Holy dimes

Holy dimes

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>literal who

Simp Cuck Seethe Autism

>glorified tech demo
>best Zelda

Played it last week. I got bored.


>be cold stone steve bitchin
>always bitchin
>refuse to work with Jarrett, says he bullied me in the past
>refuse to work with Billy Gunn
>bigger star Rock works with Billy, makes him famous with one promo

>Haitch's push starts
>refuse to put over Haitch at Summerslam 99
>Bigger star Rock puts Haitch over
>Haitch doesn't forget
>Steve bitchin never wins a PPV match against Haitch ever after
>get buried by Haitch at No Mercy 99
>get buried by Haitch at No Way Out 2001

>fall 1999
>Build to Survivor Series triple threat match
>steve threw bitchfits backstage when Rock cut this promo
>Rock was supposed to win Rumble 2000 and the title from austin
>after losing the championship to Rock at WM, steve would go for surgery
>BUT after this promo steve decided not to put Rocky over at WM2000 and go for surgery early

>record profits when austinetty is out
>ratings decline as soon as austinetty returns in late 2000.

>radicalz arrive
>refuse to work with Eddie, says he's too small
>refuse to put over Benoit

>nWo arrives
>bigger star Rock works with Hogan
>steve bitchtits works with drunk Hall
>booked to job to Hall at WMX8
>cry like a bitch and gets the result changed

>First ever Roster Split Draft in 2002
>bigger star Rock to be the overall no.1 pick
>steve throws a fit and walks out

>return to RAW
>refuse to work program with Eddie again
>work with big slow instead
>finally agree to work with Eddie
>Eddie embarrasses him in the build
>booked to put over Brock as a part of Eddie program
>walk out like a bitch
>again, bigger star Rock comes to rescue and puts Eddie and Brock over

>beat Debra
>get jailed

>program with bigger star Rock
>gets his bitchass carried throughout the feud and the match
>leave again when asked to work with Goldberg

>late 2003
>return as sheriff
>wear a kiddie badge
>ratings decline even more
>kek what a sheriff badge wearing baldheaded wifebeater bitch KWASBWBHWBB

>Top draw of all time. Set unbroken records in 2000
>was a bigger star than austin in his prime
>highest grossing hollywood actor in the world today
>drew the greatest WWE PPV buys ever at WM28
>despite being a much beloved face, still turned heel. got everyone against him showing how based he is
>never afraid of putting people over. put the fking hurricane over
>despite putting people over and helping build the business, was always in the main event picture.

>jobber in WCW
>spent four years as a midcarder in WWE
>drew big in 1998. only really because Hogan and nWo created the right situation for him
>injury prone
>outdrawn by the Rock
>terrified of losing his spot. didn't do business with lesnar
>unlike Rock who was a GOAT heel or Hogan who changed the business with his heel turn, Stevetty's heel turn killed the attitude era
>sent back to the midcard to feud with the likes of Big Show and Scott Hall
>got worked so hard by Hogan and his new status as a midcarder that he took his ball and went home like a crybaby
>not recognizable at all today. has to leech off WWE and do podcasts to get paid. Even Cena is more well known.

>1999, Rock surpassed austin.
>Friday Night SmackDown, and not Friday night bottomline
>2000, Rock set new annual PPV and house show records that are still unbroken
>2000, austin out, Rock led WWE to record profits
>2001, Rock left for Hollywood, austin led ratings to record decline
>2002, The biggest draw Rock got the match vs the biggest draw of the past Hogan. Drunk austin faced drunk Hall.
>2011, WM27 Rock headlined as a fucking host, made over 1 Million buys. austin referee'd a Michael Cole match.
>2012, WM28 Rock set the all time highest WWE PPV buys record

>Today, Rock is a legit Hollywood top guy. austin did a few flop direct-to-dvd flicks.
>Rock is a mainstream star. austin does podcasts.
>Rock makes blockbusters. austin tries to re-live glory days by bringing his old bandaged carcass to stun 80 years olds KWAB.

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you must be a huge faggot to enjoy watching sweaty men wrestling with each other

Two miledtone titles 20 years apart revolutionising the way games are designed.

I enjoy both because I love great video games. Thanks.

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That's no Stone Cold, this is the real Stone Cold

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LMAO nobody cares, tranny


>my shitty toddler game is better than your shitty toddler game
>the bald guy in the Op said so

Now show him Genshin.

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I was watching old school wrestling matches. I didnt remember how much better it used to be. I guess it's bigger guys sell better.

But late 90s and early 2000s matches with Rey Mysterio is peak showmanship. The big guys don't have nearly the stamina or athletics that he does.

People like the rock are just charismatic and throw people around. Vs Guerrero /Rey where they were all over the ropes and doing jumps.

imagine the smell

It's not really hard to be better than Ocarina of Time.

Quality Yea Forums conversation. There were a time when we had threads of this quality every day, but this is old, forgotten days. I appreciate OP's efforts, he's at least trying.

Kek Based

What does Kevin Nash think of BOTW? I hear he gave it a 92/100.

Mick Foley says that Breath of the Wild is for pussies and that video games in general are a waste of time unless they can permanently injure you. That's why he says Kid Icarus Uprising is the greatest game of all time. Then he went back to playing Taiko Drum Master with fluorescent light tubes as his drumsticks.

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mick foley is a liberal socialist cuck. his opinion is irrelevant

God, these threads are always trash. Hey, Yea Forums. Your memes are shit.
Don't watch wrestling anymore, but this guy was the greatest. Silly zoomzoom.

People shouldn't take political advice from someone who spent like thirty years getting hit in the head with folding chairs anyway, regardless of their leanings. I'd say the same thing about Jesse Ventura.


i'm lmaoing

Hearty kek

Holy revisionist seethe.
Steve Austin was the biggest star in wrestling history. Everyone knows this. In Hollywood, sure, the Dwayne has everyone beat. But in restling, Austin is the best ever. Shit, his shirt was still the top seller last year.

I hate sports.

And I should give a fuck what he thinks about vidya because...

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But OoT is still better than Donkey Kong, I guess?

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Based niggerkicking steve


Must of been high or something. That game is garbage.

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Did he really say it?


He said he would have rated it higher but he didn't like how there were no male gerudos.

I got bored with it right before I got to the Castle.

it was a different time


He means D-Lo Brown, Viscera, Savio Vega, Booker T, Farooq and Teddy Long right?

I wonder what Keven Nash was up to in the sweltering summer of 1992.

And what do those men all have in common?

The mid-card.

You've just described Yakuza games lol

I also watch the reddit letter media.



For me, it's Hulk Hogan's theme

You will never be a real american.

Daily Reminder that Taker vs Austin on June 29, 1999 was the highest rated Raw segment. Not This is yout Life, not nWo return, not Hogan's return, not Ric Flair's retirement, not the Draft. Dimes incarnate

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Love me some Stone Cold, and he's entitled to his own opinion. But fuck is it still wrong.

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It's over

Booker T loves botw more than stone cold

>who is John Cena

The Austin 3:16 t-shirt alone has probably made WWE more money than John Cena's whole wrestling career.

Somebody call Cornette

Stay obsessed.

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You're not going to ding-dong diddly make it here with the wolves kid

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It draws. Puts butts into seats. Is over with marks and smarks alike.

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lmao I thought op made this up but its actually real

AEW troons are seething itt lmao. Next you will say you never cared about Cody anyways

Theres zero chance a boomer like stone cold has ever played a video game

I'm now certain he shitposts on Yea Forums

You mean reclaimed hollywood actor Batista?

>aew outta nowhere
obsessed droniE

The Rock was cringe when he started he even admits it himself