Hello, Tarnished

Hello, Tarnished.

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I love my wife Ranni!

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furfags get the rope

Oh hi doggy.

Reddit: the waifu

Kys furtranny


looks like she fucks tarnished men

*blows dog whistle unbearably loud until she kills over*

She looks like she fucks Tarnished Men.

Got it, you're more into snakes.

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Three Ranni Moon

Seluvis, I had you pegged wrong, you were a friend all along after all.

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>meet dog Ranni
>think she's cute
>head back out and mount Torrent
>she follows and asks to wait before I leave
>Torrent does his business on the ground from all the raisins I've been feeding him
>Ranni proceeds to then inhale the shit on the ground
>mfw she pukes it back up before gulping it down again

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Why make the thread weird?

>furry doll
we're going too far, bros...

I'll bet Ranni pegs Blaidd all the time.


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would she be fluffy if she's a doll?


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Then I accept my wolf doll wife

>thread starts off weird to begin with due to furry Ranni
I don't know what you expected, user. Threads like these are inherently weird and will only devolve further into yiff fag degeneracy like

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Fur is completely normal and mainstream now.

Don't kid yourself, furfag.
Just because it's a known fact that white girls fuck dogs doesn't mean we want your scat fetish all over the place.
You are only 'marginally' tolerated over niggers and trannies.

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What is Yea Forums's opinion on LONG BOIS

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Should've been a LONG GRIL

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She looks fat.

no u

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You just know.

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Show paws.

I like both

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You deserve to be put down alongside the rest of your putrid kind. The closest you'll ever get to mainstream is another local news broadcast about animal abuse

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No one wants you furfags here.

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I want him here :)

Imagine sucking the dick of jannies. Pathetic.

I might play Elden Ring then.


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I wish I could actually like the characters without relying on those artists' interruptions of them. They just felt mostly inhuman in the game.

ranni is mostly rope

No one:
Literally no one:
Therapist: Wolf Ranni can't hurt you
Wolf Ranni:


kino joke

It's a mouse. What kind of sick person would be attracted to a rat?

>What kind of sick person would be attracted to a rat?
Ohhhh user you're asking for it

thanks, I hate it

Ranni the bitch

Still don't understand this zoomer "joke"

thou would like to yiff, dear tarnished

hmofa is pretty nice.

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Sure, if that's the kind of furry porn you're into. Not sure why you particular group of furries need to be so vocal about your specific fetish.

You drop the 'f' if you want to use chad images


The only F here is F for faggot which is what you are

hmofa these nuts

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hmoafa fans are vocal because they don't want to be assocated with furries, and they think the way to accomplish this is by making it obvious that they don't have a fursona or identify as some kind of non-human.

nice facebook meme

That's strange. They don't realize that you don't have to have a fursona to be a furry? That by jacking off to furry porn that already makes them a furry?

But they fit the exact definition of a furry regardless.
>attraction to anthros

>"hmofa isn't furry!!"
>Gets banned for furry porn

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And yet, every time someone goes
>kys furry!1!
They post an image of either a male anthro obviously intended to be a stand-in for the person they're replying to, or a fursuit.

I do believe the dividing line was whether you want to wear a fursuit or not.

That's never been true.


I feel like a lot of japanese furry artists have really similar artstyles... like not a lot of them really stand out.

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just trust me bro

Never was, that was just the cope.

It's just like anime, Japs are all uncreative and have no distinct styles.

It's a good artstyle

You could probably remove "japanese furry" and your statement would still be correct.


I mean just "furry", but I suppose that'd be about true too.

I'll take top's semen milk while giving bottom my semen milk

Can we get back on topic?