What is Yea Forums's favorite visual novel?

What is Yea Forums's favorite visual novel?

What VNs have you been playing lately?

Would you say Subarashiki Hibi is overrated?

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you will never be a woman

>visual novel

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Muramasa is my favorite vn. I haven't played subahibi yet, I'm hesitant because it is supposed to be very depressing

mc is a tranny with split personality disorder

>because it is supposed to be very depressing
Literally the opposite. Although the author is a retard that wrote comically over the top bullying.

I haven't played very many, especially recently, but I really liked G-Senjou and Swan Song

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Sasha Mendan

There's really nothing more comfy than having a good drink and playing VNs on a night.

>over the top
Repressed faggots making you suck their dick and whores bullying nerdy bitches into whoring themselves out is literally everyday occurrence if you live in New York.

visual novel threads always suck. I never like coming into them because of faggots like this

sorry I should've used a spoiler tag

The game isn't yet in Jew York, it's set in Japan.
The idea that a girl could be forced to strip naked in public in front of the classroom with the teachers in on it, then get drugged and gangraped, is so over the top and stupid that I can't take it seriously.

Then it was made worse with this garbage (pic related). I'm sure all the faux-intellectuals loved it, but christ this chapter was boring and stupid and ultimately pointless.

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sca-ji literally based all of the bullying cases off of real life.

the tranny that worked on the translation committed suicide btw
that's their target audience

>it's set in Japan
You mean the place where a girl WAS forced to strip naked in public in front of the clasroom with teachers on it, then get drugged and gangraped over the course of months until she finally died, and got dumped in a drum filled with concrete?
>He was filtered by one of the biggest themes in the game

I thought this shit was some super edgy 2deep4u martial art wank vn but in reality it's pure comedy gold
I'd say it's on par with grisaia and majikoi, been a since I laughed this much

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So it was Conjuror who did the TL? I didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know.
Nigger was a cut above. Shame he was a tranny weeaboo who got to live out his dream of living in Japan and realized just how miserable the whole thing actually was. If he had let go of that then he would've been one of the good ones.

>sca-ji literally based all of the bullying cases off of real life.
Show me one example that was like Zakuro's chapter.
Nah you're an idiot. That was a garbage chapter and it went on for way too long.

Muramasa is supposed to be very depressing too
Subahibi is not much worse, it's basically higurashi but even more schizo and with philosophy references

Zakuro's chapter was meant to go on and on. It's supposed to be uncomforting. You're seeing rape happen in real time from her perspective, what do you expect?

You are mixing 2 different crimes that happened into 1

>no bro it's deep, take off your pants and jerk off
>did you know this also happened to a girl in real life, keep jerking off bro
>bro it's deep

Don't know about zakuro but I think Takuji's story was based on me

I play VNs to fuck and date cartoon girls not to see them suffer

>It's supposed to be uncomforting
Except it ended up boring.
Writing an uncomfortable situation and dragging it out for hours upon hours because the main character is too stupid to make rational decisions is not interesting or good writing. All this shit could've easily been condensed into 30 minutes at most and it would have the same catharsis.
Then to follow all that dreary crap up with that fake god segment where the author is obviously trying to be funny and quirky just resulted in a tonal mess that was embarrassing to read. I'm sure greasy haired mushrooms like you will try to assert some deeper meaning into it, but again, it was boring crap and demonstrates the author is completely devoid of sensitivity and finesse.

How did Yea Forums feel about Remember11?


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>All artistic expression must be immediately entertaining because I say so(y)!
I'll just leave you to your own devices, except mention that, at least understanding the cultural sensitivity towards the subject of rape and sexual exploitation in minors, it'd be anything other than cheap to present that particular scene in any other way. It's not glorifying rape. It is being used for a higher narrative purpose, but that purpose also relies on you, the reader, experiencing every single moment of the debauchery expressed in gruesome detail. There is meant to be absolutely ZERO catharsis, unless somehow you think a nerdy woman being bullied and driven to suicide for the sacks of fat on her chest is somehow "okay".
Yeah, I know, imagine pointing this out in a thread about porn games or even depicting sex in this way in a medium that's thoroughly desensitized to every single expression of copulation, willful or not. But come the fuck on. There's some HUGE irony in how you decided to end your hilariously pseud post criticizing someone else's lack of sensitivity and finesse, lmao

>would you say subarashiki hibi is overrated

you will never be a woman

absolutely obsessed with trannies

I like Majikoi and Tsujidou

Muramasa's greatest strength is its ability to completely change its tone on a dime and without missing a beat. It's definitely the funniest VN I've read in a long time.

you will never be a woman

I like it more than ever17 even though it's unfinished

>Would you say Subarashiki Hibi
Yes, everything after chapter 2 and 3 keeps getting worse and worse
Interesting VN but not a 10/10 masterpiece

Probably the best paced vn ever. It is unfortunately hampered by the incomplete ending but i really enjoyed the ride and the twists.

don't worry I didn't read your post

(no one was surprised)

He may have said that, but I think he based it on the movie All About Lily Chou-Chou. The bullying stuff is very similar.

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Why do nips always feel forced to insert humor in all their "depressing" works?
Why do they want to alleviate the story if it's supposed to be grim? most of the time it just fuck up the atmosphere
Saya no uta is the only vn that genuinely disturbed me and that's mostly because there's 0 humor in it, it's bleak and suffocating from start to finish, some part of MLA were like that too I guess
I wish they'd stop ruining the mood with their unfunny shit, it can be good in an absurdist way if done right but they're really bad at it

The best chapter was Jabberwocky I, though.

I should get back into it. The beginning was pretty intriguing.
Hope that it has better pacing than Never7 and Ever17. My god both of those dragged on for so fucking long

That's just the way the medium is. If you don't like it read a book.

Saya no Uta is also quite short compared to other VNs. If you have a series that's long you inevitably need a atmosphere change at least for a bit because the readers will eventually get desensitized to the dark stuff.

>m-m-muh artistic expression!
There is art, and there is writing 5 hours of over the top bullying followed by a ridiculous imagination segment. It's not my problem you're dumb enough to swallow whatever crap Sca-Ji squeezes out of his ass.

You're supposed to fap to the bullying scenes retard.

>it'd be anything other than cheap to present that particular scene in any other way. It's not glorifying rape.
6 hours of bullying, forced drug use and rape followed by 1 hour of an imaginary naked god that's parodying golgo 13 for some reason engaging in shenanigans and sliding and bouncing all over the frame with a silly voice.

Whoa... so deep... this truly has higher narrative purpose!


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That I understand and I'm fine with it
my issue is when they try to make you laugh 5 minutes after reading a dark scene
Like in Muramasa you witness a girl getting raped for her father then the next scene is Kageaki getting autistic about racing the mood is all over the place
In muv luv there's tons of light-hearted scenes but when shit hit the fan it doesn't stop halfway through to make funny scenes

>Saya no uta is the only vn that genuinely disturbed me and that's mostly because there's 0 humor in it, it's bleak and suffocating from start to finish
>just like me

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>6 hours of bullying, forced drug use and rape

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Filtered. But unironically.
Fucking fake-ass neurotypical ironic weebs will never understand Subahibi and that thought alone is what makes me get out of bed every morning, knowing the world is as it should be.

more like scat-ji

Chapter 3 was literal garbage you retard.

False. Takuji tells all the students to use the teacher as a human toilet and her to make her eat their shit but it doesn't show it and only shows them piss on her.

If you want to interpret it as intended for fapping, go ahead.
There are still retards who think it has a deeper meaning, including the author himself seemingly.

damn that's pretty deep

Saying this is the mark of a true idiot. You're too stupid to actually explain anything, because in reality, you don't understand it yourself; you just seek validation for pretending to appreciate it.

It's to prevent you from becoming numb to a constant wave of muh dark depressive shit

There's nothing to interpret. They're ryona scenes. Did you not know what that was? You can also take it as trying to make you sympathetic to what's going on, but that isn't something mutually exclusive. You can fap to the girl getting raped while sympathizing with how bad rape is. In the same way you can juxtapose dark and funny scenes. Japanese media (especially otaku shit) isn't operating completely on western assumptions on how you have to tell stories.

>You're too stupid to actually explain anything
It'd be like yelling at a wall, or screaming in the void. Why would I do that?
If you want the answer, then just dare to look back a little. What could possibly get some bullied kid thinking about God and express Him through their nerdy lens?
Not that you would know. Again, I live every day happily knowing there's a firm wall between people who don't even need to think too hard in order to get Subahibi and normalfags like you making these posts:)

>numb to a constant wave of muh dark depressive shit
never happened to me

what a midwit

SCA-Ji is the voice of a generation and a culture you'll never be part of:)

Then don't write rape scenes in every chapters then?
just show one when it's appropriate and don't try to alleviate 5 minutes later, that just remove all the seriousness of the situation and make the rape look like fap material instead of the tragedy it's supposed to be
You can change the mood of your vn without going into comedy territory

>Like in Muramasa you witness a girl getting raped for her father then the next scene is Kageaki getting autistic about racing the mood is all over the place
Why would Kageaki know about that and act differently? Again you're supposed to fap to the rape scenes.

it's a porn game for rapefags, the philosophy shit is just flavor text

t. didn't play the game

>and make the rape look like fap material instead of the tragedy it's supposed to be
IT IS THERE FOR FAP MATERIAL. It may be there for something else too but it is 100% there for you to fap to. Fuck off you goddamn normalfag.


Are you telling me I did not read it? You fundamentally don't understand this aspect of the type of games you're reading.

calling it a porn game for rapefags is blatantly wrong. the porn is like 0.5% of the screentime. You're supposed to jerk off to it, but you have the sequence in reverse. The story elements are first and the rape is second. There are only 10 scenes in the whole 80 hour long game and only half of them are rape.

I'm going through Utawarerumono right now and the world building is a breath of fresh air with it's medieval fantasy Ainu setting. The Post-apocalyptic twist was just the icing on top. The music is also really nice.

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fucking retards pretentious rapecucks

Yeah that's what I take from it but there's always someone saying it's supposed to be depressing and shit
Subahibi and Muramasa are not how you write depressing fictions, if it is then Rance is a fucking tragedy then

god tier, pure kino


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>Why do nips always feel forced to insert humor in all their "depressing" works?
Have you ever seen a marvel movie? Someone can die then they'll do some dumbass quip afterwards. It's not just a Japanese thing

Post your favorite rape scene music. I'll start


Muramasa would probably be like Fate and not have sex depicted at all if it wasn't being produced by an eroge company desu

>Would you say Subarashiki Hibi is overrated?
With absolute certainty.
SubaHibi is objectively only "good" because it's weird.

>What is Yea Forums's favorite visual novel?
Top 3 in no particular order:

>Raging Loop (before it goes to shit)
>Zero Escape (- ZTD)
>Steins; Gate (Only the first)

I'd say 13 Sentinels would be top 0, but saying that is a VN is as retarded as saying Sekiro is a Rhythm game.

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The difference is Marvel fags don't pretend ttheir movies are some mind shattering philosophical work