Do you wash your handa before playing

Do you wash your handa before playing

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I don't know who Handa is but can't he wash himself


What do you think

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i coom and I don't wash cuz I like the smell

i've been more conscious of keeping my hands clean when my new controller arrived, yeah.

but i'll bite. what am i looking at there?

>put hand in a bowl of sugar
>surprised when bacteria grows in it days later

I always wash my hands before getting on my computer, or touching my phone.

>I don't know who Handa is but can't he wash himself
I think he meant Honda. But not everyone owns a Honda.

I have sort of an autistic obsession in this regard and I wash my hands every 20-30 minutes. I don't have sweaty palms or anything, I just like my shit to be clean.

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>Do you wash your handa before playing
I chopped off my hands, that's the ultimate handwashing there is.

Are you fucking retarded? Did you ever take a biology class?

Cool world map. Im gonna assume the lower right corner is the main town and the top of the middle finger the final dungeon.

bacteria colonies created after touching some sort of science-related fluid

high school was so long ago, man. what is it?

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That's very cool Bateman. But that's nothing.
Look at this.

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kinda sick, desu.

the bacteria colonies on the hand of a child after playing outside

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alright if you are so smart, name every single thing in the image

>Do you wash your handa before playing
I give you 5 bucks if you lick it.

>science related fluid
Agar, jelly that bacteria can eat to grow

>every month I take off all the keys on my keyboard to clean it
>the area around WASD is stuffed with my hair every time
how does that even happen, it's such a pain in the ass to take them out

stop leaning over your keyboard

The world is a dirty place, you have to come to terms with it rather than try to sterilise everything.

Reminds me of keyboards at my university.

I thought it was a hand shaped vidya map at first

I mostly lean away from it if anything. I'm guessing that they get stuck on my hand when I brush through my hair and then I carry them on it onto the keyboard since it's always only that one side that's stuffed.

>Go to the bathroom for five minutes
>Come back
>Retarded friends somehow knocked over a bottle of soda on my keyboard
Mine would have looked the same if I didn't pitch it.

Why even bother? I haven't done since I bought my keyboard in 2015~

idk I get bored sometimes and I start disassembling the keys, might as well clean it while they're taken off.

I do far worse things without washing my hans first, but it's fine they'll neve find them.

Sure, but you still have to regularly wipe your controller down. Skin microflora is essential anyway, stick to using soaps and not harsh antimicrobial agents that might disrupt the microbiome.

How fae is far worse?

hell no, i don't even wash my hands after pissing or shitting, it builds a stronger immune system

>I haven't done since I bought my keyboard in 2015~
show us that grease, son

Yes. Controllers are expensive and oils from your hands wear them down faster. Wash your hands before playing.

Shit feels like sex when its clean, same when cleaning a mouse, both laser and ball. Shit feels brand new.

Don't worry about it, they're just property.

Unless you wash your hands every 10 min and never touch ANYTHING in your house no matter how clean you think it is. OPs pick will always happend since there are bacteria that literally thrive on anything and everything everywhere in the world, including in the water you use to wash your stinky hands with.

The only place I can see a controller being worn out are the analog sticks since they're made from rubber and you can just slap a plastic grip onto them if you care. There, your controller will now last forever.

ty for posting this. Got nostalgic.
Why the fuck my keyboard and mouse so clean in the last 5 years ?

>there are bacteria inside of you RIGHT NOW

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They don't live in soap though.

Its my own bacteria, so no

This is literally what my keyboard and mouse look like

You could probably start a decent yeast culture from some of those.
Imagine brewing beer with your own yeast.

Imagine the smell.


I bite my nails constantly.

i actually did that.

>he doesnt eat the skin around the nails
step up senpai

Someone post the switch with bugs living in it.

Where did I say I didn't do that too? I've got a huge discoloured patch of skin on my pinkie from biting the skin there.

You don't exist. You're made up of a myriad of bacteria, cells and germs.

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>m-m-m-monster kill

Probably wouldn't be as good as you imagine since brewers yeast is specially bred to produce and tolerate alcohol. With normal yeast you might just get it dying off quickly or turning all your sugar into carbon dioxide braaaps.

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What did it taste like?

Same, its fucking up the skin on my hands really bad but i feel so fucking dirty not doing it.

The life of germophobes during the pandemic must have been interestingly grim

Do you really want to know where this path leads?
It leads here

Don't you dare you filthy little fuckpig.


I'm not buying a fucking thumbstick condom when I can just wash my hands. Imagine paying money to avoid washing your hands.

My cousin gave birth during the first lock down, almost 2 years later, she still hasn't let her grandmother hold her in her arms

But that's dead skin cells, and it is bound to happen on any sort of tool that sees constant naked hand use.
Some of the machinery at the factory I used to work at had the same issue, the PDA was coated with gamer gunk.

Just throw a piece of plastic wrapper over your mouse and keyboard. A bit easier than taking them apart and washing them.

Most wild yeast you find on sugary things, like fruit, work well regardless. Not sure about the science of human colonies but you're probably right.

Germophobes are smart enough to understand how germs work.
Contamination OCD retards like me had multiple neurotic breakdowns since the pandemic began.
It is not funny. At all.
You cannot even begin to comprehend my pain.

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Why do I have to live with other humans

I want to make a game about this now.

the big white blob is gonna destroy all those puny bacteria civilizations

I'm so fucked up

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das raciss