Have you had your 5-a-day of Kanna yet, Yea Forums?

Have you had your 5-a-day of Kanna yet, Yea Forums?

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What's it like making out with a pot?

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Considering that said pot doesn't seem to be rigid terracotta, and can move and emote freely, probably very nice.

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i love plant girls

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Big kanna...

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I'd rather watch you piss your pants in rage than "coomers." You're the one mad enough to make these little collages.

They're truly amazing.

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You are implying that I would rather discuss videogames than to look at Kannas Massive (watermelon) Milk Tanks or Shantaes pubes.

Kys bitch

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>implying there are multiple
Please no. This pisses me off enough as it is. I don't want even more threads subjected to this faggotry

This sperg is more brainfried that Leibniz was after he jobbed to Kanna.

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I'm just assuming there are multiple. He was autistic enough to slap this one together after all, he probably didn't stop there. And I know for a fact he's posted this in other threads already, even if he tampered with the image md5 to mask his autism.

Can you fuck a plant's bellybutton?

It took me forever to figure out her head is a flower pot.
BMZ2 is the best of the three, but they’re all really good. I never realized that Blaster Master on nes was a metroidvania but playing the new ones its pretty clear.

Here's my 5-a-day

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I was hoping BMZ3 was going to signal a new wave of Kanna art, but her new costume didn't really bring in a lot of artists.

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The only good thing to involve that cuck.
Kanna can save anyone


Plant woman, must hump ferociously.

Agreed, ER is easily the game of the generation.

Maybe it's TOO revealing.

She does that in public

Nah. Plenty of artists have no shame about straight up "tits out." Maybe the issue is it doesn't seem as clever as the mesh net "melon bag."

I think the arrow collar is cute though.

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I disagree. I didn't like how much 2 was broken up into a bunch of tiny 2 screen puzzle planets. 3 was closer to 1 in terms of progression and cohesive feel but the teleport checkpoints fixed the needless backtracking. I suppose 3's problem is that it had weaker on-foot sections since it got padded by the mandatory randomly generated Super-Dimensional Space dungeons.
It should have ushered in a new wave of Leibniz artwork

She needs her 3 hairstyle on her 2 body, or at least combine the outfits in some way that's like 60-75% 2's jumpsuit with the new sleeves and the sorta-chaps things

It kinda did. pixiv.net/en/users/2628893 this guy likes to draw Leibniz alot.

"Hey! I have like, a need for seed~!"

"Well little lady, do you Suck And Fuck?"

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>cooming everyday to drawings of a literal plant
go get laid

Think no more, friend. Sneed's has got you covered.

>Wargroove plant
Florans are from Starbound.

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On one hand, excellent. On the other, that Eva and Tesset image is cursed

"I do now!"

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imagine sneed and chuck spitroasting kanna

Florans are so hot, what an utter waste of their design.

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God, why do I want to get milked by a fucking plant girl, what the fuck is wrong with me

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Is this the full image?

Absolutely nothing. You're just a high-test individual with good taste.

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I don't know if this is healthy, user

All they ever finished :(

I wish Starbound wasn't fuckong trash made by conartists, maybe we could have gotten more floran pics from it's longevity instead of being soulless abandonware.

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Wh-who is first?

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Who the first? Grass type or Princess Peach.

You could be doing far worse, man. Like NTR. Or snuff, scat, watersports, the list of things that are 100% worse than Kanna is exhaustive.

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I'm not sure.

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seed and suck

Is Kanna this year's version of Midna? I haven't seen so much obsession for a niche waifu since the Imp.

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Leave people alone.

I need more floran pics

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>I haven't seen so much obsession for a niche waifu since the Imp.
Its an attempt at forcing people to like/draw the character through osmosis

She's popped up a lot and is definitely popular. Along with Shantae, Coco Bandicoot and Mari from Omori

This sounds like a child's ramblings. If people don't like it they won't click on the thread.

It would help if every Kanna thread didn't have the same 20 or so pictures! At least from Midna threads I have over 800 pictures, I'm only in the 30s with Kanna. One good recent Freya thread with a good art dumper gave way more save-worthy art than dozens of Kanna threads I've skimmed through

Such a cute design wasted on a dead fucking failure game I can't believe it.

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I dunno, they got wildly horny with all of BMZ 3's preview art. It's crazy when the token sexy girl of the franchise is barely in a single picture and they do stuff like ghost-Elfie with !condoms stuffed into the waistband of her panties. I'm glad the post-release stuff has gone back to the comfy SoL stuff of the earlier games

To be fair, a lot of the newer images of Kanna aren't blue board material. This is probably the most I could get away with.

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Has anyone here actually played Blaster Master?

Ive played the first on NES and the Zero trilogy
I heard all the rest suck

I haven't. Might someday, I hear its good, but not anytime soon.

Uh oh! Kanna's all sticky!

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Wtf how did that even happen???

Oops, my mayo bottle is on the fritz again.

>You could be doing far worse
ha.. ha

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It depends on how much of the busty plant girl is in it.

Played all of them, bought Blasting Again new, even tried giving the MD/Genesis game multiple tries. BMZ is like a fucking love letter straight to my heart and my dick

My Blaster Master folder is over 500 images, and I consider myself pretty picky.

That number becomes a bit lower when I only factor blue board images though.

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