Why are N64 games so ugly?

Why are N64 games so ugly?

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Technological limitations.

but even older games look better so what's the deal chief

because sadly you were born too late

I don't know :(

Because I touch myself at night

Fuck all texture memory, poly limits, and lack of talent since 3D was new.

3d games from other consoles didn't look this bad...

They used 64MB cartridges when a PSX CD-ROM could fit 650MB.

Due to this limitation textures had to be compressed and look like shit.

Blurry textures and nasty fog everywhere.

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nintendo is a toy company, they make trash for children.

looks cute and cartoony

My bad, completely forgot to mention that pic is from a Saturn game [Ninpen Manmaru]

Other consoles were stronger and easier to program.

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Still technological limitations.
2D consoles were working in a much more mature environment, by which I mean people had spent decades building techniques in tandem with the technological progress in 2D rendering. This is a large part of why a lot of old 2D games look timeless while modern pixelshit looks terrible. Old 2D games were made to look fantastic by people with talent who had experience and a deep understanding of the limitations of their tools. Modern pixelshit just makes things crude for the sake of a hipster aesthetic, or to cut costs.
In terms of 3D, N64's GPU was very primitive 3D acceleration technology. This was before even PCs had hardware accelerated 3D. The skill and experience just wasn't there, never mind the technology.

I'm talking about older 3D games and hardware, i think this pic is a good comparison:

N64 is seriously the most overrated console of all time it's not even funny.
>only 4 notable games and they are for elementary school kids
>garbage hardware and graphics
>retarded controller

PSX games look awful in motion, it's something screenshots naturally can't convey. That general generation was extremely rough visually, we didn't really care as much at the time because the games were fun.

Right about now it's time to rock

I grew up with PS1 and the N64 was the Mario/Zelda console for me. Literally no other game interested me on the N64.

what? just some wobbly polygons
crash, wipeout and spyro look great in motion. Better looking than any 64 game.

Wipeout is on the N64, though.

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That's a stupid picture because they don't even bother with like-for-like games. You'd wanna compare Ridge Racer against, you know, Ridge Racer. You'd wanna compare Wipeout against Wipeout, or Star Wars Episode 1 Racer. You'd wanna compare Metal Gear Solid against something like GoldenEye or Perfect Dark. You'd wanna compare Soul Reaver against something like Shadow Man.

Doing that would be boring, demonstrate the consoles strengths and weaknesses not what multiplats with limited resources do.

fair enough, in that image is wipeout 3 which didn't get a 64 release and looks far better than any 64 game.

If that's how you feel then I'm glad you enjoyed the games as much as you did. As I said, a lot of limitations of hardware were things we didn't really have an issue with at the time because we just enjoyed our games.
I find it strange to start trying to incite console warring reactions on 25+ year old hardware. All my friends and I owned both PS and N64 and I don't think anyone ever cared about this sort of thing. I only became more aware of it as I got exposed to more (poor) people and started going on the internet more in the late 90s.

Terrible pic you chose for the op. I know what you are doing and so do you. Turok ran amazing. Still does. Zoom zoom.


Video games are toys

>he didn't have the Nintendo 68

PSX games are even uglier though and have wobbly textures N64 was objectively superior hardware except storage.

why try to push this bad meme? Meme's are better when based on the truth and sluggish, blurry and foggy n64 fans do not look better in motion, PS1 games however are readable, bright and fun looking.

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>why try to push this bad meme? Meme's are better when based on the truth
Because it's true

that looks like shit, just like spyro, crash and other trash

the meme just holds 0 weight, everyone knows the reputation of ps1 games looking ugly is from shit versions of espxe running pete's open gl plugin at 1080p. Maybe if you used the real hardware things would look better for you.

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Why even make an image like this? Cherry-picked to fuck and back? You literally looked for the first empty hallyway in the same exact game to post as an example for MegaMan 64 vs. a cutscene that is in both games. You cherry picked a rare "above view" of a room in OoT you have to work hard to even see and isn't representative of 90% of gameplay. And you screenshotted Mischief Makers, which despite being beloved, is ugly as sin, and held it up against Metal Fucking Gear Solid?

Why waste everyone's time, least of all your own?

n64 games just look bad dude you gotta calm down

The more I see bizarre topics and posters like this, the more I notice it's often ESLs are behind them. A lot of third world places revolved around chipped Playstations, and all these years later they carry this weird partisan resentment of consoles that weren't ripe for piracy since very few of them actually got to have an experience with them. They're retroactively making up for a weird sense of FOMO.

very true

this webm i posted is parasite eve 1 on a real ps1. No wobble. i got the aspect ratio wrong tho

Delusional, playstation was popular everywhere just not in your mom's basement.

>playstation was popular everywhere
You're right, but outside of the third world people actually owned other consol.es too.

You've proved nothing being blatantly dishonest.

yeah here in america I had an n64 and ps1, even a saturn for a few months at the time. that's how I know the n64 looks and plays games terribly.

You guys are having a console war in here after over a quarter of a century has passed since these systems got released? Let it sink in for a second how fucking pathetic your existence must be to be doing this.

The fov and pop-in was some of the worst ever though.

You type like an ESL or a zoomer, so it's hard to take you seriously when posting this.

early 3D just looks disgusting. There isn't a single good looking N64 game.
>inb4 bing bing whaoo N64

Because it was still early for 3D graphics, how is this not the obvious answer? How fried is your zoomer brain?

That's OK, I'll just keep in mind those groups leave rent free in your head so you've developed a complex over them.

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Ok now I know this has to be bait


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who cares, it's so easy to emulate both systems and remove the flaws anyway.
why not enjoy the best of each respective libraries instead of starting some gay "my toy is better than your toy" shit?
literall toddler shit

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>why not enjoy the best of each respective libraries
I did that with the n64 but finished in like a week, not a lot of games there


>that pic
things were so easy back in the day

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>so ugly
Theyre not

They look better than modern games, better focus and less clutter. Art direction still upheld the rules of color theory and effort then. Now it's just copy-paste-filter assets.

>You guys are having a console war in here after over a quarter of a century has passed since these systems got released?

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wow user, I didn't even finish Majora's Mask in a week, you must be pretty quick.
You had a fun week though, right?