1440p is a meme

everything is so small, the fonts, the things I have to move my eyes to look for things.

24" 1080p will be forever standard.

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Poorfag cope


i prefer to use 4k but 1440p is fine too

Buyers remorse cope.

24" 1080p 144hz Freesync truly is the god-tier display for gaming
>screen sits comfortably in your FOV at desk length
>never have to worry about performance
>never have to worry about stutter
>have access to driver sharpening to cut through TAA blur
can max out games on midrange GPUs

24" 1080p
27" 1440p
32" 2160p
These are optimal

>bought a 1440p monitor like 6 years ago or some shit
>buy a new monitor, only consider 1440p
What now?

Im retarded so i only want 32 inch curved monitors atleast 144hz and 1ms response time.

They dont make a 4k display like this so i still run 1440p, only real reason why.

you can buy a dirt cheap 1440p or 4K monitor with Windows scaling for desktop use and Nvidia/AMD upscaling tech if you want 1080p performance in games. There's is literally no reason to get a 1080p monitor, except for if your desk only fits a 24" or have homeless tier finances

It isn't. Just like 144hz isn't a meme.
Both of them are noticeable improvements to the experience.
They are also completely optional and playing without them doesn't detract from the experience all that much.
I'm willing to discuss 4k being a meme just because of the absurd requirements for minimal improvements, but in the end, it's only a meme because it's pricey, not because the technology isn't objectively better in terms of visual fidelity.
I've spent a few thousand euros on monitors and ended up with a 144hz 1440p 32 inch main, with a 4k side monitor (27'') in a vertical set up to read you fags as I do shit on the other monitor.
If I couldn't afford much, I would be happy with a 1080 IPS 24'' monitor, but there's noticeable improvements up to 1440p, IMO: Size>Panel (IPS or TN)>Res>Refresh rate.

>resolution comparison between 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p
>image is 1280x720

Going from 1080p to 1440p was mind-blowing 7 years ago
What the fuck are you people doing

I don't care about resolution
I just want HDR to become more common on PC shit. It's basically standard on new TVs and consoles.

im using 2k screen right now and everything is too small, i have to move my eyes around and its not comfy in games. I sit like 80 cm from the monitor.

Once 27" monitors become the standard, the difference between 1080p and 1440p will be noticeable enough.
4k is the one that seems unnecessary. Playing with a 42"+ monitor up close seems kinda uncomfortable.

I play with both my 27' 1440p monitor and sometimes hook my 32' 720p TV and i don't give a shit senpai

>1ms response time
OLED is the closest to that and most of OLEDs are TVs.

Poorfag cope

I have a 48" 4K oled TV and it's still impossible to see the pixels. Not saying you're wrong but I think 30" you're still fine with only 1440p.


resolutions peaked in 768p

TVs are different to monitors, the view distance is completely different.

The only reason I don't switch to 27" 1440p is because everything is so small and the viewing angle sucks, while at 24" 1080p I can see everything. this is important in videogames.

>Not using a 32" monitor
Sorry you're retarded

>I'm retarded but at least I'm rich

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as someone who went from 1080p to 1440p, the difference is night and day.

I use 40 inch 1080p TV as a PC monitor about 1.5 meter from where I sit and it's comfy. The only problem is that you can't easily get your eyes closer to monitor when you want to really focus on pixels as with smaller monitors.
Also anti glare sucks.

128x128 is all you sneed

Now for a comparison between actual 4k and 1080p.

Yeah the 1080p image is blown up, but you still achieve the same effect playing in fullscreen. It's probably not as noticeable when fit to screen on smaller resolutions, but the difference in clarity is worlds apart.

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Top looks better only because game graphics haven't reached the 4k standard yet

And then the game has motion blur that you can't disable which negates any benefits of 4k

>want 32 inch curved monitors atleast 144hz and 1ms response time.
you really don't want it. Curve monitors are horrible and give me a headache because you're too close to it and UI just makes it look like you're in a fish bowl or something. For movies, I guess it would be fine but not games. I bought a G7 and it was the perfect panel, except the curve was horrible.

They make plenty of monitors with that response time, including 4k. If i dropped the curved thing i could find 20 monitors easily that fits everything else. But right now the highest res monitor that does all of it is a 1440p samsung

I already have it and i love it, thats why im so obsessed with only getting curved, it just feels better and satisfies my autism. My current monitor is an older samsung with a less aggressive curve than you though. The g7 is 1800 and mine is only 1000 or the other way around i forget how its actually measured.

all three look the same to me

It's cuz they're all being downscaled to 720p

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It's 1000 and way too much. Even your wallpaper and windows look bent and distorted. The HDR sucked on it too but aside from that, it was an amazing panel. Local dimming, 240hz. 1440p it was crisp as fuck. But couldn't get used to it. Returned it and settled for a less expensive 27GP83B from LG. It's only 165hz IPS with pretty good HDR too. "1"MS response. I'm starting to love it. But it's definitely not 1MS, I don't think there's any true 1MS response time monitor out there. In order to have 1MS of response you usually want a "super fast" response mode or whatever marketing term they'll use in order to get that low but it always introduces inverted ghosting, artifcats, and a lot of bullshit. Manufactuters are over tuning panel, runing picture quality in order to stick a 1MS response time sticker on the box.

>comparing 3 resolutions
>in a 1280x720 image

both look like trash because its ubishit

I don't have a desire for higher resolution than 1080p and I wont get roped into a never ending PC horsepower money sink

for me its 34" 3440x1440 120Hz Gsync

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that's me but at 27" 1440p. I will never upgrade from this resolution and size.

2k 120fps/144 fps is ideal
you can’t go back after that

this everything can be easily explained away with

when you see 8K, you will cum

the real meme is ultrawide/multi monitor
only sois and zoomers use these

Multi monitor is great for productivity, but ultimately shitty for games.

Interesting, i feel my panel is perfect i could totally see 1000 being too aggressive. I need to get a new monitor soon as my current one is dying when you turn on the pc the bottom 1/4 of the panel is totally fucked then clears up to perfectly normal after a minute or two of warmup time. No clue whay that means for the panel other than death and surely the bottom isnt working up to spec even after warmup but i cant notice anything off about it so idk. Either way very based and informative post, thanks user.

They're all memes. I can't see any difference between any of those pictures.

this, the only thing that makes PC gaming expensive is resolution faggotry and it doesn't even matter


>AA doesn't matter!

poorfag cope

I sometimes want a second monitor to play youtube or something for games with long que times and whatever.

I prefer 27'' 1440p 240hz.

>everything is so small
This is because you bought a dosghit monitor that's far too small. My 43" 4k monitor is fantastic.

I want 4K because I want that perfect scaling

dynamic workspaces are superior

>one monitor for vidya/shitpost
>one tv for youtube
I don't give a fuck about what Yea Forums think.

I'm still using 10 year old hardware with my 4k monitor. Won't be upgrading for another decade at this rate.

Ultrawide or I don't care. I can't fathom how faggots pay premiums for resolutions that don't add screen real-estate outside of muh fidelity and pixels even though meta slaves use 4:3 in the year of our lord 2022

Yeah bro I totally cannot see the difference on my monitor

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just upgraded from 1080p to 1440p and fuck you i'm not going back

Poorfag cope.

>everything is so small
Are you playing super far away?
>the fonts
increase the font size in options or on your computer.
>have to move my eyes
that's because you have a weird monitor size to distance problem. Move back

Show us your tranny keyboard and persona figures, richfag


>I can't fathom how faggots pay premiums for resolutions that don't add screen real-estate
What's it like being mentally crippled?

What's sad is that vertical resolution has ALWAYS been more important. The price you pay for an ultrawide is MORE than for a similarly sized 16:9 monitor with a proper resolution, and you're getting less real estate.

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yeah bro I can totally see a difference man its just not for me

>What's it like being mentally crippled?

>What's sad is that vertical resolution has ALWAYS been more important. The price you pay for an ultrawide is MORE than for a similarly sized 16:9 monitor with a proper resolution, and you're getting less real estate.

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imagine being so retarded you post this image and expect to be proving anything