Now rot

>now rot
Voice acting here was kinda cringe. Along with "Hoarah Loux, WARROR!" and "Togethaa we will devour the very godss"
Fun fact a black woman voiced malenia maybe that has something to do with the low quality voice acting.

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I am a racist /pol/tard and I think you're a fucking idiot.

Lol filtered

>I am a racist /pol/tard
That disqualifies you immediately from anything else.

>I am Malenia. Blade of Miquella.
I am Malenia. Blade of Miquella.

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hmmmmmmm auhhuh very well.........

add "to the birthplace of our dinasty!" to the list


idk why you guys are arguing over something so subjective, i think she sounds pretty good?

why is v going full racist mode atm. the only voice acting i found cringe in the game was kele's, everyone else sounds gr8

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ok who did this

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The Hoarah Loux line was pretty bad. That was the only bad line. Malenia was great. Rykard was intentionally silly.

>1 second ago
You tell us

mohg and rykard are based tastelets

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hi pifon

Cute Welsh Rannis.

Nah, it means I am not in denial about reality like you.

A black woman voiced Eileen in Bloodborne and she is one of my favorite characters across the series.

i love that they cast a lot of welsh voices for the elden ring, really helps give it a more fresh air and its such a nice accent to listen to all game

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That's a man.

correct me if I'm wrong, but all the welsh voice actors/actresses are those relating to raya lucaria. Rennala, Ranni, Thops, Blaidd, Iji. I thought that was a nice touch.

i think you're right user i never noticed that

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I think it might be that those in relation to Caria just lean more into their accents for the role. Someone posted before that the majority of the staff of the company that Fromsoft uses for voicework is just Welsh to begin with.

i don't know about that, i really like her voice.

it's a bait, guys
you stupid or something?

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huh why are all main npcs womens

Because waifus are important.

fromsoft has always played with the role of woman- there's plenty of men in the game though, this just happens to be fan art of the girls.

I don't think the WARRIOOOOOORRRR delivery is cringe. The issue is that the character's animation in the cutscene doesn't align with the line's delivery. He's shouting at the top of his lungs, at yet the character model is just standing there, no movement of the chest, no opening of the mouth, and so on. That's what makes it feel "off"

Yeah, that line seemed really off compared to the two before it which were great.

Something about the voice acting in this game sounded off compared to past fromsoft games

just play Metal Gear Rising fag, god forbid one character in a Souls game doesn't act like a meme

Hoarah Loux sounds like "Huora Luu" in finnish, which translates to "Whore Bone".

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>Pepe YouTube avatar
>Look guys am I based yet???

Along the same lines of that comic I really like when Rogier actually admits the tarnished is scary. Too often in these games people shit all over the protag when said protag is incredibly stronger than basically everyone else.
Game has some nice touches.

It does, you can hear the black and it ruins her. It enrages me.

>...the french champagne... togetha we will devouar the godssssssssssss

I mean he did fuck Marika.

Milenia has some of the best delivery though. Lemme guess you prefer SPIRIT TCHUNIN INNIT right?


it also means you're an incel chud

I think her VA is fine.
She sounds dispossessed.

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both eileen and patches are voiced by niggers and everyone loves them

I am Malenia, Blade of Miquella

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Most boss cinematics from them have always reeked of anime. This one just more than others.

How's this?

I don't know why the fuck you guys tell the board details on the voice actors. I hate knowing any of that shit.



>/pol/ faggots talking about themselves like anyone fucking cares

you niggers are STILL talking about this game? Jfc, if you don't like it stop making threads boosting it you spergs. We get it, it's a shit game made by a hack studio worshipped exclusively by manchildren. Get over it.

I didnt say its shit
Also theres no other games to talk about
You want us to talk about the stanley parable remake?

Rykard's va was great you tastelet

literally anything else. at least stanley parable doesn't have a fanbase of fatherless drooling spergs posting the same threads over and over again

Retarded buzzwords.

She's the kind of based negress, like Whoopi goldberg

She's not this feminine ingame

>fatherless drooling spergs
funny but i am literally that lol
ok i dont drool but my father left when i was 11 and i have aspergers

>Your strength...extraordinary...
is probably top 5 boss lines
Malenia is one of the worst bosses in the series but her dialogue is not why

>dearest miquella i finally met my match
That was also cringe sounding

If you find Malenia's voice bad for some incel-tranny reason you probably wanted to kill yourself fighting Mohg and Rykard.

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>hurr durr
The voice acting in fromSHIT games is trash because they give some no-name stage actors a script with no direction, have them read it once, laugh at the end, and then ship it as-is. The only reason these games don't have Oblivion-style fuckups where they place multiple takes in one file and leave that in the final product is because they only have one take of any given line to work with. If there were more spoken dialog, they'd resort to sentence splicing to save costs.

Still trying to beat this fucker. Who decided giving her health regen was a good idea?

What are you talking about. The voice acting in this game is mostly top notch, better than in pretty much any other game ive played.
Have you heard shitberpunk's npcs? Or fallout 4?

>t. lets Yea Forums tell him what to think
Random NPCs talking like random actual people != first draft attempts at proper emoting and acting
that literally sounds like a script read

die scumbag

Fromsoft likes to give humanoid bosses tiny heads to make them monsterous/heroic. Her frame is proportioned correctly otherwise.
Here's a picture of her with a bigger head.

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What are you, 12?

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go back to peruskoulu

She also has wide shoulders and long arms