Mobile hero collector "tower offense" game

>mobile hero collector "tower offense" game
>5 factions + heros
>there is a hero dubbed SNEED


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What's so special about a boss from a dungeon that's been in WoW for 18 years?

holy fuck this looks soulless, it's a mobile game so that's kind of a given but man I feel like they went the extra mile to really suck all the possible soul out of there

yeah, probably shouldn't play it then.

the only thing i can think about when i see this trash is some activision suit walking up to the blizzard offices and screaming about why isn't blizzard making that candy crush money

There's a grand total of like three named goblins from WoW and he's genuinely the only one who did stuff. Gazlowe is just a construction yard boss and Gallywix is a jew.

Is it me or there are time the video stutters?

Mobile game skinner box that rings bells and whistles for mashing your thumb on the screen while on the toilet.

THIS is what happens when games are designed to "appeal to the masses". THIS is why you don't want to expand to reach a broader audience.

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where is gallywix btw?

he built a private resort island and chills there most of the time

arent people looking for him for, you know, how committed he was to sylv's cause?

The most honest product nu-Blizzard has every put out. Hopefully this pays off for them and they stop pretending to develop more "serious" games.

unless that's part of one of the novels that i don't read then no, they pretty much ignore him after the events of BFA

I thought he was essentially overthrown as the goblin leader and now Gazlowe is leading the goblins.

I think they've fucked up going with the clash royale character design since market is too saturated with such copycat character designs. They should have just outsourced it to chinks/gooks/nips to make coomer character design for both male and female coomers. At least they'll have whales.

Aren't they all Jews though? Their starting area is nothing but kvetching and getting money.

and then you see this boring and slow shit lmoa

Game looks fun. I dont know of any that takes the Cladh Royale formula and add co op and scenario based levels like that.

My hope was:

Simple moba with only a couple of units to manage. Hero are the monetized content that you can summon at your altar if you unlocked them. You can also buy skins for them if you want and there is no limit to how much you can play.

My dream was: simple moba that's like 20$ with a strong map editor which you can use on PC's to build custom map and upload them to play with friends on your mobile device.


He sided with Sylvanas in BFA for money and fucked off to his private island after issuing an 'apology'
They're more like italian mobsters. Gallywix is a special case though.

>a team about 50 people
>worked on this for more than a year

Out of seqson april fools jest?

If I want to go for a more siege orientated style, who should I go for?

Activision executives demanded Blizzard make a new mobile game to try and keep up with King's earnings.
This is definitely them being forced to make up for Shadowlands failing.

I can't fucking wait for MS to absorve them already. Whatever they do with Actiblizzard, it can't possibly be worse than what they've been doing for the last decade.

>I can't fucking wait for MS to gain monopoly on half of the gaming market
literally nothing good can come out of it

Hope you're ready for them to hand Warcract over to Todd.

>"You have phones don't you" THE GAME

/tv needs to be deleted

PS4 or nothing. Most mobile games are coming to consoles now.

>THIS is why you don't want to expand to reach a broader audience.
Are you fucking joking me? Ion's team literally drove off all the hardcore players, there's nothing left to pander to.

whoever came up with this should get hot with a brick. it will sell 10 copies

>The most honest product nu-Blizzard has every put out
Basically this. They should just admit they have no fucking clue what they are doing and use the IP for other things.

>get hot with a brick
You leave your masonry fetish out of this.

From a business perspective, I'm extremely surprised it took them this long. Especially since it looks like a basement dev can throw sometime like that together in less than a year. I think it's because they got to the point where they've completely replaced their consumer demographics and now finally have the souless consumer that's been conditioned to accept anything these corporation shit out so perfect timing I guess. Regardless, the game will be a success and print money. Not candy crush money but definitely an eazy and big profit.

does gazlowe even have an ingame model in WoW?

Gallywix is being stashed away to use in some future patch or prepatch garbage storyline.

I dont doubt the suits' jewery. Im wondering how a team of 50+ people work over a year and come up with 'this'

Gazlowe's just has a regular goblin model.

Sneed is a boss in the Deadmines dungeon in WoW. In the beta he was called Chuck.


Because that's probably an inflated number of devs to make investors happy. They could feasibly include anybody who did anything for the project as part of the 'team', including random interns who they gave the files to in order to bug test and check compatability

you thought blizzard was going to do that?

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damn, he's older than most sneedposters

>nu-blizzard pandering to coomers
at most you'll get half naked twink incubus

not illegal if you do it for free

what do you expect when this is you average developer at blizz in current year.

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Are those devs completely lacking self-awareness or what? Do they live in a bubble? How could they willingly agree to do something so fucking crigne as that revel video? It was obvious they will be relentlessly mocked and laughed at. Do they get paid extra for that?

I've never played these hero collectors before and I was genuinely curious
if the game is polished enough I might give it a go, it might be fun

They want it to fail. Microsoft has a potential out and they want to take it. These are the devs who don't want to work on modern WoW any more.


What apology? He left!

Those "games" are scientifically designed to milk as much real life cash from you as possible. Companies making mobile "games" perfected the addiction-enabling game mechanics in order to hook you and make you check the game as often as possible. They are not fun, they are traps.

It had Hearthstone vibes imo.
Honestly I didn't have a problem with either of them, consisidering the target demo for mobile schlock.

It’s actually a gambling tug of war trading card game based off of boycotted game Rise of Legions and not based off of Direct Strike and this is going to haunt them for ever and ever and ever.

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>this is you average developer at blizz
a woman?

fat greasy dudes have been developing games forever, so the only variable left is her gender.

no it was my hope and my dream. of course I knew it wasnt gonna happen


imagine letting competitors and mobile shit take your map editor games from 30 years ago and turn them into billion dollar properties and then finally join the party with this soulless trash full of troons and diversity after all your talent left the company.

They're in.

Before you were born

It looks like a fucking circus of a game, with everything good about warcraft removed. Clash royale soulless garbage. Actually supercell games hav more soul than this shit