Please tell me the Ace combat games are at least as good as this...

Please tell me the Ace combat games are at least as good as this. Holy fuck I can't believe I missed this game when it released, because it's an absolute banger.

And just listen to this goddamn ost

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Is that project wingman

I have yet to finish ace kino 7

Ace Combat after 0 has become increasingly soulless. 7 is pretty but loses to PW in every other aspect.

yeah man
Gonna get AC0 for my emulator next and give that go
Pretty excited for it

it's better than ass combat

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>Gonna get AC0
I'd suggest doing AC4, 5, then 0. I'm not a big fan of 5 personally but 0 is a prequel to 5, it's not required but it does add to the game. AC4 is great and only a bit over 3 hours long so no reason to not play it.

I played the series for the first time last year, I'd currently rank it 0>Project Wingman>4>5. I'm playing more of the series soon.

AC7 is worse than Project Wingman to be honest

Boss fights against planes in AC aren't usually great from a gameplay perspective, but they're elevated by other things.
The superbase/weapon/fortress parts are usually much better, which coming from PW is probably going to feel strange considering PW has almost none of that for some reason. Feels like the dev shot himself in the foot with making the big natural disaster something that couldn't be solved by building giant cannons or bunkers, though somehow we didn't even get a volcano lair level or anything.
Anyway, the PS2 games are fantastic, and AC7's Deluxe Edition is still on sale. Apparently it's an unpopular opinion on Yea Forums but I'd rate 7 over PW because of the greater mission and special weapon variety, among other things.

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Project Wingman is way better than Ace7, but previous Ace combats are better than 7 too

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Monarch... when you hear the thunder...
When the storm... comes for you...
Remember me

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Ace Combat: The Line

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do i need a proper flightsim joystick for these kind of games to fully experience it?
i like to give it a try but i don't want to "waste" my first impression so if there is a chance to enhance it ill do it but if its not necessary then i wouldn't bother and just play with regular pad

I don't know about Project Wingman, but Ace Combat is made to be played with a regular controller.
Just be sure not to use the novice controls.

Wingman is one of the best games I have played in VR and yeah it is better than AC7. I never even finished 7.

Ace Combat games are designed for regular controllers, and PW is based on similar ideas.
You can play with a flight stick on both, or even KB+M, but controllers are ideal.

You can set up M+KB just fine, especially project wingman with constant mouse control for camera

I wasn't expecting the story to be this good either

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And admittedly stellar line and delivery brought down by the fact I don't give a fuck about crimson.

Anyone who tells you to play AC with a flight stick is retarded. The games are built with the basic dual shock in mind.

I tried the first two levels and in VR and wasn't really getting into it, i felt like i had more fun with the Squadrons game than i did with PW
Does it get really good in the later missions or something?

Crimson was right, and I'm tired of pretending Cascadia's magma jews and their pack of dogs deserved to win

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Project Wingman is great and even superior in a couple of aspects but AC still reigns supreme. Especially in the OST department. Keiki Kobayashi is the best in video games.

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And yet they did. Kinda stings, huh? Better luck next time, posterboy.

>Especially in the OST department
Fuck no, Ace 7 is mostly 20 flavours of Daredevil

And yet Crimson knew Cascadia would have through Hitman under the bus after what had happened
He knew they would have gained nothing good from it all
He is still infinitely more based

The mission where you have to help your faction steal a battle cruiser in the middle of a thunderstorm over the ocean(think mission 5?) is where things really kick off. After that mission I was completely absorbed in the game

I also finished it, it was great although goddamn the last few bosses are obnoxious to fight, I had to get the heavy machineguns over missiles to get it done.
But definitely kino

what was the deal?

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they got access to Prez's onlyfans

Ace 7 on hard is still a bit too easy and gameplay/bosses can be easily broken.
I still really enjoyed it and yeah I still much prefer Keiki's work over Pavli's, but the later still did a tremendous job

I would much rather see Comic's OF tbd

For me it's Frost.

someone please tell me why you people like these games because i feel like i could get into them, but every time i look up some gameplay it's some dude just flying around with no immediate danger in sight but a lot of people on his speaker giving him information like he is surrounded by a million enemy planes that are about to fuck him from every direction and then he drops one heat seeking missile and every one starts clapping

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Nah. Feel free to keep getting your opinions from Youtube. I'm sure you're a very interesting person.

If you don't see how thats the best shit ever then I dont know what to tell you.

Depends on difficulty

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You really need a good dogfighter for the bosses.
I was a dipshit and had a chimera with flares when the final mission started, as you said it was a pain but even on hard it's doable with a slow boat.
Merc was something else altogether though, had to use the vx22 for that shit.

big plane fast, missiles goes fjoooo

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>it has a suitcase

It basically runs on the same principles as a Call of Duty game does, its a very arcadey take on the genre but instead makes it good by being cheesy as hell and having a top tier soundtrack.

>threw hitman under the bus
>Cascadia literally has become the second Merc Haven after the Oceania purge
>Hitman is simply hiding because they got the McGuffin and they are basically (or rather Monarch) Enemy of the State No.1 for the Federation
face it Cringeon One accomplished nothing besides becoming dirt and destroying two things he loved. Cascadia and the Federation

Delete this or I will bury you so deep the moderators will be paid 1000 shekels before they unearth you.

Watching AC and playing AC are completely different experiences, from what I've seen

No idea, some friends made me play some AC game and it was the most boring shit ever

It's more like a feudal/fantasy setting filled with legendary heroes that can single-handedly cut down entire formations of foes without breaking a sweat.

But instead of a brave knight with a holy sword it's an F16 that can inexplicably carry almost 100 sidewinders.

Ace Combat isn't Call of Duty with jets it's Dynasty Warriors with jets.

AC game but about tanks when

>Galaxy's VA did a voiceover of the Wikipedia CBT article
>for 50bucks



That sounds sick
I'll give it another go

just remember not to fly into the ocean

i would feast on your rotting corpse you dumb pretentious clown
what kind of fucking reply is that even

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it's great

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>update never ever

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i keep getting filtered around alert level 20 in conquest mode

Kino Mission

>tfw no cute wso gf

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I'm downloading it right now. does the game make you fly in tunnels and shoot down gigantic flying weapons?

if you put on the botched requisition modifier for that mission the cruies missiles at the end will have railguns and will fire back at you

Yes, but only medium size flying skyships.

Look at this photograph

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