Riddles three

Riddles three
Fighting games get your shit together

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>twitter screencap
swallow powdered glass at your earliest convenience

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extremely disingenuous when Arcsys is the only company doing dollhouse lobbies. SFV, KOF, MVCI. and just about every c9ntenporary non arcsys game has a big fat button in the main menu that says "quickmatch" or "ranked" or some equivalent. fighting games have real problems online, like lacking meaningful social aspects, netcode implementation still being a coinflip even when its rollback, and algorithms that matchnake you with Pablo from Nicaragua instead of someone inside of your country.

Swallowing powdered glass doesnt affect you

>fighting game

twitterfaggots really are the bottom of the barrel forms of life, literally shoe size IQ

You're thinking of dimataceous earth.

>Popular belief for many centuries is that ground-up glass (i.e., glass broken into tiny fragments) can kill if swallowed. In fact, this is a myth, as it is largely ineffective.

I honestly hate game menus like the two leftmost pictures. Fall Guys is simplicity at it's best. DBFZ lobbies are kinda shit but honestly the GBVS ones are pretty good.

How could you hate on DBFZ's lobby? It's so lively. I wish my favorite fighting game was full of chibis shadowboxing each other.

That's just what Big Glass wants you to believe.

retards like these are the reason we dont get alternate gamemodes or dedicated servers anymore

>Yea Forums - Twitter posts

no other game type has connection quality as a core issue for literally every single match you will play

the fuck is he on about
just about every game lets you matchmake for ranked or casual by pressing ranked or casual in the main menu

Oh god is that player choices and and agency NOOO HELP ME NIGGERMAN

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He's shitting on Fighterz online mode. Also he is a Fighterz youtuber.

You will consume the glass

God they really do want to make every game the same, don't they?

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god i hate how hard people on twitter try

Powdered glass is added in high end res taunts to make small cuts in your throat so that you absorb alcohol better

>Melee has better matchmaking and netcode than AAA fighters backed by multi-million dollar companies
Why do FGCfags defend literally everything about their lazy devs and extremely dated online systems?

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One day you'll realize that matchmaking was a mistake too. Assuming you're not in jail for kiddie diddling.

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There is nothing wrong with matchmaking in fighting games. Also matchmaking and direct connect/lobby systems are not mutually exclusive.

its funny because dragon ball fighterz and maybe cross tag is the only fighting game this applies to. and even then they give you a regular list of options if you press start and dont want to deal with the hub world.
every other fighter has lobbies and online right on the main menu, but i guess you cant try anything new or unique anymore

in case either of you is still here

>because you can coordinate hitting the jump and the button needed with the same hand
I don't even do that. I hit 8 with my left thumb and I still think it's ez to do.

there's a some funny shit in aacc in regards to that. 239 always works out as a superjump since the only requirement for sj/sdj is hitting any down input then 8 or 9. also if doing sdj from any air button/special you can just press 9 to get an sdj out. dunno the exact window when you have to do it , something about first couple frames during hitstun or smth. one thing for sure I fucking hate it because I sometimes get unintended sdj's

>algorithms that matchnake you with Pablo from Nicaragua instead of someone inside of your country.
not the algorithms fault if no one else is playing it in your country


>arcsys lobbies
literally the worst thing going on with Arcsys today. DNFDuel is also guilty of this, which sucks a lot. still making better fighters than Crapcom tho.

>why that game doesn't
FGC showing off their notoriously high IQs yet again.

imagine the smell

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>also if doing sdj from any air button/special you can just press 9 to get an sdj out
That doesn't quite work for me since I think in my routes I need to delay the superjump for height control. I remember it being recommended to do 2369 for it and it was working out better for me. Problem is my arthritis hands keep doing 239 or 289 and I get sad. But that's just practice.

just walk up to the cabinet nigga

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That sounds like total bullshit

what happens if you eat live diatoms?

>One day you'll realize that matchmaking was a mistake too
what's wrong with it

if it's delay then yeah you can't do the single 9 stuff. still it is really nice for chars that have j236 and want to avoid inputting it on accident.
but yeah like I sad so long as it's any down input followed by an up input you will get an sj

not him but I think social interaction is a very useful and good aspect about fightan.
being able to discuss shit with the person you played is very helpful for getting better

I have noticed every single one of these Twitter screencap threads about game design related things is always a western dev or some western e-celeb complaining about JP design. It's almost like game design isn't some homogenized thing. They always seem to be under the impression that the way they were taught is the correct way and anybody who tries to do something different should be criticized. I wonder what causes this complete lack of individuality. What makes them believe that their way is the correct way and that everyone else should follow suit? Like they somehow know better than developers who have been successfully creating and selling games for decades. Whatever it is I sure hope people don't start taking them seriously. What they are asking for is the complete death of creativity and I'm not sure if they know that and are just knowingly trying to shape the industry as a whole or if they are too fucking stupid. It is hard to know a lot of the time with braindead Americans.

Maybe its because west is best

that's what offline is for

I don't hate zoomers, I pity them that they'd never know what it's like to easily meet people you actually like through online games.

He's right, games that have rooms/lobbies and no matchmaking suck ass. The gameplay may be good but the supporting system let's it down

Why are you acting as if having an easy matchmaking system where you can just easily find someone around your skill level means you can't also have a lobby system where you can go to have your play scrutinized and also discuss the game at a high level

Big Glass shill spotted.

because when confronted with any reasonable opinion that contradicts their retarded standpoints it's far easier to just screech about zoomers or trannies rather than actually defend your point. this is the Yea Forums way, zoomie

Holy fuck lol that is good bait
These fighting game fags are so fragile i expect 500+ posts and this image to be spammed every day

Unless the matchmaking system feeds into lobbies/servers (like old TF2), then the retards who will always choose the "big shiny button" option will not be in the loop. Regardless of what experience they actually get from it. Just look at all the people bitching about bots in TF2 when there are community servers they could play on at this very moment with no bots. They're incapable of deviating from what's expected of them.

you can't just apply your "matchmaking bad" meme image for shooter games to literally every genre. fighting games are inherently different from shooting games. they are 1v1.

if you're seriously arguing that matchmaking leads to an overall decline in skill level or discourse then why has the introduction of slippi caused an era where established players for 10+ years are not regularly losing to people that picked up the game less than 2 years ago.

>are not regularly
are now*

also to add to this, community servers are not applicable to fighting games either. there's no point in them. there is no equivalent of all crits 24/7 orange for fighting game lobbies.

>if you're seriously arguing that matchmaking leads to an overall decline in skill level
I'm not.


i heard they did that with cig filters for the same reason

Complete bullshit
The gold flakes in goldschlagger supposed do that, though.

Pretty sure it;s litterly only dragon ball fighterz that does this

Do you cum with your face, what the fuck?

>not him
Games are about having fun user. How much blood, sweat, cum and tears do people regularly spend bitching online about how much they hate the matchmaking system or the ranked system or the way more and more people seem to be playing like assholes, then all the while keep playing those games and hating the experience. The attempt to turn online games, of any genre, into treadmills where people accumulate ranked good boy points has done wonders for publishers bottom lines, as people hoover up the latest OP DLC character because "i'm totally gonna go pro this year" but has done absolute dick for how enjoyable these games are to actually play. Fighting games should facilitate the experience of heading your locals/local arcade and hanging out with the boys playing you're favorite game just because you like to play it.

hey don't quote me in your bullshit faggot.
if anything average skill level has greatly risen over time thanks to information sharing and a decline in retarded attitudes like bitching about "spam" or turtling.
I argue that socializing helps improve skill level even further

you sound like a huge faggot who just wants to kick people out of lobbies who play characters you don't like or playstyles you don't agree with. my advice is to simply git gud.

There are playstyles that are objectively unfun to play against like camping or spamming and yes. If you're not playing to have fun I don't want to play with you, so yeah, you're right. Doesn't make you any less of a faggot though.

I'm arguing for a system where people don't give a shit what others are playing as because they're not sweating over rank and good boy points.

Fighting games are already a niche genre, most people who play them also go to local scenes and tournaments. Those are your ranked good boy points. You can have hidden MMR or even no MMR and people will still largely play to win.

Playing to win, and playing sweaty are not the same thing. I should know. When community servers were the only way to play I was obsessed with improving myself because it was satisfying, but I was still in it to enjoy the games I played.

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>Time of day: Morning
>When there's a giant wheel at the back displaying just that

It really do be like that with westoids

>Playing to win, and playing sweaty are not the same thing
Well please do elaborate

fighting games have sucked big salty, vinegary balls for the last 15 years
admit it, speedjunkies, your genre is trash

Melee is a pretty good example of what's wrong with it desu. The scene has been losing players and viewers since people will just rather play on their own and top players aren't going to tournaments to pump up viewers because they'd rather stay home and play online.

This isn't even a Yea Forums schizo theory melee players are actively talking about this youtube.com/watch?v=EexpmiK0t6g

Leffen took like 2 years off and just got 5th place at a major tournament meanwhile Mango who has been grinding online didn't make top 8
slippi has done jack shit it's the veterans not giving a fuck any more they're 30 that is causing new blood to rise

have you considered that the issue is not with the opponent but you sucking ass?
use your fucking brain to solve the problem:
does the opponent win with a single button? consider all options that can beat and their risk/rewards
the opponent is calling out all your mixup/reset attempts? analyze how you have been structuring your pressure and how you can change it up to catch them offguard
if the opponent is beating you with a single tactic then all you have to do is figure out how to beat said tactic