Let me solo her

Let me solo her.

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woulda been a cool dude if he didn't cheat his stats and consequently cheat so many players out of the boss as a result.

>Zoomers needing to constantly worship something

Dear Host(s),

Please stop dying to the scarlet bomb.

Tired of Your Shit

>he didn't cheat his stats

If he wants to solo her why does he keep asking to get summoned?

they just love forcing memes. Does everyone remember "Twitch plays Pokemon"? it was fun and memes came natural the first time. But then it got popular and people started trying to force shit and it got even worse when it started playing Pokémon Gold.

cuckold fetish

>Let me reddit her

>see video games
>think about someone fucking his wife
mentally ill, take your meds

Not played ER, but if it's the same as in DS1, then he can only kill her once in his own game and can't even be summoned to help once he does. Has FromSoft changed this?

Let Me Fuck Her

>Cutscene watcher (not even phase 2, the intro to the fight)
>"Welp, he's a goner"
>Either gets immediately popped by the stinger move, or, if by some miracle they survive, dies right after phase transition to scarlet aeonia
I've even had a cutscene watcher host just run around the perimeter of the arena watching me fight her solo. Died the same way because phase 2 teleports host to the middle of the map. Who the fuck plays like that?

I VIVIDLY remember some thread where an user was talking about how Reddit made "fun OC" and Yea Forums just ruined things
WHERE is that asshole NOW? Where is your FUN OC? I want to know WHERE he is, I will FIND OUT and I will rest ONLY then
Where is he? Does anyone know where I can find THAT asshole?

To my knowledge they haven't, which is weird when DaS2 already had a system for replaying bosses with the ascetics.

You are growing up and becoming jaded with the new
The younger generations will forget you and what you liked
You will seethe about this
The younger generations will grow up and become jaded too
The generations after them will forget about them too
They will seethe about this

This has happened and will happen again until mankind fades

where is the fun OC from Yea Forums?

what? I swear I remember farming Quelaag after killing her in my game by helping others beat her. I know Dark Souls 2 had the most freedom for coop summons and letting you refight bosses in your own world thanks to the bonfire aesthetic.

What are you talking about, it's no different than the rumors that Fei got Super Guided Shot at level 99. It's just the community wanting to have something beyond their reach to be fascinated with. We just live in an era now where rumors don't fly but the people who back it up again visibility through streaming and recording gameplay. This is shit humans have done forever. The specifics are all that changes

Who are you? Don't ever reply to me again

That's okay, already beat her three times and I'll do it again

>let me FUCK her

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All the fun OC is from 2009 and prior, the only few OC is baneposting, sneedposting, Yea Forums and /fit/ memes.

What's out of your reach about soloing a boss? That's not some special feat, it's part of a standard game playthrough

Let me solo her is a cool autist who spent hours and hours learning the boss and beating it with powerstanced katanas mostly hitless for other shitters. Unfortunately some reddit nigger posted him and now I'm forced to see him everywhere being praised by faggots. Most people who copy him actually switch the Rivers of Blood to the main hand to use the ash of war which defeats his entire gimmick

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yeah I have accepted it.

I wish every cute female boss had a dedicated autist I could summon to watch fuc- I mean kill her!

>fun OC
fuck off

You can be summoned after killing the bosses in your game in ER

No user is right. Once something blows up and gets insanely popular the imitators come out of the fucking woodwork. It’s the same song and dance with meta gaming, someone loudly proclaimes some weapon is “the best” and everyone jumps on board

I specifically move Malenia to her phase 2 spawn position before delivering the final hit of phase 1, so hosts can’t fuck that up
But if they attack and draw aggro right at the end they still get fucked

>You are growing up and becoming jaded with the new
I was never a faggot like the Zoomer generation.

Yes you were. The generations older than you thought you were a fucking faggot.

>Yes you were.
For the wrong reasons though.
Because stuff like "basic empathy" was unmanly.
This is real faggotry though.

He literally used Hoarfrost Stomp when he first started fighting her for people

>No you see! I'm not a faggot. I have feelings!!!


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Based, seeing this zoomer derangement syndrome grip this fucking board is so boring

Wrong, I was most jaded when I was a teen. I have moved passed that. Zoomies are just cringe

ZDS is a very real phenomenon. 30 something year old millennials who have gone nowhere in life and are eternally mad about the fact that younger people exist and grew up with different things.

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>grew up with different things
Oh gee I'm sure hyped up for all the incoming ""professionals"" that grew up witn remote schooling.

Are you blaming them for what the kike politicians your generation elected did?

>le juice xDDD

Weren't you complaining about failed millenials that grew up in a Boomer enviroment? Get a grip Zoomzoom.


Yes and your ZDS immediately had you fixating on the kids growing up with remote schooling, do you have early onset dementia?

Are you retarded? You're the one saying people aren't allowed to complain about shitty aspects of a generation because if you do it's due to *insert made up zoomer cope term*. I named something objectively shitty that will be producing a wave of shitty ""professionals"" and you shifted blame to another generation because you're just another Twitter zoomer with a persecution complex.

Zoomers were raised by and placed into an environment created by the kikes you people elected, this is an immutable fact, and the fact you're dodging around it with so many buzzwords proves you can't confront it. Stay eternally obsessed with teenagers, freak.

teenagers scare the living shit out of me
they could care less as long as someone'll bleed
so darken your clothes or strike a violent pose
maybe they'll leave you alone but not me

>Zoomers were raised
Every generation is raised by another and will live with negative and positive consequences of that enviroment you retaded mouthbreaker, this has no bearing on the innate quality of said consequences.
Weren't you the one making up an argument over a made up term? It's been minutes, really shows what social media has done to you kids.
>proves you can't confront it.
I'm not the one trying to shift this into a blame game because I desperately need every shitty aspect of my generation blamed on another generation or shielded from criticism by a made up term. Since you were asking about (your own) dementia, do tell where I told you kids you're responsible for the shit you grow up with.
>Stay mad xDDD
The absolute state of underage posters on Yea Forums

>Every generation is raised by another
>Zoomer conditions somehow comparable to pre Reaganomics housing availability and minimum wage in your mind because they have phones and say funny words
Not reading the rest of that dissertation, you're too low IQ to communicate with. Seethe, cope, dilate.

That was post nerf though, wasn't it?

>Seethe, cope, dilate
>and the fact you're dodging around it with so many buzzwords
Okay, stay free

i'm 36, i don't play the game and i find this funny
never confuse cynicism for intelligence

I thought this was kinda neat, it reminded me of all the urban legends surrounding old WoW players that would do unique shit and gained infamy for it. The problem is that in the modern day, internet things get ran into the ground very quickly. It was fun until people started going overboard with it.

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Cuck worship

Let me force this reddit meme

You can remove god but can't remove gnostisism

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Who the fuck summons other people to play the game for them?

>It was fun until people started going overboard with it.
What annoys me is the absolite lack of sense of proportion. Yes, it's funny that happened and it would've been remarkable joke if they let it flow naturally.
But naturally people feel the need of making one hundred articles and prop up the guy's not so impressive achivement to godlike status so instead you have this livr fast, die fast treatment where it just gets old really quick and people will forgot about it in a few months until they find something else to overhype.

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I farmed Maliketh for a while after beating him

any managerial/colony sim type games about building underwater?