Build up uber charge to 98%

>build up uber charge to 98%
>die from random crit/sniper

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>go back to the place you died
>grab your old gun
>it still has 98% charge

>it happens several times in a row

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I like playing medic because they say thanks after a heal and heavys will drop a sandwich for you

>build 25% uber
>cuck any of three damage types completely
>also have passive resistance to bullet damage if you have it selected, preventing quickscopes from killing you

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Unfortunately, the charge in a dropped medi-gun depletes quickly, so it would most likely be empty once you came back.

>I am fully cha- AAAAAAGHHH

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if the person you are healing doesn't personally use the in-game thank you voice line when you heal them then you should NOT heal them again

>it's a crocket materializes inside your rectum episode

do people that get randomly crit unironically have aneurysm whenever it happens?
random crits are fun

I only get mad if it's a random crit from a shotgun across the map that they had no business shooting in the first place.

Have you tried this cool trick called not being bad?

valve is never gonna fix the hackers huh?

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i always taunt whenever i crit kill someone from across the map, no exceptions

if you die to a sniper you only have yourself to blame

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If you die to a random crit you only have yourself to blame

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You shouldn't have gotten yourself shot.

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reminder that soldier mains think they are good because they can shoot the ground

If I were a medic I would simply not get killed.

>doctor almost done with uber charge
>barely survive a headshot becuz overheals
>get back stabbed while eating sandvich

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reminder [hitscan class] mains think they are good because they can move their mouse

reminder tf2 players think they are good because they can do [something you can do in the game]

reminder soldier mains think rocket jumping is "hard"

Does the Sydney sleeper count as bullet damage? Vax medics always get pissy when I use it, enough that I went and made a strange pro KS one for them

It does do bullet damage, they get pissy because you successfully shot them.

>Play Heavy
>Can't get any healing
>Play Pyro
>Can't get any healing
>Play Demo
>Can't get any healing
>Play Soldier
>7 people on my team switch to Medic and start pocketing me
Fuck this game.

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Do people still play this game? I tried it years and years ago and I thought it was ok. Should I get back into it?

>team has no Engineers
>switch to Engineer
>suddenly we have 5 Engineers
>switch off of Engineer
>team has no Engineers

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>Do people still play this game?
Yes, although a lot has changed, when did you stop playing?
>Quickplay was replaced with Casual Matchmaking (a literal downgrade)
>Casual is infested with bots, most resort to playing on community servers like Uncletopia

But in all seriousness.

Unironically this too, what the fuck is with the retards who play this game. I never play Soldier so I literally can't remember the last time a Medic healed me. Just yesterday I'm sitting here burning to death as a Scout, Medic's right next to me sucking off Soldier and doing nothing important. Fucker watches me die and they both schadenfreude at me. Fuck you Medic main niggers.

>like uncletopia

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Would you like a second opinion?
You are also ugly.

Would you like a second opinion?
Sitting behind a braindead Soldier doesn't make you good at the game.

>have uber
>hit right click
>still die anyway because despite having

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>he doesn't know

>randomly shoot shotgun
>the random crit shot faceblasts a cloaked spy

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just play community servers
no hackers no bots

user isn't lying though. You don't like uncletopia, I don't like uncletopia, but that's where the modern tf2 community goes for botfree matches of tf2 nowadays even if it's just comp-lite.

Not him, but there are no community servers running the maps or modes I wanna play. Inceltopia has nigger tier shit like class limitations and no random crits, and the furry pound is full of some of the sweatiest tryhards I've ever seen in my many years of playing TF2.
>inb4 you're just bad lol
Nigger I just wanna chill out and relax, I don't wanna stress myself to nearly having a heart attack just to stay alive in-game for 5 seconds.

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wrong. I play on Skial. all the benefits of trannytopia with none of the drawbacks.

cheat in mann-up mvm lol

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I would sooner play on 15fps skial servers than to play on a server that would kick/ban me for taunting

This is acceptable. I hate MvM but if it's the only way to get a Golden Pan without selling my kidney, then cheat all you like. It's PvE anyways who gives a shit lol

You are literally the lowest priority patient as a Scout. I agree that Medic gfs are subhuman cancer however. I do get annoyed when some asshurt twit on the other team starts claiming I'm """pocketing""" because I heal competent team members though.

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And of course I forget the link.

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the way how I play medic, getting ubercharge at all is just a happy little bonus for me. I just play him to try and overheal as many people as possible and if I happen to get uber by doing that, then hurray, I'm going to go waste it by popping it early

I mean yeah, but I have like 15 health, I'm too far from any healthpacks, and the Soldier was fully overhealed, nothing was stopping the Medic from giving me a second of healing to get enough health to reach a healthpack.

not even that, even if you pick up an enemy medic's fully charged medigun IMMEDIATELY after they died, the best you're going to have is like 92% ubercharge. That shit depletes within a couple seconds of being on the ground as a balance measure.

when i play medic i dont pocket you bitches, i find a nice cozy spot to practice medicine, you fucks can come to me to get some healing, this doc dont take on demand calls

>can't even beat mvm legit
no wonder you're having so many problems in casual if you can't even beat the braindead easy pve mode that's only been more casualized over the years

>be me
>3 weeks ago find a server that reverts all weapons to 2012 versions
>use axetinguisher to chain kill grouped players
>use caber to obliterate an engi nest in one swing
>use sandman+cleaver to chop down heavies again
>go back to play on it the next day
>nowhere to be seen
PLEASE take me back...

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Theres only one change I'd make to current casual.
Rework random bullet spread.
Consider the default bullet pattern with bullet spread off. There should always be one bullet that goes to the direct center of where you are aiming. The other nine pellets have a cone where they can land anywhere within said cone. You basically shoot one laser and 9 cones. The center of each cone is where a pellet usually lands when random spread is off. A deviation is applied like the beggar's bazooka and this is how you get the random bullet spread. This would work for every weapon as it would simply make the cones wider or tighter in the case of the back scatter and the tomislav respectively as well as work with the panic attack. Also pistol shots should have a 1.5 second cooldown where every 1.5 seconds you go without firing you get a dead center shot. This will help alleviate the annoyance of managing to draw the perfect silhouette of the enemy hitboxes but not completely remove it as well as getting rid of the excuse for "bullet spread fucked me" because if you hit your dead center shot, you were aiming perfectly.
Keep random crits too.

Well yeah that guy was just pointlessly being a cunt. Denying heals and laughing is reserved for taking revenge on a dickhead teammate abusing you.

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It's more than it's boring doing the same fucking missions over and over, getting kicked if I dare play something that isn't "the meta" or use the gas passer. I'm so annoyed with the Tacobot niggers that I just pick their meta upgrades and leave the game on autopilot aimbot so I don't have to hear their shit.

what is this server, i must know

Yeah but this is almost every Medic I encounter in Casual every single day for the last 4 years. It's unironically led me to doing pic related because I know every healthpoint counts when Medics won't even look at me.

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when I play medic I sit near an engineer's dispenser so that people can get overheal as a bonus with their free healthcare and groceries

The name was something along the lines of "Wake up, it's 2012"
I couldn't find it after days of searching after I played it for the first time, wasn't anywhere on my server browser

I was talking under the context of the OP.

It depletes at, like, 10% per second. Which makes sense, it would be overpowered to let a Medic pick-up a medi-gun at 99% after having killed him while being ubered himself.

>I couldn't find it after days of searching after I played it for the first time, wasn't anywhere on my server browser

A lot of medics genuinely don't know that they should be healing everyone all the time to make the team stronger (plus try harder to defend you) and build uber faster because they're either new or kind of dumb. Not many do it out of malice. Pulling that particular stunt will make a medic hate you if you do it repeatedly though.

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I haven't searched for it in weeks, maybe it's back there but since I played yesterday and couldn't find it at the top of the server list then I imagine it might be completely empty at the bottom

Hey I'm just trying to stay alive man. You've got a Medigun, if you don't want me to take the health pack, heal me.

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32 man only payload skial server for me lol. are unclecuck servers the only option for amerilards?

maybe stand still within range of me ya twitchy little hooligan

If I'm not busy with more important classes / an active firefight, I do.

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If I'm standing right next to you, yelling "MEDIC!" "DOC, COME ON MAN!" and you don't even look at me, then you only have yourself to blame when you also die to fire due to there being no health pack.

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>Red, kick your bot for fucks sake!
>Enemy sniper has been kicked from the server
Works like 80% of the time, lmao

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>community servers

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>sydney sleeper
>always get pissy when I use it

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>theres no hackers on community servers
lol bullshit, i tried that shitty furry server everyone shills here and there was a spinbotter in there that couldn't get kicked
granted it wasn't a bot but still, total bullshit that community servers are completely purely 100% hacker free

for me, it's the voodoo juju

that map is so garbage and it never got finished

for me its cactus canyon and asteroid

The Voodoo Juju is a hat, user.

>>Play Pyro
>>Can't get any healing
Not my problem

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>he don't banana

Have you checked the history tab?

oh, there is also a zombie escape map named exactly that
which is garbage by the way

Oh my bad, sorry.

>-75% health from healers on wearer
>Medic pulls out the Crusader's Crossbow (because of course he has it equipped) and fully heals the Pyro instantly

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it doesnt work like that ingame.