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Post you're toon

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btw why was this area so controversial?

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Yeah, really liked this level. Would need a second run to see if replaying it makes it too tedious.

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IQ filter

Elden Ring needs a photo mode tobedesu

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people get lost since it all looks so samey and they don't think to check down every ledge for platforms fall on

I would say the Provisional Government , Player's Memory, Cathedral, Crypt and Gaol are all really good levels through the game, while the other half is more like DS2 corridors
I have found multiple playthrough more enjoyable like this than frontloading the better half like Souls does
Too bad for the Depths, such a cool concept wasted

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This hammer is fun as hell, if you press strong attack two times rapidly it charges like a God Eater boost hammerThat's like 8 attacks just for a weapon

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worst level design of all time

If you got lost in the literal maze, then maybe the level design was even too good

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unironically this

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>code vein thread
why hello there Yea Forums

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Code Vein remains the best Soulslike game (Nioh is a soulslike even if you don't like admitting it) not made by Fromsoft. I haven't played a huge amount of Soulslike games, but I think the runner up would be Momodora.

I'm fucking champing at the bit for a CV sequel. The game being balanced around always having an AI partner who can take hits for you means that the enemies can be extremely aggressive, making it a particularly difficult and interesting challenge to try to play solo. The huge variety of spells, the ichor system, the way you can swap builds, it's just fantastic. It's not without issues

>leveling up makes it harder to permanently learn skills
>having to manually swap equipment around when you switch Blood Codes instead of having equipment saved to those Blood Codes is annoying
>the melee attack animations for the guns are shit and make you just fucking swing at nothing a good chunk of the time (you could argue it's for balance reasons, but if that's the case, it's a shitty way of doing it)
>the Cathedral area gets more shit than it deserves (despite all the hallways looking alike, I did manage to 100% explore it on my first playthrough without any kind of guide), but it really could use some more unique landmarks and assets so that exploring it is more interesting and memorable beyond just trying to memorize which same-looking paths you've already taken
>AI companions are poorly balanced, with some being dogshit while others are incredible

but overall, I fucking love it and have played through it multiple times.

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S-she's big

DMC5 was a bad game.

Except Nioh, Code Vein is the only Souls-like with much better combat system than Souls I would say
The Surge had its own innovations but it was still limited
It's impressive how the ichor system merged melee and caster builds
Even Ashes of War failed imo

I'm convinced that the further right you are on this image the more you hate this area
Far right retards can't visualize things in their head so they get lost if "everything looks the same", because they have no idea where they are geographically
Whereas far left chads keep rotating the tower they're in in their head as they traverse it so they always perfectly know which side they entered and which side they're leaving from

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I don't get it

>the ichor system merged melee and caster builds
What's this 'ichor system'?

I don't know, it really wasn't that hard or confusing, the average player must just be retarded


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Is that the infernal train level from alice madness?

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>blatantly rips off anor londo

The Ichor System is a unified resource system for all active abilities and some attacks in Code Vein
It's like the FP bar for Dark Souls 3 or Elden Ring, except that it can refill in those ways
>Attacking enemies with melee attacks
>Backstabs and Parries
>Special abilities that trade hp for ichor
>Limited non refilling consumables
So all builds are forced to engage at melee range, even caster builds, and since most buffs and melee attacks require ichor, melee builds still are dependant on ichor like casters. Having high ichor is important regardless if you play melee or caster

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>cathedralic constructs were invented and are exclusive to dark souls

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>>blatantly rips off anor londo
It plays nothing like Anor Londo
No, it's Cathedral of the Sacred Blood from Code Vein

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ok, find me another game with similar level.

It plays just like Anor Londo.
Yes, they are not carbon copy, but the design is very similar.

Are there any mods so that you can fug any of the girls?

>It plays just like Anor Londo
No, it plays nothing similar

Ivy types are so beautiful

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Yeah but only with protection

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Anor Londo isn't an intricate maze

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brainlets can't into simple mazes

Best I can do is headpats, hugs, tender caressing and drinking the blood of enemies together

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My only complaint is that everything is made out of white stone

The Cathedral is an artificially-constructed maze intended to confuse intruders and protect a secret. You're meant to get lost in intertwining, similar-looking passages.
Anor Londo is a place where people actually lived and it's built like a huge hotel with a central hallway branching off into several bedrooms. It's very linear and full of setpieces suited to its grandiose nature. You even enter it by scaling a scaffolding and entering a window.
The areas are completely different in terms of level design and thematic intent. The similarities end at surface-level aesthetics.

When this was announced I remember everyone calling it anime Dark Souls, is that still true or is it its own style? I want something new to play after Elden Ring and I'm still feeling that "souls-like" feel you know?

It's its own thing

Maybe the cathedral... maybe its made of chocolate.

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It's similar at its core but has a ton of gameplay mechanics unique to itself. You can change your "build" on the fly by equipping different blood codes, spells are incredibly varied and often broken as fuck in very entertaining ways (spells which boost your attack animation speed are my favorites).
It's a really fun game to experiment with different playstyles and combat tools, and it's more open to that than any Souls game since your stats are determined be equippable items.

It's "Souls" because there's lock on hitbox combat and you respawn after death
And that's about it
It has different class/build/combat system and narrative structure

Reminder that everything after Cathedral is just a long date with your waifu

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>limited cc

Might dive in deep and get the game today then, I really like the blonde hair girl with twintails and silly hat


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Code Vein 2 soon

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I am far left here and can’t really comprehend how other people aren’t as well.

I’m often bad at directions, though. But I’ve beaten the cathedral level twice.

Hopefully. 2023 would be nice.

Make it 2024, considering development started after SN most likely

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>Hellfire Knight transition to second phase has the same scream with the same audio as in the original God Eater

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People hate it because it's a linear copy paste dungeon masquerading as a maze. This is elden ring side dunegon tier.

Bros, she is gonna be fine like Lindow, r-right?!

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>They have never even talked

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