Dawn of War III

What went wrong?

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It looks like a mobile game, none of the movements, shooting, action seem to have weight it's just fast looped animations.

Quite literally everything. Unit models and graphics were nice tho.
I just don't understand how you can make DoW 3 after seeing how everyone reacted after DoW 2.

everything except the kino trailer
DoW 1 was great, DoW 2 not so much but I still enjoyed it, but 3 was a total fuckup

i watch the trailer every so often just because its so enjoyable

THQ had DoW3 in production under Relic originally closer to DoW1. Then MOBAs got big and THQ was crashing fast, so they demanded Relic make it a MOBA instead. It never got past the early stages before THQ crashed completely and the title was sold to Sega.
Sega got what was effectively a heaping pile of junk, do they told the new Relic studio to just slap together what they could with it as practice so they could move forward to other projects while also making sure they don't have to deal with GW about it any more.

>crave rts
>get moba instead
I dunno man

Everything. It is quite impressive how fucked the game was. Every single thing was garbage, except how Macha's design was based on coomer fanart.

at long last, a bowl of khorneflakes

The fate of every modern Warhammer game: awesome trailer, awfull game.

Pros :
Waaagh banners were back
Waaagh banners were snazzy
Con :

Someone (probably the publisher) wanted to make money, and their business education taught them that wider audience = more money. So they did research (the way they'd been taught) and found that MOBA were popular with the audencies they wanted to reach (because those audencies were big) and ordered the developers to make the game like a MOBA in order to make it more popular, because obviously people who enjoy MOBAs will play other games that are also MOBAs, that's what their education and the statistics says. The developers probably didn't protest, even if they knew it was a bad idea, because that someone had the money. And so DoW3 was made more like a MOBA.

it's halfassed starcraft 2, it's obvious the diversity hires played sc2 instead of dow

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I feel like they were chasing the e-sports dragon in both cases. Trying to make a starcraft micro focused clone with 2 and a soft moba clone with 3, and massively failing both times. DoW had an issue here and there but was excellent overall, and I feel that they perfected the balance of base building and combat in Company of Heroes 1, as well as the cover system. Someone corporate must have got involved at that point, as the games after that all seemed to be built around mass appeal and in game purchases.

That's the best Warhammer trailer, and one of the best game trailers ever made in my opinion. It perfectly captures what the 40k universe is all about (the only other thing I have seen on the same level is the "Astartes" fan made video). As far as I know it was outsourced, whoever made it must have been a real fan of the material.

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>starcraft clone

>That's the best Warhammer trailer, and one of the best game trailers ever made in my opinion
also I think the Eldar part was inspired by Beksinski, same aesthetic (I might be wrong of course, I don't know much about 40k lore so don't get mad at me)

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The voice acting is bad.
Flubbing the voice acting in a DoW game is inexcusable.

>Trying to make a starcraft micro focused clone with 2

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That trailer had a lot Beksinski going on even though that was never really present in any art or models for the tabletop. Eldar stuff is usually sleek and smooth, none of the nasty texture of the artwork.
Not that there's anything wrong with that, Beksinski kicks ass.

Anyone been following Daemonhunters? Does it look like it's shaping up to be decent?

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comparing 2 to startcraft is so monumentally stupid stopped reading right there

>select orkz
>holy shit this voice acting is so bad
>suffering and trying to force myself through it
>league of legends model design
>MOBA abilities
>suffering so much
>switch to the blood ravens
>Gabriel's upper body is so fucking cartoonish
>He literally looks like Garen from league of legends and spins around in a circle
>block friend who told me it wasnt so bad

Any improvement to the visuals was technology. Compare instead the design effort that was put in: even now the idle animations for DoW 1 are so impressive(and this was 2004), they stick them on the title screen. This can be said for many games these days, unfortunately.

imagine wasting a certifedTM hood classic giga kino trailer on this dogshit ass embarrassment of a game

pretty much everything made the game more like DoW1 didn't add any good system from DoW2

kino music

>zoomer think RTS with hero/unite abilities = moba abilities

holy shit kill yourself zoomie worthless piece of shit

>implying that's not how MOBAs started
>implying DoTA didn't come into existence by doing those very things
Quit larping as a boomer retard.

Retard take unite abilities were a thing before WC3
>Quit larping as a boomer retard.
I don't need to I grew up with all the old school RTS games.

That's not what they said and I can draw a distinction. In Warcraft 3, hero and unit abilities only scale with their own levels and nothing else, with a few exceptions like how damage from a Lich's ultimate is percentage-based, so scales with the health of the affected units. Practically every ability needs a minimal tactical consideration or it's wasted. Whilst MOBA abilities share some overlap with this, the issue is they scale with many things and as games update with new items and characters, the scaling just keeps creeping up. The third DoW didn't last long enough for that to happen: it arrived with fully-formed extra-strong abilities that dominated any other gameplay. You needed your mass of units for padding, but the focus was so much on OTT hero units that clutching any fight with any single regular unit was practically impossible.

>What went wrong?

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>MOBA inspired gameplay
>cartoony visuals
>only 3 factions and one of them are gay ass Eldar
>only a single linear campaign that forces you to switch factions every mission
>elite super units that invalidate half the regular unit roster
>pre-scheduled escalation phases dictate game pace rather than player actions
>mod support is a joke

I want an imperial knight mech game
with torso twist not gundam fps bullshit

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Hopefully they go more in the BeksiƄski direction because it definitely works.

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>What went wrong?
I just thought it was boring. Weird considering that I played that game and Dark Crusade and I had a blast with the latter. The game just tried to be everything and failed at it.
I think the game would have been fun if it was solely RTS or RTT and not try to mix DOW 1 and 2 together with some MOBA mechanics.

Also, I like Dawn of War, but I don't like the board game. Honestly not my cup of tea.

in 3 the hero abilities have combos, charge ups, skill shots etc, time consuming stuff that implies you're only playing that unit like a moba which shouldn't be in an rts, in 1 and 2 you just press the ability and it's done because you have an army to also control

>Trying to make a starcraft micro focused clone with 2
>Trying to make a
ESL retards, I'm not saying that the game was like starcraft, I'm saying an attempt was made to make it an e-sports friendly RTS with a focus on micro, how many other games were around at that time with that description? DoW had little in common starcraft beyond both of them being an RTS, which is why their attempts to shoehorn that kind of gameplay into DoW2 ended up with an extremely unenjoyable Frankenstein's monster of a multiplayer game.

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i kneel

Stop choking the black gentleman right this instant.

2 is a great game that got fucked by publisher meddling, a coh style dow was a no-brainer given coh was more successful

>40K 9th Edition
>Blood Ravens stuck in the Imperium Nihilus, no Astronomicon and warp travel is too difficult outside of home sector
>Chaos warbands and xenos running amok
>Blood Ravens nearly went extinct but were saved by Primaris Marine tech
>Rumors of Chapter controlled by secret council of Librarians as well as chaos experiments on failed aspirants

DOW4 could have been kino based on the current metaplot alone

They didn't make it like DoW1.

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but DoW1 sucks compared to DoW2

DoW 2 multiplayer was weird and frankly quite shit.
The campaigns however were nice. DoW 3 does not have this redeeming quality.

It does? I haven't noticed.

i liked watching the tourneys but was way too pussy to play more than a few times

We already played through the cleansing of the chapter. No reason to repeat the same story.

Pretty much everything. Literally every decision they made was flawed. They never fucked a single thing up completely but they fucked everything up a little bit.
The soundtrack was alright.

>What went wrong?
"Hey, what if, like, we made a MOBA?"
"But will fans not hate us for that?"
"Then let's make it a MOBA that looks like an RTS at first!"
"Great Idea!"
"And let's not take any idea established in DoW1 or DoW2 and iterate on it either!"
"Love it!

And it also didn't help that Relic straight up abandoned the game because it didn't sell well.

Outside of the trailer, did anything, and I mean anything, go right? It was like a train wreck of bad game design.

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I wouldn't, he's on Slaught.

It had no cinematics right? Only some stupid picture slideshow at the end.

Unironically what were they thinking?
The levels of fuckup is beyond any other game ive ever played

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they killed the license, they managed to kill the most profitable 40k game

DOW2 multiplayer was fun(once the first big patch put it on its feet).
Was always badly balanced while Relic was still working on it though.
Elite Mod fixed all of that after the game was abandoned and made the game reach its full potential. The amount of unbalanced bullshit they removed from the game even in their early versions was staggering. Going from Retribution to Elite Mod felt like about as big of a jump as that early patch for Vanilla that made the multiplayer worth playing to begin with.
It is also quite fun to watch since there is little down time, the style is good, the animations are great and it sounds incredible.
I wonder where the game would've ended up if the Multiplayer had been Elite Mod levels of quality right from the get-go.

i'm sorry but this trailer was unironically the beginning of the end. Stupid skinny marines, proportions are all fucked. I called it as well at the time.


Funniest part about this game was they thought they were going to be an E-sport. Even though both previous games not achieving that despite being pretty high quality.
Oh and the observer mode/replay system was unfinished.
Oh. And there wasn't a ranked ladder at all.
So despite focussing not at all on becoming an esport, they were quite convinced it would just happen out of nowhere.
Absolute idiots.

line units being grossly overpowered by elite units. i mean it makes sense but the ratio of how much mico is necessary for a line unit to overcome an elite was not worthwhile in comparison to how they elite could wipe out the line unit. it's almost laughable in comparison to heroes in DoW2, where one or two squads could hard-counter you. a lot of it was just about spamming squads, where they made a lot of weird choices like making lascannons deal more damage over time which hwas pretty useless when vehicles would just move
capture points purely being made out of gens was pretty punishable but they were rarely placed in places that made raids possible, so, with the escalation phases giving returns on investment, you could just throw guys into the fire without much care for squad durability

i completed the campaign, and was only able to play 10 multiplayer matches by the time it had died. all i remember is that orks were fun, SM weren't anything to write home about, and the eldar were fucking gay
this thread kinda makes me want to give it a try again

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