Still think bungie wouldve made halo better than 343?

still think bungie wouldve made halo better than 343?

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Yes, 343 is insanely incompetent

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I don't understand.
Can someone explain, please?

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Bungie made Reach. I already know they would have done no better than 343.

America is about to ban abortion and it is literally worse than the Holocaust.

Is this just a clever ruse to filter out trannies from the workforce?

>the values of late term abortion where the fetus gets ground up into lucrative pharmacological products
Capitalism: Resisted

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Why would trannies give a fuck about abortions?

Why is Bungie telling women to buy horse abortion pills Misoprostol?

Fuck yeah
wouldn't want this bunnygirl to abort my babies!

>ban abortion
In whole country?
I thought the law is different between states?

Ah, I thought this was menstrual leave. Never mind.

The law is different between states, but a federal baseline exists. The federal baseline might go away now.

fuck! Meant this post

abortion is based I don't understand why people are okay with more useless mouth breathers being born on this shitty planet

I don't know who would think that. As bad as 343 Halo is, it's still objectively better than Destiny.

You're not a horse
You don't need Misoprostol

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No and people who've been saying that the past decade clearly haven't paid attention to what bungie was becoming even back then.
>Capcha: basedha

You're all against abortion until you find out most abortions are done by black people

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So how this ban on abortion law work?
Is it full abortion is illegal or abortion is legal until certain month of pregnancy?

God has a sense of humour.

>dude its black babies
so fucking sick of hearing this shit. its so stupid

In the 70's a liberal Supreme Court made a ruling that had literally no basis in the constitution, and this disallowed states from making bans on abortions. By that point about 20 states had legal abortions, and the pendulum was swinging in that direction, but rather than allow the democratic process to continue the liberals short circuited the process through this ruling. Now that ruling is being over turned, meaning that some states can make abortion illegal. Most states will probably still have legal abortions to varying degrees, but god dammit, if a tranny can't have a legal abortion in Dallas then this country is literally Nazi Germany!

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>You're all against abortion until you find out most abortions are done by black people
Most American racists don't actually want to murder black people, they just want them to go away and live separately.

It's black babies and children being rased by dumb whores, and those kids will grow up to be worthless assholes. Why do you want this?

Each state will get to decide its abortion laws if this happens. There will be no federal ban. Until now states were required to allow some forms of abortion.

who's the one that makes the call to put the studio in the line of fire like this? just some angry HR rep in the heat of the moment?

Based, more single mothers are always good.

Some amerifat supreme court clerk leaked a draft opinion that said that they were going to overturn roe v wade and make abortion purely a state issue. Hoes are mad and corporations are simping, so nothing out of the ordinary

>There will be no federal ban.
For now. President DeSantis will have other plans in 2025.

>Rules for thee but not for me!
I bet that leftranny actually believes he was being clever over there.

but what is their stance on US immigration policy

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This has to be a joke
>it isn't
What the fuck

killing babies is not reproductive choice
killing babies is not body autonomy

such a diverse range of ideas

>standing up for liberty
yeah fuck off Bungie and take the rest of the industry with you

>caters to whores
Why won't anyone play my games?

>implying Trump isn't going for it again

If Sony didn't poison their minds

jan 6th toxified his brand, ron desantis isn't as alienating to the middle

Yes, 343 is that bad.

Probably a pr rep trying to distract from the fact the company is dying with (media sanctioned) controversial viewpoints

It's not a ban, it'll just be entirely up to the state governments. Which kinda has already been like this since forever.

don't want children? don't have sex

is that easy

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Sex is an easy way for power, and abortions helped cull the consequences from it. Without abortions, the power is gone as women are really shit at everything else.

A lot of the original team weren't even still at Bungie left during the development of Reach, and most of them were gone by the time Destiny 1 came out. It's not the same company.

also, whats so hard about using condoms, the pill or anything esle if you dont want a fucking baby?

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And how is USA not a shithole country?

States want abortions to be illegal when there's a heartbeat, which is around 6 weeks. Most women won't even know they're pregnant by then.
Currently it's not legal to set the law to be 6 weeks thanks to the Roe vs Wade case that happened 49 years ago. Even in states that have changed the law, like Oaklahoma is about to do and Texas has already done, you can appeal the criminal charges by using the Roe vs Wade case as precedence and get off free.

What's happening now is the high court wants to remove this precedence which will allow states to actually enforce their 6 week laws.

you don't understand, I need to have unprotected sex with strangers

My worry with banning abortion is that there will be even more niggers.

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If the reason for abortions is cause of rape as so many harpies screech, then you would know to get Plan B and keep in touch with a doctor.

People don't get raped and go on with their lives as normal.

They could also just live in any of the faggot nuBabylon states and have all the abortions they want.

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I liked it. Obviously it's not an actual argument, but it was funny.

>pecks on the head for being a dumbass

Niggers perform their abortions at home using hammers and coat hangers. They don't consult proffessionals. Anyone saying they're worried about this causing an influx of nigglets is a concern trolling leftist subhuman.

None of those are 100%, and by the time you get fucked by baby gacha it'll be too late and you have to wageslave for 18 years to pay your allimony for a baby you never wanted.
>j-just don't have sex
Not an argument.

The entertainment value of a roast hinges on how successful it is. This one is a failure, so I can't see any funnies in it.

Why are Americans so obsessed with abortions? Just use condoms lmao

>cant even say the word woman anymore

your hedonism isn't an excuse to kill babies

The niglets will get 14th trimester aborted by their neighbourhoods anyway

>not an argument
You not liking it doesnt make it less of an argument faggot.

Hedonists btfo.

sounds like a case of "not my problem" then. i understand abortions for rare cases of rape, the kid being genetic trash with one eye or whatever but whats with the "fuck as much as you can and keep aborting every life created" meme? is that an american thing?

>None of those are 100%
Oh no they're only 98.7% literally useless
>No an argument
Don't cry about getting burned by playing with fire

Your Christian values should not be law.
Having regular sex with a single partner over the course of a loving relationship is not hedonism. Some people just don't want kids and abortions being legal is a surefire way of reducing the risk of having one from 1% to 0%.

>they have no personality
>they have no sense of self
>they don't think
Let's be real, babies are a nuisance. Women get pregnant sometimes. It happens. Women are people and they should have priority over a parasitic clump of cells. Women should be able to choose

I'm not a Christian.

>i understand abortions for rare cases of rape, the kid being genetic trash with one eye or whatever
Literally my stance as well

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Neither do you but I don't see anyone killing you.

NTA but besides late periods, what other ways are there to detect possible early pregnancy "by feeling"? Even using just late periods, a month (at worst) is less than 6 weeks, buy a test if you're suspicious. Condoms, pills, tests, doctor visits, how unlucky do you expect one to be to roll false negatives this many times in a row?

this desu don't force a foid and her fucking kid on me OP fuck you, btw 343 is 100% run by roasties and makes game worse than the fag run Bungie what do you have to say about that

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post yfw you aren't an amerishart

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>still think bungie wouldve made halo better than 343
Never did. All the old Halo staffs either went independent or currently working with 343.

is diives banned on Yea Forums? i opened a thread asking for their favorite character and it was pruned in seconds

>Some people just don't feel like being responsible so let's murder children instead

>currently working with 343.
All 4 of them

>it’s real
Are you fucking kidding me? I fucking hate liberals so much you have no idea.

How hard is it to not let strangers repeatedly cum in your pussy day in and day out

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its been literally 1 minute and the OP is still silent. cleave owners and their adjacents like the fag original poster cannot respond

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If you don’t want kids girls can get their tubes tied and guys can get a vasectomy instead of recklessly creating and murdering a baby

>>they have no personality
>>they have no sense of self
>>they don't think
Only compelling way of arguing in favor of abortion. Going on about MUH WHAMEN should be mocked and shunned.

Not everyone who thinks “abortion is wrong” is a Christcuck you dumb irresponsible enabling faggot

>Your Christian values should not be law.
Atheist here: Murdering babies is objectively wrong, fuck off faggot.

it really do be this way, there is no one more fascist than an american liberal

As long as men are not afforded basic reproductive rights, women will not be either.

this desu, whats a fat weak woman going to do? stop me? kill that brat

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How many women get pregnant by rape?

Its a Jewish brainwashing technique. They do it for their god Molec of Child Sacrifice.


Better than 0 for sure.

>commie-tier leftists that "stand u for liberty"
Of course, to them, the only freedom that matters is the "right" to kill your kids.

>body autonomy except when billion dollar pharmaceutical company and rich corrupt bureaucrats insist we must take experimental goy goo to resist covidalism

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>bungie defending the murder of babies
The hive has won, the city is now under the control of Savathun.

>braindead npc can't wrap his head around morality
>just repeats mindless slogans he got from reddit

Exactly. They should have had me aborted.

Well, considering Destiny 1 and 2 are kinda shit, probably not. But then again, 343 is REALLY fucking stupid

Like 3, but whores would have you believe it happens every 14 seconds.