Being an asshole is not ok

being an asshole is not ok.

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Translators are ok.
Localizers should join the 41%.

if they stop twisting the artists original intentions to fit their childish leftist worldviews maybe I'd respect them.


Just make an literal translation then. No slang, no prounouns, no meme jokes.


What if the original has slang in it?

>get raw hamburger
>tell waiter
>"stop being an asshole to waiters"

Kill yourselves, trannyslators. Just do your fucking job. Don't add anything you dumb bitch. No one cares about your gay slang or personal marks you fucking faggots.

Stop twisting the fucking script from the original to fit your politics then nigger.


Wait, we just had the same thread a moment ago, didn't we-tachi?

You don't know shit about the artists original intentions.

Just do your job properly

Then use the japanese slang with a small (TL:slang/joke explaining box) like we used to do in the mid/late-00s.

It can't be helped.

And so don't they obviously.

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>Caring about video game dialogue when most of it is elementary tier writing translated correctly or not

Read a book nigger


Fuck you, we all know. Just shut the fuck up. You know too and that's why you're trying to misdirect.

EVERYONE KNOWS whats going on.

>just do literal translation but don't do translation at all when it's not convenient just have the non literal translation in separate box in those cases

>with a small (TL:slang/joke explaining box)
ah yes I totally love imension breaking
kill yourself

Customer feedback is essential to good business. If the feedback from everyone that isn't on your payroll is "this is garbage please swan dive off your office" then something is wrong with your product.

>the Japanese writer who wrote about kyoto anime titties is clearly talking about trans rights and crapitalism guys

are translators the new journalists?

Then they should just fucking translate the game from one language to another and not rewriting the script.

I will stop being an asshole when troonslators log off of their fucking twitter and actually do their jobs correctly instead of spitefully just to own the evil gamer boogeymen.

Fuck lefty shills and fuck trannyslators

>do thing that people don't like
>act like obnoxious assholes when people complain or question you about it
>get shit on in response
>NO STOP BEING AN ASSHOLE (only I can do that!)

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This guy should mind his own business and continue porking that Kardashian broad.

Lol the fucking gaslighting, eat shit tranny


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Sure because somehow it's less of a broken immersion when a medieval character or a character that spends the entirety of the game in Japan use modern American slang.
But in all serious I don't get how someone can be bothered by a TL box, even though it's usually on the opposite side of the screen.

just wow

Then respect the original writer/creator's work and don't butcher it.

This shit makes my blood vessels explode. These conceited faggots are able to do as they please and you literally can't criticize them since they've made it as difficult as possible to do so. Nevermind the fact they are always fucking troons, be it some troonslator like Meru, or those troon journalists like Jade King that have the audacity to complain about sexual content or sexism against women.

>Hey guys look at how hard I worked to butcher this game
>Oh no, everyone hates my terrible translation and personal politics. Woe is me this is such a thankless job!

it's usually not the translators fault but the typesetter. translators would actually give you the proper translation for the text and the fucking typesetter would fuck it up with meme faggotry and the proofreader would just ignore the meme shit with all the errors and let it through.


It's called culture. If you don't want foreign culture don't consume foreign media. It would not hurt you to learn about new things instead of empty-headedly consuming the same shit you can already get from western media; and with a lower writing standard at that because these people are incapable of writing anything that others want to read, that's why they're EDITORS for niche foreign media and not writers.

Neither do the "translators" apparently.

My favourite part is that even though they put a japanese word and say what they translated it to, you're not allowed to assume they're a japanese to english translator

Everyone hate that

This guy wasn't even working on a game, everyone just assumed he was because they wanted to get upset.

>be me
>don't include memes
>stick to the script
>the TL puts memes in themselves

Why can't translators do smart things anymore like when the mother 2/earthbound translators changed the octopus statue for the pencil statue?

just learn japanese if you care so much you stupid weebs

I think localizers are okay but TRANSlators should go get rekt by BBC

So sick of this deflection every time this is brought up. I don't care if the translator is the least guilty person in the translation group, I'm not going to hamstring myself by studiously avoiding the term "translator" when referring to all the people involved and telling them to kill themselves

when translators stop being garbage, then we'll talk. until then, no, they deserve it

Maybe they should learn to do their jobs properly if they don't want to get criticism

>i-it was just a vtuber in-joke
Guy deserves to kill himself

I am learning japanese, but you will never be a woman.

fucking yabai bait post, hope he 四十一s himself

The dude has fucking TRANSLATION in his bio. HOW IN THE FUCK would people not assume he's working on a translatoin

Then stop being an asshole to the games you translate.

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>continues to look for reasons to be upset

I never had a problem with translators. I don't buy localizations.

That wouldn't have happened if trannylators weren't such gigantic fucking faggots that would say and do shit like that.


It doesn't matter if the writer of this article worked on the specific game the article was about, his mindset at the end is bewilderment at why so many people HATE people like him for actively strangling their hobby

This is why I used to insist to be a part of the QC process unless I'm working with people I trust to no fuck it up or unless it's something I don't care much about.

This. The problem is basically that translation is basically step one instead of the one and only step.

please give me one example of something like this happening

stop being angry

I love Translator's Notes. Footnotes pisses me the hell off but when it's right in front of me for easy reading, they're not so bad.

how is it deflection if it's facts? a typesetter isn't a translator and a proofreader isn't a translator. a translator can put in meme shit, tell the typesetter that it's accurate and it goes downhill from there.


So why do memelators get a free pass?


The very fact that any Jap speaker would be able to within context understand the use of "yabai" and yet only twitchtards would be able to understand "monkas" makes the localization a bad one.
But of course, that entire thing is written in such a way as to disregard that very fact they acknowledge and make it seem like you're a retard if you expect a translation instead of them using whatever terms they want instead.

english prison school threw in gamergate references out of fucking nowhere

Wow, those first two sentences were spot on, just for reasons the author didn't intend.

okay that's stupid but at least it still have the message that writer put.

So he just wanted to be mean to people for some reason, then when his own rambling became a self fulfilling prophecy proving his opponents correct he got more petty? Why would he do that? Did he know the people he thought were being attacked or something?
I'm not sure that's a lesser problem than him actually working on the game, its showing a deeper problem than just 1 person wanting to be mean to people. Its showing there's also a network of support for such types of behavior.

I think the consumer is just hoping the game he wants will be translated correctly.

>stop being an asshole to translators
Advice for the translators. Don't be woke assholes by adding selfish agendas and politics to translations.

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Or just leave it as is and if the person actually cares they can Google it. There is no person alive who is actually correctly fluent even in the languages they grow up knowing.

Hell, I know 12 with the primary as English and I didn't even know "smuggery" was a word until I Googled it earlier after using smug-ery because I thought I had made it up and was wondering if anyone else used it.

If you care you will do exactly as I did a few hours ago and if you don't then it doesn't matter how it's translated at all because the person just doesn't give a fuck.

You don't need blushy-crushy as XC2 did, nor do you need moe* (this is what it means), you just says moe and leave the person to do as they wish with that information.

>doesn't want immersion breaking
>wants "やらないか?" to be translated as "boy xim sure am heckin' horny fellow queer folx"

Did it?

I'm blacklisted from the industry, none of the mainstream publishers will hire me because I've been fired from two different jobs for getting verbally abusive with other members of staff. The only businesses that would consider hiring me are small teams working on porn games and/or indie games so I've gone back to working as an interpreter.

I am learning woman, but you will never be a japanese.

>seething weeb don't want to read
why would you bitch about translations then

I did. Dilate troonlator. Hope you get axed like you axed your dick.

The translations in games will never get better because why the fuck would any company hire a actual translator that knows what he's doing when he can spend much less on some shit for brains that just got out of collage. Especially when most people will still each it up and only a small number of people will care? All that effort bitching about translations is much better spent learning the language.

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Daiz deserves all the hate and abuse it's possible to give him

>same thread day in and day out

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Maybe I will when they do their fucking jobs


also dragon maid had one of the big titty dragons complain about the patriarchy out of nowhere too

Oh, so he's just a shit-stirring faggot then?

They deserve it

I'd rather pay more up front for a better quality job for my art knowing it'll yield longer term dividends for my future projects than saving now and burning good will over time ingraining a bad practice.
I publish in a few different fields, none of its unsavory. None of the stuff that goes down in the gaming industry would fly outside it.


Why do you guys even participate in these threads? They are predictable echo chambers with zero variation or substance.

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>act retarded and do a bad job
>get called out
>think you are somehow immune to criticism and everyone else is wrong
They deserve the rope

Got any variant or substantial argument troon?

Unless it's a super Japanese game in which one would expect to find Japanese memes, there is some basic level of localization that has to go into every work. Now, what these current fuckers are doing is not localization. It's fucking butchering to appease their false sense of grandeur they get from having creative control over a work because the Japs don't give a fuck to actually check in on them.

feels good man

Yes. Yea Forums hates him.

That's a lot of threads but this is a genuine grievance.
Translators tend to be fucking lazy, or simply zealots trying to change anything problematic so that it fits their world view.
And the "Just lrn japanese" fags don't realize that when you start learning you notice this shit even more.

The faggots who want to go against the "echo chamber" have to adopt stances they don't actually believe in and fervently defend them. I enjoy aiding in the slow rot of their brains as they have to hold these stances for entire threads at a time.

That's basically how everyone even remotely connected to the gaming industry acts nowadays.

kek EOPs
you are second class citizens and always will be

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We know they actually care as evidenced by the article. Telling them they are hated actually affects them.

Where's the text from?

fuck daiz

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The fact you directly state it all as “leftist worldviews” is enough for me to tell the kind of person you are.