We are already living in a crash

the early 80s crash didnt see a lack of titles at first. its just that they were shit and the same which turned people off and since the bubble was so big and there was nothing else, this killed of the market.

currently we live in an age where games are made to be played for 10+ years (gta, skyrim, souls rehashes), not because they are good but because THEY ARE ENOUGH and gamers dont want any better

even hardware is expected to last 10+ years, not because it has exclusives constantly coming out for it but because ITS JUST SELLING, never dropping in price and THATS ENOUGH

in other words, its not the industry that has stagnated, its that people have become dumber and more consumptive.

However, a MARKET DEATH (or a recess at best) is INEVITABLE but like in the 80s, its (probably) not all bad.

once gta 6, tes 6 and next souls cashgrab turn out to be the same, retards will eventually get tired, the bubble will burst and things MAY slowly go back to normal (devs will start making new games again). we MAY see a second gaming renaissance catering to niche tastes (like singleplayer, and survival horror)

or we may see a permanent market death because the mainstream bubble is so big and niche tastes are so small by comparison.

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frog post, didn't read


it's been shit since what, 2007? (you) realised this now?

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>the bubble will burst
The "bubble" in financial terms is not happening. People paid for the games, the games made profit. There is no "bubble". A bubble, in economic terms, refers to when assets are over-valued by investors then reality sinks in. Your subjective opinion of the decline of quality of games does not constitute a "bubble". Dumb frog poster.

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>Your subjective opinion of the decline of quality of games does not constitute a "bubble"

enjoy your gta 6 , tes 6 and souls 999 then

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Didn't read.
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We've been living in crash for the last 3 years frogshitter, we continue to crash harder and harder. Who knows what will happen next.

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>tranime garbage
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No, you fucking retard. The "second 80s crash" already happened before you were born in the 90s. Another happened about 10 years ago. There's been three crashes in the video games market since the 80s. The last one, in about 2008-2010, was significantly larger than the 80s crash. Lot of people went out of business. Lot of people acquired by bigger companies. That's why there's been such a massive homogenization in the last 10 years. The big crash of 2010 is behind that.

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Too many ConZoomers out there, too many retards who will never stop buying their shit.

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Retard. Virtually all the people that play and stream these garbage games are people 25+. Just admit that millennials are the real kiss asses.


Streamers are paid by the companies to play their games.
They're the PR, and it's zoomers that watch them.

And the streamers are millennials

There's more viewers than streamers.

>even twitchfrog is a dumbass
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>we are already living in a crash
Not we are not.

Think about it, if millennials have enough time on their hands to bitch and moan on Twitter about identity politics then you can bet your ass that they’re also wasting their time watching streamers

The PR is the one brainwashing them

>That's why there's been such a massive homogenization in the last 10 years. The big crash of 2010 is behind that.

really? why werent games the same before that? they still made money, didnt they? maybe devs were trying to survive in 2010 but they got greedy for money since. hence the current situation.

Seth likes to LARP as a nonchalant creative genius but it’s obvious that’s he just an incel who struck gold.

>hence the current situation.
What situation, OP?

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>80s crash only happened in the north american market, european and japanese market never had a game crash during that period
>Mid 2000s killed most PC only dev studios, RTS and RPG studios
>PS3/Xbox360 killed thousands of small studios because of the general cost of game production increased
There is no crash
>Open digital stores killed thousands of small studios due the cost/revenue since they had to compete with a 1MA and indie titles doing out of their own pocket
There is no crash.

Short answer is GRAPHICS! Rising production costs squeezed most of the little guys out. Whoever had promise got bought. It wasn't greed. They were genuinely going bankrupt. They weren't making enough money to sustain their business operations.

the 'no new gta in 10 years old because gta 5 is just so goood brah' situation

The problem is that people forgot what a great game looks like, because zoomers never lived the golden age of modern videogames and boomers are stuck with the old shit. Now we mostly have manchildren with horrible taste.

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Well, yeah, that's their job.
Zoomers however, kiss ass for free.

>Letting Reddit steal your fucking memes.

there's no such thing as owning a meme and there are no means to stop another website from using them.

It's just slow right now. I'm sure there are studios that want to release next gen titles but can't because it wouldn't be profitable enough right now because not enough people own next gen hardware. Also the hardware requirements have hardly changes for indie devolped games so there's a less of a need for niche genres. Combine that the most successful games of the last decade has been live service with in-game currency/microtranastions (which also use old gen hardware) which is causing even more stagnation. Devolpers I think at this point have done everything they can do with ps4/Xbox1 tech so it can't get better or new and different. I remember hearing a rumor the new hzd game would have let you flown around but it got scrapped so it could run on par. I'm sure there's alot of shit like that going on inside studios.

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zoomers LOVE playing the same SHIT game for 10+ years. they EXPECT IT. they think its how the hobby works. its the NEW NORMAL.

If anything, there are more games than any other period, with varying levels quality.
>But where is GTA5+X
>but where is Final Fantasy XV+Y
>but where is sequel to game
Their online only games are making more revenue than releasing a new sequel every x years, just play another game, its simple.

>just play another game, its simple
there are no other games. thats the issue

I guess Steam, Itch and GOG aren't real, they are imaginary constructs, out of mine schizophrenic mind.

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And yet here we are mocking people for frogposting.

>There are no games
You are just lazy.

It's cancerous newfags who came here after 2016 who complain about Pepe

>Rising production costs squeezed most of the little guys out

and stagnation of established genres

capcom made resi1 remake but it flopped. kids wanted action, thus resi4 happened and resi7 and REsi2 had over the should cameras and no tank controls

konami fucked silent hill after 4

so its not just costs but stagnation too and desire to remain relevant at the cost of genre identity

lmao you just know OP is right when it upsets normalfags so much

REMake flopped because it was on the Shitcube and Nintendies don't like M Rated games or 3rd Party games in general.
And even then it still sold over a million copies by 2008.