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Its pretty bad. No music, boring world. Battle Royale stuff is not for me and not what I look for in a VtM game.

>No music
I haven't even thought about that, but it's a disgrace that you have dance animations without including The Asylum dance.

>boring world
Compared to what? I think it's really nice and refreshing compared to other similar games where you just runt in open fields and forest all the time.

>and not what I look for in a VtM game
It's not what I wanted or looked for but I was still positively surprised by the game. It's also a pretty interesting use of the IP and it's not like this game affects chances of other VtM games being made. But to be honest, my only experience with WoD is Bloodlines and the Hunter The Reckoning games.

I'm pretty sure that game comes with a tencent spybot

It's fun but it's not deep at all and unless they add more features fast this game didnt even need the VTM license. I preferred Nosgoth for my vampire vidya needs.

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Battle royale garbage.

>I preferred Nosgoth for my vampire vidya needs
Please don't bring that up. I have rarely been so disappointed by the cancelation of a game. Nosgoth was really interesting and fun and they killed it just before release when they could've given it one last chance at least.

>bloodlines 2 concept has been floating around for years
>time for sequel has come
>2 years later game is in a very rough shape
>rebooted several times
>developers changed
>game in limbo
>company is sitting on thousands of assets rotting away
>gotta do something with that stuff
>cobble together a battle royale with those assets
>add cash shop
>hope for some whales so it's not a total loss

I don't think the games are related in any way when it comes to assets or crew. Why do people assume that games sharing an IP must also share assets?

I'm a sucker for games that have wall climbing and other freedom of movement where the terrain is merely a stepping stone and not walls so I like it, I agree with the user that said no music, the elysium is too quiet and whenever you end a match or boot the game they send you back to the main room and not the area with music, I'd also like if the characters could have voicelines to give the game some personality but also the functionality of reacting to pings better because the text that pops on the top right corner is quite small and I'm convinced people don't read it, god forbid someone plays muse and you spam "I need healing" and they listen

Shame about the lack of cosmetics if you don't pay and how extra retarded randoms seem to be in this game though

The models in this don't look anything like the ones from the BL2 trailers and it takes place in an entirely different city, do you have brain damage?

They have gotten assets from the cancelled WoD MMO from CCP.

because it would make perfect sense. seriously, if they made bloodhunt from scratch and not use any assets from BL2 the whole fucking company, not just the devs, are dumber than a box of rocks and deserve every single one of their games bombing harder than fucking hiroshima.

That could've been so cool if they delivered anywhere near the concept. Though it would probably be hard to get right.

Blame Square Enix, I actually played some vidya with a Rocket League dev and they were pissed about thr license being "yoinked" from them, especially since the Rocket League devs put a lot of work and cash money into Nosgoth out of love for Legacy Of Kain
Maybe they'll even fucking revive it now that Square is out of the picture.

Like it would've made sense for Battlefront, Empire at War and KOTOR to share assets? Or Dawn of War 2 and Spacemarine?

You're just being retarded. Of course they could share assets but asset sharing due to belonging to the same IP is hardly as automatic as you seem to think. In any case you're obviously wrong in the unsubstantiated claim that this project is a result of asset cannibalization from VTMB2.

They very clearly don't share assets though, the models in Bloodhunt, while still pretty mediocre, are significantly better than the trash they showed in the trailers for BL2. Also, again, one took place in Seattle and the other is in Prague.

Maybe you already know but the game can still be played on a private server. I tried it a few years ago and it worked fine.

>Battlefront, Empire at War and KOTOR to share assets? Or Dawn of War 2 and Spacemarine
No but it would sense if Call of Duty 2020, Call of Duty 2021 and Call of Duty 2022 shared assets. Same universe, same theme, same gameplay.
>Seattle and the other is in Prague
Besides landmarks and written text on buildings, signs, advertisements, can you tell the two cities ingame apart?

Didn't know that but I appreciate the info, it'd be nice if we got an official revival.
Though I really want a Marvel Heroes private server on the topic of private servers...

>can you tell the two cities ingame apart?
The streets in Bloodhunt don't even have the same symbols, signage, and are brick-paved material. There's also the fact that it's majority gothic-baroque architecture, which is completely different from the buildings in Seattle. Not to mention the two cities have completely different landmarks.

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''Third partying'' galore. You wanna win? hide in a corner and move with the mist, never engage.
no one speaks english or pings, it's like all servers are located in Africa and Russia

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>Besides landmarks and written text on buildings, signs, advertisements
>Besides landmarks and written text on buildings, signs, advertisements
>Besides landmarks and written text on buildings, signs, advertisements

>Same universe
Yeah, like with my examples. Obviously those games are set far apart in some cases, but there is also a large difference in appearance between Prague in this game and the Bloodlines 2 city.
>same theme
What do you mean? The games are very different thematically besides sharing the same universe. The basic premise is as different as it could be while still being Vampire The Masquerade.

>same gameplay
By this point I can't believe that you're not trying to bait us. The gameplay is very different.

>Besides landmarks and written text on buildings, signs, advertisements, can you tell the two cities ingame apart?
This can be rewritten as:
>Besides most apparent things that could be covered by assets, what is different?
You're hardly being clever by formulating it like this. What is or could be shared if most things are different?

You're not making sense on a fundamental level as you first criticized the game for apparently taking assets from Bloodlines 2 and then you turned around completely to criticizing the game for not taking assets when it would've made sense in your mind. Should Bloodhunt have taken assets or not?

Have you even played solo? To some extent it's true that being passive might benefit you, but it's not true compared to other games in the genre considering the extra life mechanic which encourages you to feed for an extra life before engaging enemies like it's deathmatch.

>battle royale

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>What is or could be shared if most things are different?
Because all that shit can be ripped out and changed by competent 1 developer in a single afternoon.
>you first criticized the game for apparently taking assets from Bloodlines 2
quote me the part that you think applies to this.

So the architecture and materials used to build the city aren't different enough to tell them apart? Again, do you have brain damage?

Got me to finally starting playing VtMB and im enjoying it a lot.

have you seen enough of BL2s architecture to know that it's not the same as in bloodhunt?


download clan quest for one of the best fanmade paths ever made

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after you're done, i mean

I assumed that you made the first post in this chain: But "landmarks" I'm assuming that you're referring to things like the Cathedrals and such that are distinctly Central European / West Slavic which obviously can't just be changed to from an American Seattle Church like you're implying. Regarding the rest you can also see that it clearly looks like Prague and has that general appearance and atmosphere, there is simply no way they could've just ripped it from Bloodlines 2 and changed some things. You must understand that the cities are different in other ways than there being some text in Czech or that the civilians speak the language.

I have, and in no way did i ever criticise reusing assets from other projects. It's lazy but it makes perfect sense from a financial standpoint. Right now, both the WoD MMO and Bloodlines 2 are complete and total losses for Paradox. They are a waste of money so using some of those assets in projects that are much more likely to make them any money is a smart thing. I have tho criticised the bare existence of Bloodhunt tho because, the whole project, is a waste of money. Paradox obviously disagrees, they probably hope that at least some players are going to pay for MTX, so the WoD franchise, 7 years after they bought it, finally makes them any money. What i want from Paradox is 2 things. Officially cancel Bloodlines 2 and offer those that did pre-order it, before they took it off steam, either the same value in MTX on Bloodhunt or just a straight up refund. But more than anything i want that company to admit that they don't have developers competent enough to make a story driven and character focused AAA RPG.

I couldn't get into the game play. I may have stuck with it but the characters you can make all look like hipsters.

why did this have a resurgence in interest anyway? I played this last year and thought it was pretty bad.

You can't do games set in that world anymore, we live in too pozzed times.

They released the full version a few days ago.

I think it’s fun. My Titanfall experience transfers over well so I’m dancing around people, flying in the air and treating the ground like lava. To me this is way closer to what a Titanfall BR should’ve been and not what Apex currently is but couldn’t be due to console pandering. I’ll support it if it means Apex will die so Respawn will make TF3.

>dudes, remember that extremely heavy social RPG?
>What about the Tabletop RPG and the World of Darkness setting based in extremely niche and nerdy circles?
>Well what if we turned it into a zoomer shooter online game!?
Literally who wanted this?

I either want;
>VtM 2
>Dark World MMORPG Sandbox

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>another br
Feeling risky aren't you.

oh ok. It still feels bad to play. No matter what those "SICK MOVEMENT!" vids try to show you.

I don't even want vtm2 anymore. The whole debacle just shows that the people who made the game aren't the same people anymore. Brainwashed with years of ameriscum woke culture they are incapable of producing something as good as the first game. Americ*n culture has killed all nuance, art and media by brainwashing those who create it.

if you still have any hype for bloodlines 2, you shouldn't.

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How does the existence from this affect the chances of getting new single or multiplayer RPGs in the universe? If anything the success of this would just increase those chances.

not that user but, being perfectly honest here, i don't want to hear about anything about World Of Darkness(not just WoD but that is the topic) unless the headline says "Bloodlines 2 has gone gold" and when i click on it there is a gameplay trailer and 2 weeks later followed by "Official Bloodlines 2 release date and PC requirements". I've been following vidya news, part of the hobby i guess, for over 20 years and by now i really don't want to hear about games that look cool and interesting but are still 5+ years away from release and another 2 years from final version(fully patched, all the expansions are released). It's not that i'm impatient(i am but that's not the point) i just don't need to see a game that will significantly change in the years before i can play it. If i could just pay 500 bucks per game to magically skip the years of development time and post-release patching i would do it in a heartbeat.

Trust me guys, you do NOT want VTM2. It would be like if we finally got KOTR3 but in 2022. You know it would suck.

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It's actually pretty fun. Definitely not something I would play a ranked mode for whenever it comes out. It's a pretty chill the game though if you like BRs and want something a little different.

Main problem I would say is that melee is way too strong. If you get the swords weapon you basically can just charge into people and kill them instantly. It's even worse if you are on that vampire that can silence and go immune.

That's what I've been saying in these threads but for some reason the general view in here is that somehow this is best thing ever gameplay wise.
The shooting feels like crap, it's floaty and lacks impact and most of the guns are memes, and the basic character movement stinks of amateurish B team tier work. Character models also feel they're straight from a generic poser library.
The city looks great though, and their take on a smaller scale BR with dynamic respawning is interesting, I'll give them that.

>No but it would sense if Call of Duty 2020, Call of Duty 2021 and Call of Duty 2022 shared assets.
They usually don't at least in singleplayer. Something like Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has zero assets from Call of Duty Black Ops 2, which was made by a different company with a completely different setting.
>Besides landmarks and written text on buildings, signs, advertisements, can you tell the two cities ingame apart?
Yes, because one is an American city and the other is literally the city from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Yeah, it's not really a BAD game: It's just something that not a lot of people were asking for from the setting/IP. The atmosphere of the city and movign around in it is honestly the best part, would have been very neat to see some stealthy Dishonored gameplay in it?
If the whole thing would've been included in BLM2 as a pvp option I wouldn't have mind at all, but on its own and in a very oversaturated (and kinda dated) genre it doesn't have very much to offer.
A shame really, because Sabbath and Cama vampires duking it out in some End Times LA/Mexico suburb isn't really a bad idea.

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>Another first place with fireaxe only
They call me the axe murder of ventrue.

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Well that's the problem with the game. Melee is way too strong. If you find the epic swords its basically a free win.

I kind of agree, katana and dualblade are way to strong once you get 3 orange resonances.
However, ive seen some people who were really badass in aiming, jumping on the roof and offjumping with shotgun to get gliding and ktie me down easily.

I somehow think that melee is op, but on the other hand i just think that gunlets aim with a dualshock

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