It literally cannot be topped. The only other roguelite that is even close to the same level is Nuclear Throne

It literally cannot be topped. The only other roguelite that is even close to the same level is Nuclear Throne.
I feel spoiled because I just have a hard time enjoying other similar games after playing this masterpiece

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Wasn't 2 shit?

Wasn't 2 really good too?

No, I loved 2 as well. It isn't as tight of an experience as the original or HD but if you want more it absolutely delivers. Far from shit

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Wasn't 2 really medicore?

spelunky classic > spelunky HD > spelunky 2

2 isn't as good to me abd I've played well ovrr 1000 hours of spelunky hd. Neo babylon feels likes a user created trash set of levels and the procedurally generated levels dont work the same with all the new shit. I'll accept that i got filtered or whatever but it's just not as good. I've reached sunken city but only been playing since it came to xbox.

>tfw still haven't gotten to eggplant world

Op are you me? Nuclear throne and spelunky are the only two roguelites i liked and they were the first two i played. Literally every one I've tried since has been shit

>Nuclear Throne

>Nuclear Throne
>anywhere as good as Spelunky
rofl even
lmao perhaps
zozzle could be

Too little variety for me, I prefer Noita and Isaac much more. Still a good game though, try Monolith if you haven't already. There's also Spirits Abyss, which looked like a similar game to Spelunky, but seemed to be a less interesting version of the same idea.

no spelunky 2 slander, its so full of love and charm- granted 2 was my start to the series. Only game i ever felt like clocking

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How the fuck can people like NT.?

Spelunky 2 is better than HD in all ways except music

By having good taste? I don't know what to tell you. How can people NOT like Nuclear Throne?

I could never enjoy nuclear throne as much as others. It is a fine game, and definitely worth playing, but it isnt one of those "this is a 10/10 amazing piece of work in its genre"

la mulana shits on them all

by being based

you are either a mongoloid or literally chris langan. i doubt chris browses this shithole so i'm going with mongoloid

completely different kind of game

S1 had dogshit dentist waiting room music already so that doesn't sound promising.

damn dude hook me up with your dentist

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one of the most annoying games ever made


Why did i know that id have to 100% this underwhelming sequel before being critical of it. You completing it doesn't make it good. Sorry about the 5k hours of your life wasted.

what did you want out of a sequel to spelunky that 2 didn't deliver, o great authority of game quality?
>inb4 muh cross-run progression

>t. DEATHS 23 WINS 0

>5k hours wasted
i never said anyone has to 100% it, i'm just saying i liked it so much i did. whats so bad about it? why start shit without elaborating on why its underwhelming??

having played a bit of 1, i think 2 could have benefitted from a little more level variety and a more rewarding duat path (which they did eventually address)

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oops forgot pic

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how do I get better at this?
I can't get past world 3. Willing to put into the autistic hours to improve.

by turning screen shake off and playing with a controller with auto-aim at 100%

I always found Spelunky annoying to play. You can't really go fast (inb4 some speedtranny copes in), movement feels restricted cause most levels are asstight mazes, fighting is awkward, the price of mistake is too high so if you get hit early might as well restart, the only way to beat the game reliably is cheesing. At least the original had the game feel down with weighty movement and snappy jumps, its gone in HD.
I can fire up Isaac or Gungeon and just relax, Spelunky feels stressful and gay.

ice caves is pretty chill, whats the issue?
also use shortcuts to acclimate yourself to threats in new areas

go back and play spelunky classic user, the controls are absolutely not snappier or better in any way lol
your other criticisms are a matter of taste so it's fine you feel that way

original absolutely had better running and jumping mechanics, your character felt heavy and tangible. HD is just floaty

>You can't really go fast
skill issue

back to rebbit with your gay meme

if it's just about fall speed (i prefer having more air control) then that's just a matter of preference too. classic has more input lag and eats inputs all the time though so i really can't get behind saying the controls are better even if you prefer faster fall speed.

Spelunky 2's music is a huge step back from the first one.

2's soundtrack is amazing user, come on. same guy too.

it has a few standouts like cosmic ocean and dark sunken but yeah i agree. HD's just full of bangers, and having multiple tunes per zone is just objectively better for this kind of game.

desu I love the music in 1, gives me MSDOS game vibes with the chunky bass and low-fidelity sound
this is literally the closest to what I imagine dentist waiting room music would sound like lol

Any other game where people flex their achieveme while defending it? Spelunky hd was pretty perfect to me. 99% of my deaths were not really rng related. In 2, I have had tons of gay random deaths happen. The ghost urn breaking off screen? Also the first area is pretty shit and takes way too long. That's literally the worst part of every mediocre roguelite in my.opinion. It's still spelunky so i do like it but it's a step back to me.

i hate a long first level but dwelling is easy user..
the little of spelunky 1 i've played my deaths felt very RNG related, especially with the amount of sliding and stun time when taking hits ..

i agree that 2 has an uptick if deaths that feel outside your control, but i'd also say 9/10 times when you feel that way you actually had more control than you realized and can play around the situation you were dealt. a breaking ghost jar for instance isn't really that big a deal. it might fuck your run if it happens at the start of an important level but you shouldn't die to it.

Or can it?

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Ah yes, my favorite Yea Forums schizo theory, a true classic.

Yeah I think this is why I dropped the game, shit like this would constantly happen and the game itself just isn't fun enough to make it worth putting up with even though I love the idea behind it

Eh, it's only the Caves and the Catacombs that has the spikes. Just gotta play more cautiously in those places.

>that liberating feel when you get good at whipping arrows

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It's kinda true though when you look at good spelunky player runs. There are literally achievements built around going fast

It's not as good as the original but that's a high bar- it's still a very good game. If you played the first game (whether classic or HD) to death, you'll love having a new set of levels/secrest/etc.

I love Spelunky 2 so much, I still play the daily pretty much every day. It's become one of my favorite games of all time, I honestly didn't think it'd be able to top HD but it did, it's not as tight from a design standpoint, HD is the more "perfect" game but it's not as fun and addictive as 2 is.

Truly one of the GOATS. I got The Full Spelunky around the 70 hour mark, I now have 570 hours of playtime.

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>Spelunky HD
The perfect blend of rewarding gameplay and difficulty
>Spelunky 2
Extra difficulty for the sake of it, crippling the enjoyment that the first game offered.

I love Vagante but I have never been able to beat it, The furthest I made it was the Rifts which I think is the last section before the final boss? I always played alone, only stuck to melee, and never really used magic aside from maybe a wand for digging and healing so maybe that contributed but goddamn is that game hard. However I never grinded it for an extended period of time like Spelunky and only have 50 hours, I feel if I put in another 50 I'd probably beat it. The only real issue for me (aside from me being too stubborn to try out other builds which is entirely my own fault) is that a lot of the runs are very dependent on RNG and what armor/weapons become available to you during any one playthrough.

wow full spelunky at 70 hours, thats impressive user. took me about 170 to get everything? i've put the game on pause for now but i'm dying to get a 7-99 one day

the ghost jar breaking was more of an issue in the first couple of months of release, and it mostly occurred in Neo Bab, I'm not defending it, it's dumb that it happened at all but its been fixed.
Well, I can see why it'd be a turn off, but a lot of things that make Spelunky 2 feel like random chaos actually isn't, it's just the skill ceiling is higher and getting to a point where you can consistently get to the cosmic ocean takes time and effort. It's a game that asks a shitton of players, but I love it for that, it rewards masochists like me and I feel like I've gotten a lot out of it for that.

dwelling is easy but not first level easy
it was so bad originally it got nerfed in a patch, even now i'd say it still isn't great.
It's not really bad rng-wise but some of the level chunks in dwelling are just annoying to travel fast in and the lizards are easy deaths when you aren't paying attention. That alone isn't a problem at all, but being the first world people are going to want to go fast to get it over with and get to the later ones.
Spelunky HD was perfect for this, with the udjat being a lot easier to do fast too being able to carry the chest to the key along with level generation being a lot more kind. A lot of blind jumps are relatively safe, so chucking yourself down a layer without any regard for safety usually just werks. That isn't the case in 2, where most of the blind falls feel like a 50/50 on whether you live or die, either by fall damage itself or snowballing into a stunlock by lizards and moles

I played a good deal of HD and I knew the spoilers for 2 so it's not like I just did it all by self discovery. Also I still haven't gotten 7-99, I'm definitely good enough to get it, but I don't have the attention span to do it, I always lose interest a few levels into cosmic ocean, I think the furthest I've gotten was 7-69. I'd love to accomplish it but I'm not actively trying for it.

I do love the cosmic ocean though even if I don't have the attention span for it, I love that I can just play the daily and know that depth is the goal, not just killing the final boss.

Yeah, it is a hard game, but that's one of the main reasons I like it. The magic is cool so you should try it, especially since being solo means you can collect it all for yourself instead of leaving it for a Mage party member. I also find having Luck really helps for drops, so any equips that increase it is worth using when opening and breaking stuff.

The only truly continuous bullshit moment in Spelunky 2 for me is going in volcana and dropping down the drill hole. It legitimately feels like the lava dudes are hard-coded to fall and kill you if you don't wait for a specific amount of time before jumping.
Other than that I've learned how to avoid almost every other "trap" and only on occasion will some insane chain of events kill me. But at that point it is usually so ridiculous that you can't help but laugh and just accept that those times will always be part of this game

kapala ruins the game

I'm in the minority but I much, much prefer dwelling to the mines. Reason being that to me the dwelling is actively fun to play, there's more things to do, and enemy interactions feel more engaging. Mines in HD were too sparse, and the enemies were too easy, it lead to the mines feeling like a dull grind to go through every run, I never felt that way about the dwelling.

It was definitely the right call to nerf it though, the crazy amount of moles and lizards at the launch was a little much. But the thing is, in a game like Spelunky it is somewhat important to front load the difficulty to prepare players. In HD what Derek did was make mines easy, but then the Jungle a massive difficulty spike, and then ice caves was a stroll in the park, temple was kind of hard but not the same spike as jungle. The progression and difficulty curve of 2 is more satisfying. Sunken City for example is easier than Neo Bab, but I don't think anybody has a problem with this, many people love Sunken City and I think its because it feels like a pace breaker, it's like a mid-level difficulty area until the big final boss, getting there feels like a reward for your hard work and then when you take the Cosmic Ocean into account the difficulty curve makes even more sense because SC becomes this prep stage where you get resources

Yes, unironically

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My only big gripe with Spelunky 2 at this point is that Tiamat is kind of a shitty boss. Hundun is so much better but considering that they aren't the "main" boss I still don't feel that they can make up for that. Olmec was a perfect blend of the games mechanics and sense of discovery and Tiamat is just missing all that magic that Olmec had. She doesn't move at all and you're basically just fighting a bunch of normal enemies instead of an actual new boss

>is going in volcana and dropping down the drill hole
Think about it this way, how much more boring would that path feel if the success rate was 100% every time? That to me is what made me love the drill in its current state, the fact that it isn't safe makes that part of the game feel tense, if there were no stakes then that whole section of the game would feel like a grind. I'm really glad that Derek never caved to pressure and changed this about the drill, its volatile nature is definitely a great thing if you ask me.

I'm not gonna say people are wrong for hating it, you're correct in feeling that way if you do but I disagree.

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Spelunky 2 is one of the rare examples where a sequel had more soul than the original

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>Nuclear Throne
It's not a bad game but there are much better roguelites out there now even within the top down shooter category. Synthetik absolutely mogs NT in every category, but filters people way harder since it's more complex.

>jetpack caveman

What is your favorite area bros?

Sunken City wins for me.

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