Somehow, it's the only jrpg i can play to the end

somehow, it's the only jrpg i can play to the end.

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Is it better then 3?

I think so, but other people on Yea Forums disagrees.

the camera in 4 always feels way too zoomed in. theres always buildings and other shit blocking your view.

umm rotate it?

It's a shame people wanted more like 4 when 5 is where the series peaked.

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You are dumb. I hope you die soon.

Why? What about it compels you? What other games have you tried?

It's better, but the game would be amazing with more endgame content.

i think its on par, the more mature tone to the storie and addition of the combo system makes the game very fun. I'm biased towards 3 but i would never say that it is better than 4. And Deis is the best, as God intended

every area is unique, the art is well made, there is no grinding or backtracking

whre are the switch ports
i dont want to emulate games

I'm one of the people who loved 5 but also wish they had released another game in the same tone as the first 4 and maybe the series wouldn't be dead now.

It's decent but I hate the art style

I couldn't, because I had the PC version and it kept crashing.

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Enjoyed 3 way more than 4.

>it's the only jrpg i can play to the end.
It's basically a VN.

Nintendo is retarded and turns thier noses up at free money.

Where's the Wii library?
>Switch owner

I like 3 more. Partly because Breath of Fire 3 has the best fishing minigame in all videogames bar none.

I like 4, but 3 will always be my fav. Partly due to nostalgia. I also think 5/DQ is really good as well.

4 is cool, I like the different music and artstyle. I think what let me down were the characters. I didn't really care about Cray, Nina the dog man, forgot his name. They weren't bad, but never cared for them.

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I don’t like the 3D bosses in 4, aged like cheese. But 3 has WAY too many minigames, like holyshit.

>more mature tone than 3
Nigger did you miss the whole "

>village starving, kids turn to theft
>Slavers beat up kids sell them to regional arena
>Ancient soldier of the gods has existential crisis
And so on. Maybe it was the general upbeat music?

pomf =3

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This was the definition of “this is a good game , but not a good %series name% game. It has fuck-all to do with previous games both in gameplay and style. They should have published it under a different name.

Did 4 have good music? I don't think I recall memorable music in 4.. or maybe it's because it's been so long.

Is this the only jrpg where the main heroine talks about how she wanted to fuck someone other than the protagonist?

Better hope Nintendo and Sony are crazy enough to put PS1 on NSO or CAPCOM suddenly give a shit and do it themselves.
>i dont want to emulate games

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I wonder why they drastically changed BoF into 5. Regardless of how you like or disliked 5, it killed the series and no other entry came until the mobile game one.

its fucking constant an annoying. faggot. It's cramped as shit. How about you sick on my dick and rotate.

IV is the peak of the series

V killed it

I know I have played another, just can't pin point it.

Didnt say it didnt have fucked up shit innit, but nothing comes close to sacrificing a guy GF to giganuke him, or making artificial gods to nuke places n shit. Bof3 feels like an adventure, at a certain point in the game everything is solved and the world would keep going if Ryu and friends just settled, in 4 theres this urgency due to the foi lu plot and the empire being too based for its own good.

>"Wut're we gonna do on the bed, Ryu?"

>i dont want to emulate games
what is your problem

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I wanna play this real bad but I wanna finish 3 first but I always get stuck on 3 because its such a slog at times.

posts like this really show how dumb 4 fanboys are. It sold less than 3. Capcom wanted more sales like bigger jrpg series get. 4 was the final proof they needed to say the series would never reach that. 5 was experimental and lucky to be made.

Why is fishing actually FUN?

>BoF 3 fishing game
Fuck year It'd be a good mobo standalone.


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You V fanboys are even more retarded

V sold far less than IV

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter was the top-selling game in Japan during the week of its release in November 2002 at 80,059 copies. It would go on to sell a total of 140,073 copies by the end of that year,

It killed the series, period

Wow, same. I don't know why but I could never finish a Final Fantasy.

>V sold far less than IV
No shit. I just told you the series was never going to reach the sales Capcom wanted, they peaked with 3. You really are stupid.

quit being a faggala and pirate the games, your autismo devotion to nintendo doesnt mean shit to them.

I pirated these games when I was 15 a decade ago. I want to pay for it now and have a physical copy


5 was unspeakably kino, 4 and 5 are my favorites

History in ff games usually are too grand and full of flavor and that can put some people off, i'm a huge fan of the BoF series and the FF that comes closer to it in my feelings is FF9, it drags a bit but the cast is amazing, give it a try ifyou didnt

Wished we could free the series from Crapcom

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Final Fantasy might have been good in the day, it just feels like a meme to peddle Nomura's fashion obsession.

Yeah I know but I mean the classics, I couldn't even sit through all of FF6

Does everyone still agree that BoF2 Nina is the sexiest Nina?

They could just port the whole collection to modern consoles and steam with achievements and this to just print money. I don't understand it either

the end is the worst part though it's omega sad

no, bof3 is the pinnacle of the series, 4 just doesn't have the levels of comfy in the setting to compete, and bof3 dragon transformations are the greatest system

I hear you, I really do, but I love pantyhose man

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Peak of Soul it never got Souler

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i thought it was cool how they keep introducing unique areas and enemies, and you get to see the Asian continent while most games would drop the ball by that point

Shit taste confirmed. It happens. It was probably one of the first Jrpg's you played as a kid, so the nostalgia goggles are doing its work.

Sorry user... bo3 nina with the red dress and bossy atitude when she grows up was what made my dick hard for the 1st time

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Speak for yourself, V faggot

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I personally liked 3 better because I loved the way the timeskip was handled. But 4 is generally what I think of when I think of the perfect PS1 JRPG.

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the areas aren't comfy user, i don't know how else you want me to say what i already said. bof3 has a lot of areas that are just high tier comfy, bof4 lacks those kind of areas.
it is a good game, but bof3 is by far the best of the series because it checks so many boxes

correct user, this is peak nina design, what you see in the cutscene at the end of bof3 is the best nina there has ever been.
its a shame her in game sprite wasn't at all like this until that cutscene after myria

It's the other way for me, it's the only BoF game where I can't bring myself to finish it. I even beat 5 multiple times.

Tell me about SNEK

Why is she so lewd and sexy?

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