Is Notch the most successful game maker of all time?

Is Notch the most successful game maker of all time?

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is this red dead redemption

Successful by what metric. He only made one game.

How can you be sad with that money. Buy a good and comfy house, rent a womb, hace a comfy life with your kids and videogames.

infiniminer devs on suicide watch

why doesn't he get a personal trainer and a nutritionist and cosmetic surgery and personal tutors and become a living god why remain a worthless neet incel

He's the guy behind Zachtronics, he's probably doing ok for himself.

I also made that MMORPG one time.

Money buys your everything. Fame, friends, whores, power, anything you desire.
Who gives a shit if they aren't "real" because as long as you have the green they aren't going anywhere

Because he wants to have the friendship of those rich snobs. Honestly if I were rich I wouldnt give a fuck about their friendship

>sold one game
What do you think

That "One game" is literally the best selling game ever made, you idiot

Plus the current world became so fake that being rich is an honor

he was rich beyond belief anyways, him selling minecraft and the only source of community in his life was downright retarded
thanks for condemning your revolutionary game to microsoft cash shop hell you fat loser bastard.

You have to make a game for that.

And what is minecraft if not a game, you dumb fuck?

Yeah, if he didn't have some project in mind for the money what was the point. He just gave away all the purpose in his life, no wonder he's depressed now.

that would be carmack

Nobody plays quake anymore, and DOOM was "successful" (for only few years) because of Romero...

How can he be sad and lonely? I'm poor as fuck and I'm single but I have my sister who adores me and gives me all the affection I need, so I'm not sad nor lonely, just poor

wow, a retard.

Didn't he like you know? Screw 12 other guys who worked on Minecraft out of the same money he received?

people who had differing political views trying to paint him as some sad lonely neckbeard incel loser because they are salty he gets to be a billionaire and they don't.

>How can he be sad and lonely?
>I have my sister who adores me and gives me all the affection I need
Answered your own question there

What are Notch's political views?

Never heard that one, unless you mean whatever team mojang ended up putting together but they didn't create it so they don't have the same rights as he does

Why doesn't he make another game?
I know with all his money it is completely pointless to do it for money but he could do it for passion.

Zach Barth hasn't come up with a new idea for him to steal yet.

the Mojang team joined him in development after his success - Notch still was the creator and intellectual property owner. You could argue that Mojang was part of the further success but imo, most of the updates after they worker as a team on the game were dogshit

Because he's not Dan Blizerian he's still just a fucking nerd. He's sat in a massive empty room in his massive Beverly Hills mansion fucking around with voxels

It would never match up to the iconoclastic minecraft. Also not having to work another day in your life means it's hard to be passionate about anything unless you're learning new skills or have an ego about yourself.

Notch's whole thing seems like a monkey's paw wish gone wrong.

Always found that odd. Like the guy started making minecraft in 2009 and was making other indie games before it iirc, so he was clearly doing it out of at least some passion because being an indie dev back then wasn't even close to being a sound decision. But then he makes it, is richer than god, and also completely loses interest in making games. Weird shit. With his money he could probably just fun a studio of his own and not even have to do much of the gruntwork if he doesn't want to.

He's such a dumbfuck. If he misses that life, he could something like buy in to an independent and start making something with a team. Hell if I had that kind of dosh, I'd be on the blower talking to the dudes at Crate and convincing them that Grim Dawn 2 would be a neat idea. I wouldn't even care if it's original, as long as it's good and covers costs.

He is just useless. I could understand it if he came from a rich family so he doesnt value what he has, but he was a poor loser and now with the money is unhappy? Fuck this shit.

I have a shitty life and had to come back home again, with only one bathroom and a mother who smokes every 10 minutes there, so I can fucking pee when I want or have to fucking suffocate while peeing

If I had all that money ill buy a nice huge house and walk every morning in my own garden, smelling nature. And I would try to start any project

Fuck that retard

Fucker those guys have been making the same game for 20 years, give them a break.

Damn that sucks

Anti-Tranny apparently

Wait is this not the guy who posted his shitty lego game on Yea Forums around 2010?

My life has taught me space IS hapiness. I don't care about trying to like anymore, since most of those people think they are gods and you should be BEGGING for their attention. Fuck them

Ngl I'd like to chill out and play videogames with Notch whilst eating pizza. He seems like a cool enough dude

Yeah he said shit like "its ok to be white" and "hetro pride day" should be a thing this was around 2015 (pre /pol/) so he got a lot of shit for it on twitter and sold he game because of it really dumb move they had some cool shit down the pipeline

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I feel the same way, I guess he already did his thing and has no motivation now or is afraid to fail now he’s a success? I dunno

He also said some other red pilled shit around that time dont know if he still used Yea Forums but notch used to post about minecraft a bit around 2010

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He was completely brain melted at one point, no idea if he's still into that shit though.

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Basic 2016 shitposting
No wonder Microsoft fucking hates this guy

He still should have never sold the game Microsoft pull a Microsoft Ie buy a studio and never use

Making the game shit like accounts having to be linked to micosoft email and never making updates

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Most successful 4channer too. I'm not gonna call him an user because he was a tripfag


He used to post on Yea Forums back during the early days of minecraft. The old minecraft launcher even had a thank you to Yea Forums at the bottom

honestly notch is probably would I would be if I suddenly got a billion dollars. There's just a ton of normie shit I have 0 interest in. Like, hanging out with other rich people in LA would suck for me.

it would be cool to be able to drop funds into cool games you like though like he did for age of wonders 3.

Im pretty sure he tried. I cant really recall what but i seem to remember he tried making a couple of games but they were just shit or just never really released.

Well, it's not a wide field. Who would you even pick for the number 2 spot on that list?

>It would never match up to the iconoclastic minecraft.
Stop using words you don't understand zoomer.

You have some anons that are game devs over on /vg/ that have published some decent stuff

Zoom exposed

Oh yeah I forgot about that am pretty sure the fags at micosfot removed it a few uptades are

desu cant blame that this website is only known for /pol/ and the fappening

Some other user had a game that made 6 digits recently. Forgot the title, but it was a twist on snake

Notch is what happens when you give a fat miserable autist money. He stays a fat miserable autist.

He's friends with Sam Hyde, he's the "big-time" backer who was going to pay out $2.5million to Hasan if he agreed to fight Sam in a boxing ring.

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I would do the same if I had that money, whats the point of getting fit and all that shit if you've already made it.

>nerd that spends all of his time coding, tinkering with projects and playing autistic games
>nerd that spends all of his time coding, tinkering with projects and playing autistic games

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>self reporting this hard
I bet you complain about other people being degenerates LOL

No. Gram Dawn 2. Now. Here's 100 million. Go.

Well wait, is this all just speculation then, I thought Notch himself was the one whining about being a miserable bitch?

Damn that's fucked, he's rich enough that he could hang out with real celebrities instead of irony wierdos.

Twitter trannies made that meme up because they didn't like his shitposting.

They could have been upfront about it, but they're terminally in high school and do mean girls shit all the time

>youtube clickbait dramafag shit
Notch is doing just fine. Youtubers reading wikipedia articles verbatim or making up shit is not "content"