Why aren't you playing Atelier? Filtered by time limit...

Why aren't you playing Atelier? Filtered by time limit? Games that require actual time management (not baby mode like Persona) are too hard for you?

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I've already played all of the games starting with rorona and I'm not interested in playing the older ones
which reminds me it's about time to go check out all of the sophie 2 patches since it's hopefully done getting updates

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Why are nice girls like Totori always evil deep inside

Looks like some dweebish JRPG where you play as a little girl. Looks like some faggot dweeb game for pedos

I’ll stick to Madden, FIFA, Fighting and Racing games, thanks.

>Filtered by time limit?

Nice try, no one that plays Madden plays fighting games

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after years of being bullied she finally found someone she can bully herself

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Have no idea which game i should start with
I genuinely am interested in the series from glances at it but with the amount to choose from never helps when i want to go play one

Honestly they're just kind of boring. I wanted to like them and have played through about 60% of Totori and 30% of Meruru before I dropped them.

>Nice try, no one that plays Madden plays fighting games
what is the entire black race

Just play the most popular and modern one, Ryza. it's baby;s first atelier game.

I started playing Sophie 1. Really cozy, and I enjoy the music a lot.

Yes we do.
People can like more than one genre of games. I love Madden AND street fighter

I'm not lesbian enough to play those games though.


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filthy casual

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Played Meruru 11 years ago.

Boring shit game with a storyline of "we are friends and will continue to remain so through thick and thin"

Why don't I jerk off to ryza and Sophie and save myself 40 bucks?

>40 bucks
video games are free

>T-Totori I- ACK

I wanted to try the crossover city builder one but it's never on a good sale

Should I get Sophie 2 or Ryza 2?
I want the best gameplay.

Go they're so fucking flat

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Sophie 2 better combat
Ryza 2 better crafting system
Both non-MC character lineup are shit
Stories for both don't matter lmao

I hate faggots. Nuke Japan.


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koei techmo rarely puts up good sales. The golden week sale we jest had is the best you'll see for a while.
Sophie 2 is better in every way

what do?

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How much lube does she need to alchemize to reduce the chaffinf when they scissor?

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Why the fuck they aren't married to a man and breed dozen of children. No wonder alchemist is extinct.

Why won't anyone fuck this hottie?

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She is OLD

that means she's easy to sleep with(?)

>Used to laugh at Esti and Sterk being old jokes
>now I'm older than them

I’m glad atelier has moved away from yuri fag shit

>got yaya'd

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Waifufag is shit too. I wanted Lulua to be Sterk and Roroba daughter


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What's the next atelier? Ryza 3? Ryza will be too FAT

Klaudia did this

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hopefully newtimeline before Dusk 4

play Ayesha

Cost too much. I'll bite the bullet when my backlog is empty.

Not canon, Keina and Mimi both won their respective protagonist.

Is Ryza 1 good? It's half off on psn

it's fun

Atelier games are the most braindead easy anime games you can ever find. Retards still talk about "muh time limits" even though it was impossible to fuck them up unless you intentionally try it. On top of it, atelier games hasn't had time limits for a decade.

I played Totori and was one of the most boring RPGs I ever played. I'm told that's not a particular entry but god damn.

*not a particularly good entry

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If I'm going to play a coomer game I'll play koikatsu or something

Atelier is a conservative game.

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Then you're wasting your time on this earth friend


I played Rorona, Totori, Meruru, and Ayesha and they were all comfy and fun. My first game was Totori and I was fine jumping in the middle of the Rorona arc, it was fun. I tried doing the same thing with Lydie and Suelle and the game was godawful. Everything about the charm of the old games was completely lost with the soulless characters, to the soulless designs.

Is Ryza worth playing or is it shit?

Play Sophie first

>get Meruru for practically nothing
>extremely bland
>"That's the shitty one. Play Totori."
>more of the same
>"Rorona had more soul"
I hate you guys

Meruru > Totori > Rorona though

>Sophie 2

You have to like comfy slice of life anime to like Atelier series. Shonenbabies will always get filtered.

It's meh. Play Lulua instead.