Daily reminder P3 was better

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based and true
P3 > P2 > P4 >>>> shit >>>> P5
Also Fuuka best girl.

What the fuck is that art?

it's drawn by a girl

daily reminder that you are right

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if that is true where is the switch/pc/ps4 HD remaster?

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The best games don't need'em.

persona ended with 3

nowhere to be seen the way god intended
remasters are a plague and do nothing but hurt the original game, if you unironically supports remasters in any way then i recommend suicide

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but i hate using an emulator or dusting off my ps3, reeee.

If it got a remaster
Yukari would become Rise
Junpei would become Ryuji
Akihiko would become Chie
Mitsuru would become Mak*to

Point is they would ruin the characters, the very thing that makes P3 better than the other 2 games

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use your ps2 then retard

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youre so smart and interesting and contrarian bro

not him, he's right. Making new things is hard, ruining good old things is much easier.

you forgot to mention that i am also correct

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why are you mad over the fact that ONE (1) user expressed his concern over remakes and remasters?
soak your head chump lol

he will never be a woman

>P3 remaster
>they go and make PROTEIN Akihiko's actual personality



where's p1 (psx version)

>Fuuka best girl

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This is exactly what's going to happen. P3 remaster will take the P4A/PQ versions of the cast and totally butcher any nuance that the characters had in their original incarnation.

>Not being able to control party members in a JRPG and having to rely on AI 75% of the game

This shit killed P3 for me instantly. Can't play a game that plays for me, feels like a fucking idle game with extra steps.

remaster =/= remake, smoothbrains

Best selection of females to choose from but definitely not better than Persona 4 Golden. EVERY game should have dateable black females/Gyarus.

Furry artist.

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>Not being able to control party members
Stopped reading there, kill yourself

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You do realize remasters and remakes aren't the same thing, right?
A remaster would just be the same as the original game but with HD textures
Thankfully there's a version of the game that fixes that

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Fuck off to your Trannysona 5 retarded coomer, we are talking about an actual good games here.

sounds like you got filtered by one of the easiest games of all time lol

you seem to imply any of them are good despite both being terrible things

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>HD is...le BAD

>A remaster would just be the same as the original game but with HD textures
It's 2022 and people unironically still believe this

so far? yeah.
Take a look at every HD remaster ever made and tell me there is a god


This, but unironically.


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> :c8


Persona started at 3

a remaster would be lazy, but it won't affect the original game in any way

...And ended at 3

p3 > p5 >p4
this is an objective ranking based on a dream I once had so there is no way to refute it

persona started and ended at 3

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>remaster won't affect the game
coug cough* TRANSLATORS *cough* cough*

>Trannysona 5 is better than Persona 4
You are legit retarded if you think that
kill yourself

it did get a remaster

yukari a shit, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT

damn I didn't think you would put tranny as part of the word persona
I am humbled and defeated


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Here's the bare minimum of what I want from a P3 remaster
>combined version of all the content from FES and Portable
>anime FMVs restored (yes this means fatlus will have to get off their asses and make ones for the femc too)
>combat rebalanced to keep the original challenge with party control
>manual skill inheritance
>ken s-link kept in tact regardless of how much twitter troons cry
>allow the mc to use all types of weapons again (i have no clue why they removed this in portable)

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Elizabeth needs her own game where she fucks shit up and rescues door-kun.

if only the camera didn't spin that'd make a better loop

Sorry sweetie but doing any of that costs money
Running all the textures through an open-sourced algorithm costs nothing
That will be 60$+tax goyim, 80$ if you want the exclusive bikini armor

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Then what's the point, HD textures for easy cash? Lazy cashgrab.

P3P is not a remaster.

>>Trannysona 5 is better than Persona 4
>persona 4 having a tranny
kys hypocrite

What does persona 4 have over persona 5?

>persona 4 having a tranny
I don't remember anything like this, source?

party members have a real purpose

>they took the nuts and made them cylindrical
What in the fuck

>how does a horse shit compare to a cow shit?
they are both shit, which one is the shiniest doesn't matter

Naoto :)

Literally everything, better story, characters, music and is not mainstream.

No, she's not a tranny, she's tomboyish if anything, but not a tranny.

>better story, characters
questionable but if thinking this makes you sleep better, whatever
lol no, 2000s rap/pop will never be good
>is not mainstream
found the contrarian

>questionable but if thinking this makes you sleep better, whatever
Both are shit because persona 3 is the best, but persona 4 is less shittier than persona 5
>lol no, 2000s rap/pop will never be good
You don't even know what music do persona 4 use, do you, faggot?
>found the contrarian
I have a good taste, as opposed to you.

Both do
it does because I said so
>Better story
I can't say either story was good, but I suppose P4 never fell off as hard as P5 did after the first 2 palaces
>Better characters
Both games have anime tier characters, P4's strongest were maybe like Yosuke Kanji and Adachi lol not a strong lineup.
P5's characters were just as retarded but M*koto existing is what shits the cast alot. Teddie and Morgana are just as cringe.
Music is subjective, both soundtracks are good.

She claims that she's a male detective


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And remind me, what is her character arc in the game?

>You don't even know what music do persona 4 use, do you, faggot?
Write an actual argument like what genre it actually is
>I have a good taste, as opposed to you
Again not an argument and you don't really have good taste, because innocent sin is the best

Remind me how many "trannies" are in p5?