Why is it red?

why is it red?

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because evil god shine big red flashlight from sky (you can piece this together after reading the descriptions of 34 unrelated consumable items)

Dust in the atmosphere filtering the light

Looks cool

When sunlight strikes gas molecules, such as nitrogen and oxygen, light of longer wavelengths, like red, yellow, and orange, easily passes through, while light of shorter wavelengths, such as blue and violet, is absorbed and then scattered in all directions by the gas molecules.

When you look up at the sky during the day, this scattered blue and violet light reaches your eyes, however, the human eye is more receptive to blue frequencies than violet frequencies, so the sky looks blue.

This phenomenon is known as Rayleigh scattering. It is named after British physicist John William Strutt, also known as Lord Rayleigh. Besides making the sky look blue, it is also the reason why the Sun looks yellow during the day even though sunlight is white. When the Sun is high in the sky, the light has to travel a shorter distance through the atmosphere. This means most of the yellow, orange, and red light passes through while a small amount of blue and purple light is scattered and removed from the mix. The Sun, therefore, looks yellow for us here on Earth.

It's because hemoglobin picks up oxygen in the lungs

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AIDS whore exploded her AIDS whore virus all over the place


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it's a Beserk reference

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The whole city's on fire!

Tax policy

The sunset is typically red.

Source: the sky

looks more orange to me

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this but unironically and also i look like pic related

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what a meltdown over a skybox
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Because Caelid smells like rotten egg farts all of the time

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Seriously though why is it Red. Is the lore in ER so bad no one can explain it?

The smoke from the large amount of fires lit by Radahns forces + sand kicked up by the constant fighting.

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Yes. Legitimately. Nearly fucking nothing is explained and is left up to interpretation yet again.
I thought the land was cursed then I thought it was an Outer God's influence and I'm inclined to believe FromSoft went this route since sometimes they do put neat little details into their games like that. (The game has a tide, by the way)

Why does the game run like shit when it's this ugly?

its your shitty computer user

I think it was meant to emulate Bekinski and other artists that delve into similar styles. Ultimately it fails because the image in Caelid tends to be too dense too often. The beauty of those sort of landscapes was in part in their emptiness, which amplified the eeriness. Caelid is too videogamey to convey the same feeling, even though the unsettling atmosphere is still great

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>because it looks cool
That's literally the explanation behind everything in Elden Ring.

i kept thinking a lot of the map and particularly caelid seems off and somewhat unnatural, though i couldn't really put my finger on what it was. density might be the reason

It's everyone's shitty computer. Nobody runs this game on MAX at consistent 60FPS everywhere. There are drops. For even 3080s it runs at 50 in the open world.
Many believe EAC is the cause.

Because it's a REDdit game.

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I also saw the Bekinski influence so I thought that was well done. Honestly Caelid is one of my favorite areas, it looks fucking cool and the ambience music is nice.

why is it red?

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looks more orange to me

meds now

you mean purple, right?

yea i have a legitimately shitty computer and my pirated version of 1.02 runs better than Steam's 1.04. EAC is one thing, but idk what the hell it is From added that made things worse on my end.

this is kino storytelling, having to put the pieces together by paying attention to details instead of hours and hours of pointless exposition, it's what I love about fromsoft games

same way the particles in sky change how orange a sunset is. the rot particles are causing light to bend a diff way

You should be more worried about the clouds being behind the moon.

he's coming to greet me!!!!
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Awww, he's smiling!

>first time in Caelid
>go right instead of down the road
>come across two of these, first time seeing them
>rush in, decide to see what they got
>they get up and beat the shit out of each other trying to get to me
>one dies
>other dies in one hit
these niggas are pretty funny. the birds aren't that bad either until you get to Mohgwyn.

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Millions of RoB faggots swinging aimlessly in the distance.

Gaseous scarlet rot essence/spores rising from the infested lands I guess. It's extremely pervasive in Aeonia because that appears to be the epicentre of the plague.
The smouldering walls are barriers put in place to curb the rot's spread.

Alternatively, it's just a striking aesthetic choice to emphasise Caelid's inhospitable transformation.

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>these niggas are pretty funny. the birds aren't that bad either until you get to Mohgwyn.
>hit the birds
>the go into a stance break
>go in to hit them
All birds die painfully.

its boring

red sand in the air

just keep swinging dumbass. I laughed pretty hard when it first happened tho. The blood pool ones are aids but the Caelid ones are annoying at worst.

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sand is orange

>they want 12k for it

It pisses me off that retards use this as a benchmark, it basically guarantees that devs will hard cap their settings lower than they should be. Why do single digit IQ retards screech so loud when they can't run well on settings literally called "MAX"

The trouble is I did keep hitting them but then I thought "oh, I got scammed out of my crit again", because sadly that has happened and continues to this day to happen.
Turns out they're just bastards.

Because I have a fucking 3080 and it should run solid 60 on MAX, perhaps? Is 32GB 3200MHz RAM not good enough? Maybe it's my motherboard. Hm... nope. I don't think it is.
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red particles in the orange are light enough to be airborne during windy weather

i shit on your 3080
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You're right. Stick RAM shouldn't matter much but whether I mentioned it or not, some sperg would've wanted to know anyway. The game is poorly optimised jank shit. They need Activision to give them a hand with PC porting and they should ask for it everytime. Sekiro was perfect.