Activision says CoD Vanguard "didn't meet expectations" because people don't like World War 2

In its 2021 annual financial report, Activision affirmed that Vanguard "didn't meet our expectations, we believe primarily due to our own execution." The company says it did not deliver "as much innovation in the premium game as we would have liked," but also attributes some of the game's mixed reception to its setting.

"The game's World War II setting didn't resonate with some of our community," the report reads. It also claims that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the series' next mainline installment which is still scheduled for the latter half of 2022, will address "both of these issues."

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>Activision says CoD Vanguard "didn't meet expectations" because people don't like World War 2
I mean, to an extent they aren't wrong. I am kind of tired of WW1/2 shooters. I just want more modern day shit.

CoD is only relevant because of Warzone

Yeah it has nothing to do with the shit muffled audio, broken as shit spawns, forced diversity and the general ugliness of the roster (I don't even care what fucking race they are but they are all butt ugly and don't even look like fucking soldiers). I could go on.
As usual these AAA publicly lie or maybe they are just so out of touch they wont admit anything.
Anyway, just stop playing CoD. Your life will be better.

not interested in a woke setting no matter the time period

post the WEBM

if blacks vanished form the planet, what sector of society would suffer?

I'm just tired of americans and russians, and blacks
Give us german, japanese, finnish, indian, chinese, etc campaigns, I don't care if they lose at the end

if that were true, indie WW2 games would do really bad.

Chocolate Industry, Nestle literally enslaves and kidnaps African children to work in their cocoa fields

How's 2007?


Your stupid racist ass, because you'd have no way to vent your victim complex and you'd throw yourself out a window just to cry about your bones being broken (Probably by jews or something).

Amerinigger moment

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>people don't like World War 2
More like WW2 is an extremely overused concept, but I doubt that's the reason this game didn't do so well either.

Shoes, basketball attire and cheap liquor.

Why you didnt you answer his question?

First day, redditor?

Prison guards

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Was typing all that out really easier than answering the question?

Much better than 2022, that's for sure.

dems would never win an election again

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Soviet forces accost Nazi forces in the fall of Berlin colorized

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I like WW2, I'm just not paying $60 for a game that have the same monetization as a f2p game

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The Naruto franchise.


>fat guy just keeps punching him
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Stop including black people and women. Make a point of mentioning it in advertising.
Sales wont go up because the damage is done, but theyll stop going down.

Porn industry

>they will blame everything but their own incompetence

>game fails
>people who collect and analyze data on why are also the ones who shoehorn diversity where it isnt applicable
>ignore data regarding diversity
>cant properly understand data regarding technical issues
I guess the only data left shows that it didnt do well was "People dont like ww2" and pushed that along in a report.

Zoomies don't even know what world war 2 is. Why would they buy a game focused on something that happened like 80+ years ago

>wasn't this game supposed to have an exaggerated wolfenstein-like setting?
It sure as fuck doesn't look like WW2

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You'd be furious if they implied that gamers were racists who didn't want to play it because of a black lead. Meanwhile the thread reaches bump limit with 100 people crying about niggers.
Really makes you think.

>because people don't like World War 2
It's literally everyone's favorite war. EVERYONE'S. The problem is they're making shitty games, not that WW2 has suddenly gone bad.

>You'd be furious if they implied that gamers were racists who didn't want to play it because of a black lead
no i wouldn't, they are right

Lol seethe bitch

oops, don't know why I greentexted that part..

why is there still no shooter where you can kill ISIS or the AL'Qaeda?
not WW1/2 so wouldn't this be an easy fix?

10/10 bait. Well done

>still can't play as the true heroes of WW2

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Whoever worked on it was burned out by working on same shit for years and WW2 for him was another plank in monotonous design.
Everything really revolves around if your devs have the drive to make something interesting. Somebody else would have made a great WW2 game that also sells.

>No more America
>No more southern Europe
>No more India or Middle East
China would take over without blacks.

>you'd be furious if they implied that gamers were racists who didn't want to play it because of a black lead
Why? They'd be directly acknowledging the problem.

People working for social services would probably face layoffs.

>Drum mag M14 with custom carbon fiber buttstock

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>It's totally a crazy and cool alternative history setting
So there will be cool stuff like jetpacks, magic and other schizo wunderwaffe?
>Well uhm like a dozen German officers had a secret 4th Reich LARP session during the last days of war.
>Japanese only had German weapons.
>Battle of Stalingrad being a surprise attack, citizens of USSR dressing like hipsters, no-ones uniform matching what they wore historically and iron cross not being a combat award are totally part of our alt-history lore.

#nothing wrong with WW2 settings, it's when you bu5tcher them with retarded woke shit that people have a problem with. Hell Let Loose has more people playing it than Battlefield 2142, explain that.

>Shoving in niggers and women into WWII didn't hit the social engineering metrics to show Blackrock. We will fix this by not doing WWII anymore and finding a different setting where we can cram in as many niggers as our hearts please and have it less obvious that we're up to no good.

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Because unless the main protags are minorities or the opposing forces are intraracial, left leaning white people will cry racism. In this day and age, you can rarely expect whites to be pitted up against anyone that also isn't white, but the sad part is that western developers rarely think of anything but Nazis as far as real life scenarios are concerned, I mean why isn't there more American revolution games?

>people don't like ww2
people don't like YOUR ww2

>MW2 will address both of these issues
>Game that immensely popular will likely be popular
Annoying that they phrase it as if they're learning what the community wants rather than just reusing something that put out good numbers.

prison industrial complex

Of course it didn't meet expectations. They allow woke feminazis like Sam Maggs to make it woke.

then how come the last ww2 cod game that only stared white men and a jew sold so well?

yet they keep doing WW2 soooo...
and this game came not long after CoD: WW2 as well


bolt action rifles and nazis will be timeless in video games

People just want to see the real WWII and not fan fiction or the same western front battles in every single COD

the privatized prison sector

The 360 Medal of Honor games had you fighting the Taliban. I can't remember if they are specifically called that, but it's what they are.

America as a whole would literally and figuratively collapse because the country is made out of cotton.

>alternate WWII game
>not make it about Operation Unthinkable

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ngl, I'm sick as fuck of World War 2...Hell, any retro set shooters. But especially WW2.

We've just had 20 years of actual war, and would rather see that shit. The new MW is gonna be Cartel based, so lots of Sicaro/Triple Frontier shit. I'm into that too.

But yeah, WW2 + absolutely cringe inducing batshit retarded SJW crap? Why would I want to play that? It's not like the gameplay has changed from the last 50 entires anyway.

Good morning sir

Just stop trying to appease BlackRock. It's that simple. The moment you cut BlackRock out and do your own thing, your game quality increases exponentially.

Americans, they would lose their object of worship.

The Medal Of Honor release had actual Taliban fighters, used real unit names etc.

A whole bunch of Seal Team 6 guys got fired and prosecuted for working on it.

Game sucked either way.

WW2 is overhyped hollywood garbage

Also, the best part of the new MW was the quasi-realistic stuff, the wolf's den and the terrorist raid in London. That's the stuff nerds want to play.

But they still seem stuck in the mid 2000's trying to ape Michael Bay action movies.

Also the worst parts of that game were also the retarded woke parts that made you larp as a female terrorist. But that also because they were lame as fuck stealth/quicktime gameplay elements.

Based. /pol/niggers having a stroke.

There weren't, if I remember correctly the alpha/beta referred to them as the Taliban but they changed that for the full release

prisons, drugs, police, nike.

Don't worry, with the Ukraine war we are going back to the US vs Russia era for at least a decade and a half.
Hope it means they'll finally make World in Conflict 2.

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>You'd be furious if they implied that gamers were racists who didn't want to play it because of a black lead.
LOL, do you know where you are?
Also, maybe if their game failed, they should understand who their main audience was at that point?

The house raid was kino

What the fuck happened to Spain, it's like it got squished. And it seems like they invaded the northern half of Portugal.

Sure, WWII shooters are not in demand right now but that's hardly the issue.
Vanguard couldn't give a damn about presenting a respectable depiction of the war, sabotaging aesthetics and realism just so their cod plays like that last couple of skinner box grindfests.
Vanguard plays like an even lamer MW2019 but now it's dumped dirty with anime cosmetics and Snoop Dogg.

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asymmetrical warfare makes for a bad videogame.
>hide in an civilian apartment building
>get blown up

>be american at checkpoint
>get blown up

cool game bro

>just cut out this company that ensures all of your projects are financial successes because of its trillions of dollars of backing power when all you have to do alternatively is add some 'groids
While I agree with you in theory, the pragmatist in me is laughing a lot.

>still no winter war game
I'm tired of france and stalingrad

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>Our monetization practices totally didn't turn people off! People love that shit! We know this because we told them they do.