What's truly the worst game you've ever played?

What's truly the worst game you've ever played?

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yugioh master duel

like one i've spent actual significant time with and can speak at length about what i don't like, rather than just played it for 5 minutes and decided it wasn't for me?

xenoblade chronicles 2

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mario if he real

Based. It's not the worst game I've ever played, but it's one of them. Definitely the worst in it's franchise. If it weren't for the abundance of horny cutscenes and character designs nobody would fucking talk about XC2

Two Worlds

Bioshock Infinite or Heavy Rain

Super Metroid


Final Fantasy 15.

>Empty open world
>game expects you to care for characters who died who had very little screentime
>One button "gameplay" that allows for item use at 0 HP
>Get out of Early Access DLC
>true ending novel

I can't name a worse/more disappointing game I played

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Dark Souls 2

mario if he real

Azurik, Rise of Perathia

Sonic 06

Rented it on release and wanted to like it but had so many issues/bugs that I thought my xbox being corrupted.

mario if he real

FFX or FFXIII can't pick one

Modern retail WoW


catwoman the game

mario if he real

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I have never heard worse music in a game.

Record of Agarest War for sure

mario if he real

Fallout 4
Game kept crashing every few minutes so i refunded
Quite literally unplayable

"mario if he real"

Last of Us
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Fallout 4

you're literally criticizing the one good thing about the game, hence I know you are baiting

Agreed. The main reason I bought it was because it was early enough that buying full games off PSN was still kind of a novelty, and it looked like Final Fantasy Tactics. I have never hated a game as much as I hated that piece of shit.

Mario if he real

empire earth 3. what a fucking shit show. the add for the game was fucking cool and more entertaining and probably more expensive to make than that sorry exuse of dogshit.

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Also Mario if he real

Mario if he real

shadow mordor
more like shadow morbor holy fuck i've never been more bored

Mario if he real


mario if he real

Iegit thought the disk was skipping

mario if he real

The GBA version of Earthworm Jim 2.

>this unfunny shit is what passes as a "board meme" these days
Take me back to pre-2014 Yea Forums

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Sentient was pretty bad

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mario if he real

mario if he real


mario if he real

mario if he real

mario if he real

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Yup. Never made it past silver

mario if he real



The 4th member of the beastie boys that's a girl

Sonic and the Secret Rings

mario if he real

gears of war 2, nu tomb raider, xenoblade2

Fuck you Molyneux, you exit-scamming motherfucker.

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