RPG Maker Horror Game Thread

Ib, Mad Father, Pocket Mirror, The Witch's House, Charlottle,... horror games made by RPG Maker engine in general

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Why hasn't Yea Forums made an RPG maker game?

I like fear&hunger and I hate corpse party because it was boring

TIL fear&hunger was made using RPGMaker MV.
Corpse Party is good imo, but just the first one I played in PSP. Book of Shadow and Blood Drive should not exist. The ending in Blood Covered is sufficient

Project ICE.


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MIsao is kinda overhyped tho

Why the fuck every other game is in English name except The Witch's House.

Took me seconds to understand what the hell "Majo no Ie" is

Why is it that people lump Yume Nikki clones together with earthbound-memetale-vanias

Yume Nikki and Ao Oni are in Japanese too. You just don't notice because everyone calls those by their Japanese names instead of "Dream Diary" and "Blue Demon".

since it's rpg maker thread I'd like to shil a non horror game here that is never brought up but it fantastic. It's a comedy ff clone called: Tales of the drunken paladin. It is one of my favourite games ever and has so much fucking soul. It's free and completely forgotten. It also got 2 expansion the last one had a profesional writer even and is even better. I highly recommend it. I had tons of laughs and it's a solid rpg

Check out jams

Okay dev, I will now download your game. It better be good.

are ib and mad father's remakes good?

Interesting, but what about the challenge, combat system?

it's traditional ff6 edque game. It's more about the plot and dialogue. It's really good if you give a bit time to unfold. Part 2 and 3 are really great and there are actual hard bosses and stuff like that. I'm actually downloading it again myself since I haven't played it in like 8 years. Gonna play it after I finish fear&hunger

Mad Father remake is mediocre. Change in graphic is good, there is something new but the puzzle stay the same mostly, kinda bored
I am playing Ib Remake now. So far so good, excellent remake.

Does ib remake still have no english option?

Ok ok downloading now. You better not mining me

What is so far good about it, I noticed some new puzzles in the trailer I think but I hate new portraits being half-body instead of mugshot

Yeah I agree.

Yeah sadly. But don't worry, they will add English soon

Really? You understand what kind of game is Kirisame?
The translation was esl-tier. What a shame.

Mad Father remake improves the artwork and has some bonus segments like the father's past and the mysterious boy.

Not the guy you're replying to, but I can vouch for this game.

the manga / novel adaptions were pretty popular in themselves, and those are typically referred to as Majo no ie.

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Ton of new puzzle and they are kinda challenge too (or maybe I'm just idiot).
They do rework some old puzzle, add some new element.
The map design change too, which I found interesting
And most important of all, ton of new artworks in the museum. Like, who play Ib and don't like those artwork

>Ib Remake now. So far so good, excellent remake.
but it's still in japanese

By artwork you mean general in-game artwork or museum expositions?

look at this dekinai ass monkey

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Welp Hakika made a horror game with beeg women sex

When do we get new translation for the rest of the towelket games :(

Museum Expositions

sorry i don't speak nagasaki fucking gook shit
i will acknowledge the remake when it will be translated to human language, my precious ib deserves it

My weeb power is higher than nornal weeb.
I can understand Japanese

How many of the new ones are active? Or is the main ones still painting girls, dolls and mannequins?

This is basically a big list of recommendations. Time to dig into some kino...

It's not recommendations and some of it better to stay out of

Yeah. The same as old one. There is one "feet statue" (I don't know wtf is that) that chase you in one room, one pictures that move but not do much.

How was the Ib remake for those who can read it?

Mary did NOTHING wrong

Is it good?

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So far so good. I haven't finished it yet.
I heard there are some new ending

Buy Zelle
Play Zelle
Beg author for another game

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what's underworld capital incident?

Blood Covered, yes
Book of Shadow and Blood Drive, no

Pretty sure I played Ao Oni in english with the Ao Oni title
Also everyone know those 2 with the original title while no many call the Witch House that way

OP here, just want to ask, how is Omari ?

Blood Covered and Rebuilt are good

It's generic as fuck and the plot is meh but it is an ok game. Just don't expect to remember the exact plot in 10 years because I don't

Book of Shadows can be alright for extra details until the the epilogue which is just meant to shill Blood Drive.

What do you guys think about Purgatory 1 and 2? They have a pretty cute girl

bros I thought rpgmaker could only make hentai games...........

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Personally, I thought it was okay, but I feel the gameplay overstayed its welcome. A lot of the game is filler which should have frankly been cut as it serves no narrative purpose.

Second one has the best girl. I hope we see her in third game

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dumb familyposter.

Hentai games AND horror games.
But that's it.

I love Purgatory. Plot of first game is normal but 2 is holy good. The girls in 2 arr cute and all waifu material. Still waiting for 3

Kek, I almost forgot about that. When is the 3rd game coming?

Some of them are just meh or a complete waste of time.

>2025 01 01
Pain, I know

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Mad Father wasn't made in RPG Maker btw.

Pretty good games. 1st one's ending is basically a cliffhanger but considering these games are just passion projects I don't mind it. 2nd one is pretty good.

Wolf RPG is close enough.

Loved the prologue and is very replayable. Can't wait for the rest

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Fcking best menu system ever made

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Project Kat isn't RPG Maker. That one, surprisingly, is actually Unity-based.

I didn't like that 2 starts with a massive wall of cutscenes, but it's entertaining enough.

I want to have a threesome with the two monster girls while the albino one ties up the bully girl with her tentacles in the corner making her watch as I deliver 50 creampies each into both of the girls respectively.

Purgatory 1 is horror game
Purgatory 2 is dating sim game

Hey I'm right. Don't you dare boo me

No no you are actually correct.

Honorary rpgmaker

Meant to