF.

>shadow the hedgehog in worth trying while sonic and the black knight is in skip tier

Shadow is worth it just for the cutscenes.

Shadow is a perfectly competent platformer, just with some design issues that make recommending it outright impossible. Otherwise its flaws are drastically overhyped.
Black Knight isn't a great game, but imo the controls are what make it skippable. If you aren't a fan of waggle, there's no reason to play it.

Those poor design choices make it terrible though, levels often become slogs because missions ask you to kill 40+ of a specific enemy.

Most of those missions are skippable, but you're right. That's why it's C.
The difference is, that affects only part of the game. Black Knight's design issues affect the entire experience. See also: Unleashed.

It's still a solid chunk you have to trudge through to get every ending to unlock the final boss.

Which is why I'd say it's only worth trying, not necessarily finishing. To put what the tier list is saying in a verbose way:
>If you're interested in Shadow, give it a go, complete a story run, if you don't like it you can just stop there.
>If you're interested in Black Knight, consider whether the unorthodox controls and waggle are a deal breaker. If so, you can consider skipping it altogether.


devs catering to autismos instead of making another shonen flavored game like adventure 2

American comics in general are dying.

Uhh, Sonic Team pretty much.

That's no excuse to suck ass at sales.
Maybe if they spent more time on the series characters everyone loves instead of OCs people would buy their comics more.

Shut the fuck up Boco

Yes sir...

>Why don't IDWfags actually buy the series?

Im buying the IDW collection, but they take like +9 months between each new one

Bruh, the pic shows sales are good for everyone BUT IDW
It's no longer a comic problem, it's an IDW problem