I don't think Square Enix thought this "bet the entire company on NFTs" thing through

I don't think Square Enix thought this "bet the entire company on NFTs" thing through.

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There was an NFT market that could collapse in the first place?

good. they didnt know what the fuck they were doing with tomb raider.

Is SE living under a rock?
This NFT shit didn't take off at all.

There was always plenty of money to be made, there was just the huge risk of being the dumbass left holding the bag at the end and you not getting money once it all colapses

In theory NFT games should just be variants of existing games with NFTs added.
Gacha - Pretty simple, except you tie NFTs to 5*/SSR/UR pulls. Basically just a gacha with tradeable characters.
MMO - Same thing but for housing and gear/cosmetics. Use the guts of FF14 and just add NFTs.


Yes Square enix for decades has lived off on legacy IPs. They genuinely dont know how to run a business

Remember how they wanted to turn deus ex into some multiverse shit?
Even made that hprrible mobike game that nobody played. How out of touch can they be?

Yes, but why use NFTs for that instead of just having them be tied to your account?

It is less efficient, more cumbersome and doesn't really add anything, except being able to trade outside of the game more easily

new head of square is a literal retard and will destroy the company

remember kids, do the opposite of everything Square Enix does

I can't believe we will see Square die.

squeenix has been one of the dumbest pubs ever since the merger in like 2003
everything they do turns to shit
i have no idea how they're still afloat

people are misunderstanding NFTs in the first place. it's decentralized. MMOs and Gachas are centralized games. the two don't mix.

all this shit about investing in NFTs and blockchain tech is so retarded i can only assume it's just corporate voodoo to make investors happy

This isn't square, this is a shell of 2 companies melded together

You should have known Square died like 22+ years ago when Takahashi jumped ship after Xenogears to join Namco and later Nintendo to make Xenosaga and then Xenoblade.

The goal is to trick retards into thinking they do. They want to replicate the Steam Marketplace or Diablo 3's Real Money AH and take their sweet sweet cuts of player trades for doing absolutely nothing under the guise of it being worth it because it's an NFT.

Square died when they merged

There were plenty of retards who fell for the scam

Other than Ubisoft and now Square Enix, were there any other big publisher that are chasing this NFT fad?

at that point why not just make a regular mmo that charges a sub fee to use the AH in-game

the "market" was rugpulling and I guess the scammers slowed down as less people started falling for it

Because the scam is tricking players into thinking they are making money by buying NFTs from the company.

EA, but they quietly stopped talking about it after the backlash. Imagine being more tone deaf than Electronic fucking Arts.

It's not marketable anymore. PSO2 is dying. You'd have to build a good game where as you can trick idiots into playing a shitty and cheap "Pay to Earn" NFT game and make mobile game profits+NFT cut profits.

Because people can technically still trade NFTs even if the game is gone, and the company can still make money on those transactions because it's an NFT.

You can flip the great wand or whatever from some dead game from 10 years ago, but the company is gonna take it's cut.

It's just additional revenue stream so they can try and replicate how steam did trading cards

Japanese companies are so retarded, Sega will do the same shit.

Konami dabbled in it briefly.

Pinchinko company not a game company

idk master duel seems popular

Gabe words got into their heads.

if you think square was gonna spend 300 mil on NFT you're retarded, and you've only read clickbait headlines

>It's not marketable anymore
what? WoW AND FFXIV charge you sub to use AH. WoW is most popular MMO in the world for 20+ years. FFXIV is shattering sub records every expansion release surpassing the last in reviews and numbers.
>PSO2 is dying.
It's literally Sega's top earning game.

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Burn Squenix (please drag down sony with you)

>i-it doesn't count because they called it blockchain!

>is SE living under a rock
its old japanese people not contributing shit to the company and being faggots trying to fuck it up even more.

Are they not too busy with ‘super game’ though?

Square is sega, if sega actually still used their old IPs.

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NFTs are the future bro. fr no cap

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They already clarified that GaaS and NFT are what the super game project is about. Also the project aims to make multiple games, not a single huge game. Basically they want to invest a lot of money in a scheme that they think will result in money printing machines.

NFTs are hardly dying, they are pretty much Crypto 2.0 and will likely surpass it when you consider how much of a headstart it has gotten.

I'm not dumb enough to pay irl money to rent a house or skin.

>Someone who tied his own shoes this morning

good morning sir

NFT is associated with blockchain dummy

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yeah dude, absolutely.

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Has Square Enix made a single sensible decision since its inception in 2003?

At that point why would you do that? Buying an item for a game that doesn't exist sound stupid as fuck.


So when will MS buy and gut SE? Will SE be the next game pub turned pachinko salesmen? I am sure we will have our answer within 1 year.

Reminder that Yoichi Wada demanded SE move their headquarters to Shinjuku because a fortune teller predicted it would bring prosperity.

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I don't see Square with the most successful video game movies of all time.

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>it's decentralized
I see you misunderstand NFTs as well.

T. Holding bag

aren't they centralized on google drive links for the most part?

*die a third time

So in terms of actual games, who owns Tomb Raider now?


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The reports I've read said Squeenix is neck-deep in debt, and they sold it for so little in exchange for the buyer taking over a lot of Squeenix's debt.

I didn't hear anything about NFTs until now.

>nft and crypto is the future!

big if true

Debt for what exactly?