Name a bigger scam

name a bigger scam

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paying taxes

Fiat currency, obviously.
This one is small-time.
It's also techinically not a scam, just like the currency.

the central banking system

Being born

Capitalism in general

All of these problems are caused by capitalism:


They keep telling me they're video game consoles but all I ever see being released for them is bad movies.

the holocaust

Okay retard. Go back to Twitter and grow up a little before you come here and say taxes are an issue of capitalism.


this still isnt out

Elden Ring

Civil rights act of 1964

If the government didn't take your money by force corporations would.

Should we just go back to tribalism?

How many people who contributed a lot of money to this game have already died, and will die, before it ever releases?

>they're actually getting MORE money as they keep delaying
What? Who? Who keeps spending money on this? When will this madness stop?

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Have sex. It’s not the capitalists fault you are an incel, but it is the capitalists fault you are a Tranny which is an illness off the bourgeoisie mind

I wonder if we'll see headlines within a year or two showing some guy that gave 35k or something to this game dying from a heart attack or something.

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Gotta spend those Covid checks on something.

Just fucked your mom last nite tho

There will be AT LEAST one guy who dies on launch day, maybe mid-install.

And AT LEAST one guy who installs it, plays it, realises it's STILL a rushed and broken game and then dies, regretting his investment.

>t. 20 year old reddit "commie" NEET that never worked a day in his life but has the answers to every problem in the world

>All of these problems are caused by capitalism
Taxation, government currency, and central banks?

I have more sex than you every day and I work harder. I'm also richer than you.

all of those are restrictions on ownership of private property and you need to own private property and be able to trade freely to have capitalism so it is not capitalism, but restrictions placed on its natural function. capitalism has nothing to do with a state and can exist without one, like on islands.

by islands I mean islands populated by a handful of people with no government to speak of. but they still trade and work for each other voluntarily.

Isn't that just tribalism, a crude form of government?

>He confuses tribal/agrarian communities with capitalism
>Even though these communities literally have no concept of currency
user. That's much closer to communism than capitalism. Those people work simply because they feel like they owe it to each other.

modern AAA games

>sign up to work at mcwagies
>boss doesn't pay you enough money
>this is literally exploitation
>sign up to hunt for furs
>boss takes most of the berries
>this is like communism

I have OG backer package with lifetime insurance.
Played the game like twice.

At one point I could have sold my account for $600 on ebay, I wish I did

Sounds like capitalism is working well for you.

>Sign up to society
>Government takes some money
>Builds social infrastructure in return
>This is a scam

>Sign up for work
>Boss hoards most income generated from you labor for himself
>This is a fair system


Also tribal/agrarian communities didn't work like that. Leaders didn't hoard food for themselves because they actually cared about the tribe and understood that they needed their tribe more than their tribe needs them. In communities smaller than 150 people losing even a handful of working adults has a genuine impact on the well-being of the entire tribe.

Doesn't make it a good system

>bragging about being rich
Fuck off capitalist swine. Stop larping as one of us socialists. You shouldn’t be proud of making money off the struggles of the working class and in a system that literally genocides POCs.

>mfw I didn’t

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>Pisses on your face

>get infinite money to make your dream
>spend a really long time to make sure it's right
we can't really blame Chris Roberts for this, can we?

Have fun being put against the wall and raped and bayoneted to death no matter what side wins commie capitalist lol, lmao.

cant wait for all the scam citizen backers to seethe in anger when starfield drops and is everything scam citizen wants to be but better

>Implying I'm not using my money to fund the revolution
I will literally piss on you btw. Next week.

backed in 2012, fell for the hype when I was 20~21

I don't really consider it a scam, but I consider it too ambitious and they shot themselves in the foot the moment a hard release date was dropped. Based off development speed, I don't expect BETA until about 2026 and probably 1.0 LIVE until like 2035.

>and is everything scam citizen wants to be but better

yeah after modders get their hands on it, we won't even need to wait for SC

>user thinks bethesda will release a game in an acceptable state

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Its funny because elite dangerous is already doing 99% of what star citizen promises to do and that game has been out for ages.

elite dangerous commit suicide and all the players are moving over to star citizen
I know a lot of whales, and the vast majority of new whales are elite refugees

your mom

yeah but compared to how SC is gonna do those loops compared to ED is night and day

I think the only comparable things is the mining, ED has the neat seismic charges and SC you have to watch power levels of the mining beam or else the rock explodes hilariously

most recent patch they added refueling using tanker ships there's only one right now with two variants and you can be a space doctor and heal/ambulance people

from what I've seen from ED all their loops, except for the mining, seem really fuckin shallow. plus aren't people abandoning that game in droves now since they're not updating it anymore or something?

Star Citizen has already taken many forms as a scam.
It started with an obvious scam, just read the original Kickstarter campaign, anyone who doesn't realize today that it's all lies and emotional manipulation has mental problems.
Today it's basically like one of these Patreon projects that never ends. The fans give money to the developers, they keep working at their pace without delivering anything very solid or conclusive, and the deadline never comes. The guys will continue with this scheme for as long as it takes and you'll never get a proper game, just new meaningless and non-functional modules being integrated at an extremely slow pace.
The intention, like the Patreon scammers, is to survive thanks to the good will of the fans. Delivering a finished project goes against this.

>there are millions of people that know about Star Citizen, but won't play until it releases
>CIG knows this
>loyal backers keep project funded
>new backers keep funding project
>there will be an enormous cash influx when it releases because it will be huge news and free marketing
>user thinks they won't release on purpose

The original campaign wasn't that ridiculous. Reminder that they asked the backers whether or not they wanted to keep adding stretch goals or just cut it off where it was and the overwhelming majority told them to keep bloating the thing

Requesting bunny girl misty.

I just wanted SQ42, I constantly remind babies ingame and spectrum that SQ42 was the original pitch and the PU was just a stretch goal

Sandi said otherwise on a recent interview
Star Citizen came first but Squadron 42 was a very early addition to the plan

You're forgetting the small detail that after 10 years and about $500 million, all they have to offer is a broken tech demo that is only good for 45-year-old nerds roleplaying with their friends.
If with all this time and money there's no proper game, there never will be. If they cannot afford to create a game, they have only one option, to live off the charity of deluded fans while pretending that in the next ten years they will do what they could not do in the previous ten.

of course he did, cause everyone wants the PU now

the original pitch was for SQ42 and then the PU was added as a stretch goal to imitate Privateer to Wing Commander

and yet right now, it's getting a lot of free marketing without doing fucking anything
e-celebs are getting really good numbers making videos on star citizen because it's kinda getting a bit good now
Sandi is the wife of Christ Roberts, retard, and she was part of the original team

>check data
>its not cumulative

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Reminder that they decided to cast Mark Hamil, Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson and I think even more beyond that for fucking SQ42, insane shit

and Henry Cavill

those are the bigger names yes, hell Henry Cavil's career completely morphed from when he originally signed on to now. he originally did this probably cause he's a huge fuckin nerd

And what international group of people somehow connects all these things?

white people

You're gonna pay to maintain the roads, schools and other various public infrastructures manually and get 100 random bills every month?

Adult life

They hate:
>Jesus Christ
>Adolf Hitler and white people