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what video games have you been playing on your Linux machine recently?

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how do you pirate vidya on linux, what are some good sites with cracked games that dont have setups

Return to Castle Wolfenstein
No, not with Proton

There are some old threads on /t/ that are all about pirating linux vidyagaemz. I have had no bad experience in installing windows videogames on linux, too.

*ahem* Fuck Media Foundation.

Still hope I can have decent Android emulator one day for my chink gacha. Tried looking around but most of them don't work properly because >nvidia


Fall Guys

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>open Linux news site
>its nothing but D*ck shit
Not gonna lie it gets on my nerves.

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You got a community on 1337x called johncena141 they package games with a script for wine pretty solid most of the time

So true
Forgot to say but i packaged a couple aswell

I love this game.

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I fucking hate how Unity based games leave their garbage files in my .config folder. Why can't they at least give me the option to completely and utterly delete all files associated with a game during the uninstall process? Why do I have to manually go into .config/unity3d and clean up after them like I'm some sort janitor.

It's the same thing in W*ndows too.

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Seethe, cope, etc.

hows wayland for gaeming
does it have some sort of input lag

>hows wayland for gaeming
does it have some sort of input lag
Nvidia = forget about it
AMD = fine

As for lag, yeah, one frame because of always forced compositing

How do you make custom sprays for Sven Co-op when you're on Linux? The HL tag-converter doesn't work.

>one frame because of always forced compositing
can i turn it off
i only play fightin games/shmups i need this frama

>can i turn it off
lmao no. If you want the absolute lowest response times, stick to uncomposited X. I had good results running i3wm with no compositor and no in game vsync.

>does it have some sort of input lag


Is it fine to delete these?

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Don't delet Kate its like deleting Notepad. Don't know about others tho

>considering to delete anything Qt
Think again:

Not sure why you'd want to delete Kate but otherwise yeah.

Allow me to remind you all:
>Debian > All
>AMD > nShitia + Incel
You’re welcome, thank you for listening. Please like and subscribe.

>same bait in every thread
kys already

>Debian > All
>AMD > nShitia + Incel
sure, that's reasonable

>facts = bait now
What timeline am I in?

Hey can you let me borrow your time machine so I can go back to a time when linux gaming wasn't viable? Sure I give up linux gaming, but I get to go back to better times.

>As for lag, yeah, one frame because of always forced compositing
Bro, your VRR?

Penguins hate VRR because it reminds them of just how broken Xorg is.

>TFW Nvidia because only recently got into linux and didn't know it would cause so many problems
>Wayland has issues with Nvidia cards
>Can't use Waydroid so I'm unable to use android stuff on Linux
I just wanna play some of my games
next card I get is gonna be AMD because reading up on this has shown me it's because nvidia are dicks that won't open source their drivers

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Years and years ago there was a rumor that Microsoft felt threatened by the potential of Linux and threatened nVidia if they made their drivers open source.

Anbox still works, you know.
To be honest, I still can't get waydroid working because there's a bug with the Android image when run on wlroots compositors. It was fixed upstream but they can't be arsed to push a new build of the image to sourceforge.

Microsoft? Feeling threatened by potential for users to have more choice? Perish the thought.
Though, I do wonder why they wouldn't have done the same thing for AMD if this really did happen.

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Its not so much VRR that reminds them of it its the unending kvetching of multi-monitor using trannies that reminds them of it.

Like I said it was a rumor. This was like back in very early 2000’s iirc. Something along the lines of Microsoft telling nVidia if they made their drivers open source (hence indirectly compatible) with Linux, they (MS) would withhold the support nVidia needed to make their drivers work on Windows

That does sound plausible, considering a similar rumor that happened in regards to Valve, which is very likely why they're pushing for linux so hard.

>Daily drive Linux
>Have multiple image editing, painting, vector and animation programs open, along with Blender, music players and Firefox.
>~4.3 GB of RAM taken
>Go to Windows 10
>Have Firefox and a media player open
>~8 GB of RAM taken
I don't understand.

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>they (MS) would withhold the support nVidia needed to make their drivers work on Windows
Do you need MS' support to make drivers work on Windows?

Not familiar with the Valve rumor, what happened?

Telemetry overhead.

There's a rumor that Microsoft threatened valve with making steam not work on windows in the distant future, only allowing stuff to be purchased through the microsoft store. Gabe newell, having worked for microsoft at one point, assumed they were not bullshitting, and thus started their journey to make Linux viable by allegedly working with the WINE team to make proton.

They kind of did exactly that in the initial revision on Win8 before backtracking HARD though

>don't care about VRR
>xorg cant display two different refresh rates properly
>wayland can but it breaks steamVR and can't initiate display
Has anyone used xwayland, is it a third entry in the login screen or do I have to commit to altering my wayland?

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You probably were using xwayland without realizing it, user. Unless you explicitly disable xwayland most wayland compositors automatically spawn it.

I can see it. MS, hell all mega corps, are shady as shit. They have the money, lawyers, and power to get away with anything.
Lutris database has a shit-ton of automated installers for GOG games, and they don’t have DRM.

They don't have gog's Linux versions though

How do I check?

Just try running any X11-only application under wayland
If it works, xwayland is running

Warframe, GW2, Path of Exile, Complex Clusterfuck, Elex, OSRS and Median XL. It's so nice finally being free from Windows.

I don't know any x11 only applications

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Anyways, if you run games under proton on Steam, you're using Xwayland because last I checked Proton doesn't ship collabora's wayland backend patchset

Once proton gets developed to the point where Warframe stops freaking out when you enable vsync, it'll actually run better than on windows, because on Windows, at least on my windows desktop, Warframe doesn't appear to save certain cache data leading to stuttering when I load into open world/open world faction areas, while on my linux install it's only stuttering the first time and then never again

Never run into any screen tearing issues anyways so it's a non-issue for me .
alright AMD gamers, its time

For me when I enable Vsync in Warframe's in-game options, the game skips a few frames every so often, when I turn it off in warframe's settings, it's smooth.

Thanks, but I'll stick with Gentoo
There's no reason to use this on anything other than UMPCs or set top boxes

>using an ISO made by a 16 y.o. russian furfaggot
I'd rather use Windows t.b.h.

yea but many people were (((waiting for steamos))) for some reason despite it not really making a lot of sense as a personal desktop kind of install
>he thinks Windows isn't the same already

I don't think MS can (legally) employ children.

Is this SteamOS's official logo and colour scheme? Looks kind of lame.

>yea but many people were (((waiting for steamos))) for some reason
I'm not one of those people, I use EndeavourOS, but I can't wait for it to happen anyway so people have an easily recommendable bullshit-free distro to suggest to newcomers that has a recognizable brand name that normalfags can trust so there's less friction in recommending linux

Try gamescope.

yea its basically stock kde

It's stock KDE, you can change it

I was half expecting someone to just shit out a prepackaged arch install with everything steamos would include for gaming already since it shouldn't really be much of a challenge to do so

Yeah, when it comes to gpu drivers.

GamesCope doesn't reduce input latency.
If you run it nested it actually increases it.

You can't rice KDE though

If you want to make GPU drivers for Windows you have to wait for Bill Gates to email you some super secret APIs?

That's actually not true, gamescope doesn't add any additional latency when run nested. Valve has been very careful about that. It does, however, inherit the latency characteristics of whatever it's nested in.



How the hell do I get in-game videos to load? I've tried
>installing klite codec pack mega edition

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I mean, NobaraOS exists, but it's not arch, it's fedora.
I would fucking coom if an Arch variant of NobaraOS came out. It'd save me so much time on fresh installs since it basically comes pre-installed with pretty much only the things I care about having on every system anyway, and an arch variant would give me AUR support.

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have you tried proton ge?