What would the perfect video game heroine be like in your opinion?

What would the perfect video game heroine be like in your opinion?

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a kid

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tight, small, cute, funny

This wasn't supposed to be a pedo thread.

you just posted her

go back

then don't start the thread with a pedo image

I thought that Illya image was cute...

A grown woman

A girl exactly like Illya.

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go back

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I think that's what we need right now.

Cut it out you guys.
This isn't appropriate for a blue board such as Yea Forums.

she's clearly giving off a seductive gaze
but in case you really didn't want a pedo thread I will give you an honest non-loli answer to the OP

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Cute. Thank you.

like illya

How's her armpits taste like?

>Cut it out

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This is getting out of my control...

A collection of all of my fetishes

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Big and bouncy

Yet small and cute

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OG Illya > Prillya

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what are your fetishes?

she's literally 11 you sick fuck


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old enough for the middle east

Actually 18.

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kuro is such a slut, she needs correction badly

11 out of 10

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Go back to Prismafaggotry will not be tolerated here.

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Every time I hear her voice I think of rorona

>That guy's doujin
Genuine buckets have been spilled over the years

>no ass
>no breasts
>no hips
>no curve
>Stupid and inexperienced
Why are pedos attracted to this?

What the hell?
Is this really from a kid's show?

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What video games does the King of Heroes play?

>kids show


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but even if OP didn't used a "muhpedo" image we would say it was a loli/kid.

>Why are males attracted to female that are likely to have the lowest possible chance of being infertile, have sexual disease, and longest possible mating season

It's a seinen

this type.

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Crusader Kings

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the current theory for true pedophiles (the ones that aren't simply getting off on the idea of harming or taking advantage of a very vulnerable person AND are not attracted to adults at all) is the presence of a minor psychological disability that doesn't affect logical reasoning at all but causes arrested emotional development, causing the person to emotionaly relate to children exclusively, which ends up fucking with sexual attraction
sadly it's nigh impossible to put actual research into this field because it's such a sensitive subject that even suggesting anything except the outdated abuse theory puts a target on your back

Reminder that Miyu is made for anal sex.

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choose wisely

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Miyu, always and forever Miyu.


kuro for me

making miyu eat her shit off my dick with her tongue!

Make her plain

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NEVER go ass to mouth


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finna beat your ass