Why is this weapon so controversial?

Why is this weapon so controversial?

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It's a good weapon

this, if it wasn't this it would be another

>Press button
>Summon massive cone of hitboxes that inflict status build-up that cannot be dodged and staggers when the bar is full, comboing into itself

It's incredibly powerful and does absurd damage with absolutely no thought process needed to win.
It's insane how much pressure the biggest shitters in the world can put on you just by using it.

Watch this;
This is me invading two mouth breathing retards. Notice their health, in Mt. Gelmir. They're getting carried entirely by that weapon. Sure, I kill them pretty easily, but they're able to almost kill me by simple fact they can;
>brrr l2 go brrr
When shitters like this aren't using the shitter weapon, it's laughable how easy it is to fuck with them. When they ARE using it, it's immediately time to take them serious.

Dogshit weapon with terrible split AR. But the ash of war carries you through PvE content and PvP. Only invaders seethe about this weapon because it is very hard to kill 3 people using this, regardless of sharing the same braincell. It's also dogshit for duels.

>The gold actually pressing R1
Daring today, aren't we?

because it's foon

Different question, with how the game is now, damn near 30% of the weapons/spells in this game can one to two shot you with the right build anyway, so why are you all gravitating towards this weapon only?

Sometimes they decide to be weird and actually press something other than L2.
It's like when you see someone using BHS and Fat Rolling and for some reason they still occasionally press roll.

I reason it to glitches in their coding.

"Heh. Looks like I outskilled all these shitters on Yea Forums. If only they could be as good at videogames as I am."

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>Mt. Gelmir
>600 HP

Because every little kid goes on YouTube and types “SUPER OP BUILD TO HELP ME BECAUSE IM BAD AT THE GAME”. Then every video has a build for it.

>spam crouch R1 and L2
you didn't beat the host

Looks like he did though, user.

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Do you want him to use attacks that come out slower and deal less damage and are easier to dodge?

It has a huge ass phantom range to the point where no normal weapon can outrange it
It instantly kills anyone caught in it
It's much faster than 95% of ashes of war
It has a native status tied to it that will build up WHILE you're dodging it
Bleed in this game staggers you further meaning when it procs the follow up hits chain further
It's the best ash of war in the game, and by such an obvious magnitude that whoever made it clearly had no intent of making it balanced

only bad invaders. good ones don't have any complaint about the weapon. the complaint was about bleed stagger, and that's fixed.

This post is so dumb that there is no point in arguing with you. It would actually be a massive waste of time because there is such a gap in what I know about the game and what you know about it.

because ER is the only game soulspvp players have left and they're fuming lol.
1v1 this weapon actually sucks but most players don't check for counters, they just spam their own gimmick.

>It has huge ass phantom range
Not in Japan

So it will never be fixed

its popular so naturally Yea Forums is contrarian to it

>big rig zwei bro dabbing on weeb faggots with GoyWood names
Absolutely fucking based.

This is too funny, good video user. These shitters never know what to do once you outskill them. It's like their brain breaks. Extra funny when they use bloodhound step and run out of FP
I see that you don't invade often.

>be on the verge of winning 3v1
>it's now a 1v1
>turns back into a 3v1 within a minute because of hunters
i mean it was fun, but the lack of a cooldown on hunters is just fucking crazy

>1v1 this weapon actually sucks but most players don't check for counters, they just spam their own gimmick.
Get decent poise and trade into their animations. It's the same thing with moonveil katana.
"It's fine because people that use it are shit at the game" is the shittiest way to look at weapon balance. Yeah, of course broken shit attracts bad players and eventually you're going to feel like the weapon is manageable because it's piloted by troglodytes. But if you ever run into a person who actually knows what they're doing you're going to eat shit. It's an ash of war that comes out fast and has really good diagonal hitzones and it can't be traded into. You have to keep your distance and bait them into wasting it until they run out of FP but that approach works on anything that relies on a finite resource if the user is just spamming.

I was in an invasion yesterday, went for 30 minutes because the host did nothing but spam BHS and re-summon his overleveled RoB phantom while blues were pouring in like fucking crazy.
I even tried the "blocking them" trick from Dark Souls 3 to stop the summon spam, but apparently that doesn't work anymore?

I won, but it's incredible how insane it was. I must have killed 100+ blues in only 30 minutes, not including the phantom I killed over and over again.

Who fucking cares, it's just a bolt on to the main game. It's not the be all and end all.

You'd be right if it also wasn't brokenly overpowered in PVE too, you mouth breathing tard.

I never said it wasn't. Your entire post was solely about PvP and that's what I was replying to.

It single handedly killed this game which could have lasted years in multiplayer but nah.
>just parry it
Yeah, there's like 10 of you mega spergs out there that say this and only 3 of you can actually do it. 99% of normal people are rightly going to chuckle to themselves and uninstall this bullshit the first time they see this thing one shot them from a bow's distance with its flurry of anime faggotry.

It's been a feature since Demon's Souls. If they didn't want to have it in their game they wouldn't have included. They had no problem dropping it for Sekiro.

>a single player game

I'm not that original user. Your post is just fucking stupid.

People are just mad they didn't use it earlier to cosplay as jet stream sam!

No, that’s what he wants the people he invades to do.

not only that but now hosts can stall SO fucking easily now. if they spam bloodhound step in a single direction they're actually faster than SPRINTING, so they can keep chugging blues and dodging for hours. It's so fucking stupid. you would think that Miyazaki learned his lesson with the Murky Hand Scythe but then we see this shit added into the game.

That's fine and it's a fun little minigame but you get people like who treat it like a competitive fighting game and fill threads up complaining about "the meta". DS PvP has the potential to be amazing but the netcode is too bad to take it that seriously.

Yeah right, who the fuck says "mouth breathing retard" not once but twice. R*ddit ass bitch.

FPBP - This is the inevitable cycle of any multiplayer game. If ER had no multiplayer then nobody would care how good RoB is. But because there's multiplayer there will always bee complaints about the dominating weapons of the meta. Go play a digital card game and replace "weapon" with "deck/specific broken card" and you'll see the same whining 24/7

It's not even about parrying it, because you can parry it if you want
But the people who say "just parry it" seemingly only play in duels and don't understand that no phantom is going to let you parry their friend and riposte them for free

unironically that's why I like it

idk moonveil is way more OP

Can't speak for pvp cause I don't give a shit about it. For pve there's countless viable weapons... until you get to new game plus seven and only statuses can scratch the enemies. I feel shoehorned into using it and thought it was cool enough initially but L2 > L2 > L2 gets old fast

No one brought up meta but you.
>dude you're not allowed to complain about PVP balance despite them adding it in every single game
Nah, you're an idiot.

Why shouldn't he complain about it? It's something he enjoyed doing in previous games.

Thats not RoB.

Yes it is.

Are you retarded?

LOL. Blasphemous Blade and Rivers of Blood shit all over everything in this game. Memeveil post nerf can't compare.

Moonveil is only good for trading these days. It'll outtrade a lot of stuff, but it's honestly only good as a gank tool or trading with idiots. For PVE, it's just average.

RoB shits all over it in both PVE and PVP.

hi, different person
what's your motivation for butting in here? do you like the weapon? have you invaded against this weapon a lot?

>I'll use lowercase now, that will really throw him off

If you use anything other than your starting weapon you didnt really beat the game.


>Game has tons of spells, weapons, Ashes of War, powerstancing, pots, consumables, physicks, summons, the kitchen sink.
>Invade and see one thing over and over.
>Guess what it is.
When your friend goes through the trouble of dropping you one, while YOU have one on your main, and your third phantom has one, there might not be a reason to pick a different weapon.

I hope this doesn’t get nerfed before I get to it. The sword of night and flame did, right? I just got it and I really like how it looks.

>guy actually replies to you, quotes you directly, calls you an idiot
>you reply to me instead
no one can be this retarded

It's a strong weapon for invaders. You can hit multiple people with it very often, punish chugging if they're in range and, most importantly, it deals its damage *fast*, unlike RoB which locks you into an animation. I always use it with a disgusting one shot int build. Powerstance with another Moonveil or magic Nagakiba for better results

It already got "nerfed" and it's still op two updates later.
I think it's working as intended which is hilarious af.

Yeah I only got it recently as well since I forgot to kill Okina before beating Fire Giant, luckily they fixed it.

>n-no!!! multiple people can't think I'm retarded! I-I know, I'll s-say they're samefagging
seethe, cope, dial 8